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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I’ve been trying to do some of the challenges in RDR2, one of which is “win five hands in blackjack that you’ve doubled down on”. I’ve never had any interest in blackjack, virtual or otherwise and playing it here I really don’t understand the people who go out of their way to play it at casinos, let alone think they can make a profit from it.


Black Jack is probably the easiest game to make money at casinos with. I usually walk away with about $100 profit whenever I play (at a small bets table).


Santa brought me Spider-Man and brought the boys (ie - I bought myself) a Switch with Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey and the Labo starter kit.

Mario, as expected is really polished and just generally brilliant - it’s a bit too hard for my eldest though and the two player mode is pretty shit, so I’m not sure I made a great decision.

Mario Kart was good fun but we all got quickly bored of playing it. It’s impressive and well designed, really imaginative but it’s just not the type of game that I’m as interested in playing nowaways, with all the competition for my time.

Not to say it’s not great, but not something I will spend much time playing.

The Labo has a very limited shelf life, as expected. Good fun and interactive for the kids but the novelty of the mini games will wear off extremely quickly once everything is built.


I already cleared all of hearts of stone. I got the goty edition so it had all the expansion content rolled in, and I did all the hearts of stone quests before I headed to Toussaint.
Have to say, I’m pretty much cutting through wild Hunt like butter at my current level, itS pretty funny.


Ohhhh, it’ll be a slaughter all right! What did you decide on HoS? I fed him to Walter.


No way. He was a douchebag, but a kind of tragic and somewhat likeable douchebag. Besides Dimm was pure evil, no way I’m giving him anything he wants.


Spider-Man continues to be hugely fun, even when I’m just dicking around after the main story, ticking off side-quests and challenges, and unlocking the various costumes.

Even with the great Arkham games I didn’t have the patience for this additional stuff, but Spidey is so inherently fun to play that it’s just nice to spend more time in this world doing these things.

I’m definitely going to grab the DLC package while it’s cheap.


Just done the most irritating quest in AC Origins since the Bathouse bollocks. It’s the now traditional you-have-lost-all-your-gear-and-must-retrieve0it-without-being-caught mission. OK, fine, pain in the arse but fine.

Except, all the enemies, supposedly normal humans, have this magical, freeze-Bayek-in-time ability that is fucking irritating. When I finally got the gear back, all those bastards died.

What made up for it was sneaking into the Scarab’s base, killing all his guys and then taking him out.

Finished off the run with a high-level infiltration mission, found a route in, grabbed the stuff and legged it - fun stuff.


I agree. Fun game. It’s not flawless, but what game is?
I finally got some classic bad guys last night, which made me very happy.
I was digging the punk spider costume, but then I got the iron one, which was awesome, and now I’m on to the one that looks like a cartoon, which is my favourite so far. I only have two costumes left to unlock, and still no black costume :scream::rage:. Hope it’s one of the last two.


I got Odyssey on a boxing day sale. But I thought I was getting a better edition than I actually ended up getting. Didn’t realize there are four versions of the game. I got the deluxe edition thinking it was the same as the gold edition. So I didn’t get as good as a deal as I thought I was getting. I was going to return it, but it showed up in my mailbox and now I’ll probably not be able to resist opening it anyhow. Stupid Ubisoft.


i fired up Stellaris for the first time in a while yesterday, to try out the new patch. It’s changed a lot - planetary management is totally different, easier in some ways but also more involved. Victory conditions have been overhauled - you now see a ranked position, plus the positions of the other powers you’ve contacted, and a prediction on who will win based on current ranking. Resource management has been refined, and there are more events/anomalies to investigate… Haven’t gotten far enough in to see what the existential threats or risen empires are like.

It’s been enjoyable so far. Apparently some more veteran players are annoyed at the increased micro-management for planets - They’ve changed how sectors work and there doesn’t seem to be a way to automate control of swathes of your territory. But still fun.


I was thinking of getting a switch “for the kids” too. Good to know the two player mode in mario sucks (so lame). How old is you’re kid who finds it too hard?
I’m hoping to sell my xbox and to put the money toward a switch. Now that the ps4 has a decent remote my wife will let me get rid of the xbox, which is mostly just used for netflix and movies.


Wait for the DLC to go on sale then pounce on it.

Other AC Origins stuff:

Did the first ship combat mission, which was a mix of coolness and irritation. Coolness as the ship combat is actually pretty good - ramming, fire arrows and firebombs. The irritation was the mission concluded with a protect-this-ship task, complete with life bar. Never liked those kind of missions.


He turned 4 in August, so he’s young yet and really just embarking on his gaming journey.

He’s able to play most Lego games, if we are in co-op mode, and I’m playing along with him to do the harder bits and certain jumps etc.

Mario is a step too far for him. He did ok for the first level but it gets too complex beyond that.


Sounds like a solid plan. I’m sure the base game is huge anyhow, so hopefully the dlc will go on sale some time before I complete the main story. I’m destroying Spider-Man so I’ll be on Odyssey soon.


I believe the tech term for Odyssey’s game world is ‘fuckin’ massive’.


Oh okay, so you’re roughly where I am with my kid. She’s 5 and a half. She’s a little more helpful in the lego games than she was a year ago, but still needs help.


Odyssey is so huge it’s almost intimidating. I played about 20 hours so far, and only then did the full extent of the game become clear to me. It’s enormous. After 20 hours, and I’m just scratching the surface. Usually I like stuff like that, but for whatever reason I just found it off-putting? As much as I dig riding a horse around Ancient Greece, the size of his game is crushing. I think I’m going to give it a few weeks and then jump back into it on a snow day or something.


I really ought to go looking for existential philosophical essays based on No Man’s Sky.

I mean you cannot see all of that game galaxy because you would need multiple lifetimes to do so!