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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I went back to the PS4 remastered version of Rogue Galaxy . And remembered why I hadn’t continued with it - a brick feckin’ wall in the shape of the first boss. Yep, that’s right - first boss.

What took some time to work out - and it made the boss fight much harder - is the camera is always centred on the character, which means a big enemy, like this boss, goes out of view - if you can’t see it, you can’t counter it and all of its attacks do 25-33% damage, yep 2-3 hits you are done. For all we talk of the Souls sub-genre now, go back a decade or so and that difficulty was standard, game’s really did want to punish your arse.

This time though, after a few tries, I actually managed to hop on the damn platforms, take out the heart and then, just about do the head and kill the ****er. So I might actually get somewhere on this now. Or I’ll hit another feckin’ wall.

Also kicked off, but only at the very, very start of PS4 version of Dark Chronicle . Got it for £3.29, along with Dark Cloud , so have a trio of PS2-era RPG classics.


Why main quest first?


Despite having only just started RDR2 I am very tempted to get Battlefield 5 as it is currently half-price on Xbox live.


I’ve no idea how much time I’ve spent on RDR2 (12 hours maybe?) but it’s already telling me I’m nearly 20% of the way into the game, which seems ridiculously quick. I still don’t feel like I’ve done more than scratch the surface of its systems and features (only just worked out how to set up a campsite). I was under the impression it was an epicly long single player experience.


I’ve been playing off an on since it came out, and I’m only at 45%. I’m just coming to the end of the third chapter.


I’m playing Spider-Man now. It’s cool. I’m hoping there will be more classic super villains as I progress, but I’m worried they’re saving them for part 2.


Because without going into spoiler territory B&W is designed to work so you finish it after it.

The best way I can put it is the main quest is an ending, the end of B&W is the ending.


Ok. Good to know. I’ll jump back to novigrad and finish the main quest first then.


Dark Cloud / Dark Chronicle

Talk about a difference - I bought both of these on sale for £3.29. Of the two, I feel ripped by Dark Cloud. Why? Let’s see:

  • You can only have one item of anything, but the enemies can inflict statuses randomly and more than once like poison
  • Weapons break, you have a thirst meter, stamina meter and health
  • Due to above combination, dungeons are less exploratory and more endurance feats
  • Then you get a little further and it finally mentions you have lock-on and block ability, but the block doesn’t mean much when an enemy hit goes right through it for 23 points when you have only 70.
  • Then there is the building. I’m sure for 2001 it was revolutionary, but now? Opaque bundle of crap. Which applies to the rest of the game, like it won’t have just one item system but three and applies them as and when it likes.

So Dark Cloud? Total pile o’ crap.

Dark Chronicle, which is the sequel, is far better, at least so far - you can have multiple items, there’s still more than one item system but it is more refined than its predecessor. Enemies still hit quite hard, but healing is easier, there’s no thirst meter and having more than one repair powder makes it a bit more level.

This and Rogue Galaxy have quite brutal combat in common so know what you’re buying, even if you get it dead cheap.


Are you past the Blindingly Obvious quest? As that has more impact than you might expect on your endgame outcome for the main quest.

Me? Turns out for a guy presenting himself as well 'ard, Djikstra’s a bit sensitive about certain matters.


Left Battlefield V downloading over night, not quite completed yet.

Other than that I spent a bit more time in and around Valentine, I don’t really feel like I have done much yet. The odd mission here and there as I discover them, I certainly haven’t set out to do story missions. Despite that it does say I’m 12% through. Yesterday’s session was mostly dominated by playing poker.


I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling a little odd about the game’s completion %.

I spent most of yesterday playing it and I really love it. I have the most ridiculous bear hat now.


It is rather ridiculous. People in the camp do comment on it.


Just noticed that the Spider-Man DLC pack, “The City That Never Sleeps”, is down to £9.99 on the PS Store. Worth it? It seems like a pretty good deal for all three episodes.


Looks like the normal price is £15.99. If it’s like the other offers, it’ll be on until 18 Jan. So, plenty of time to decide.

I’m likely going to be grabbing the AC Origins duo. (Hmm, two substantive add-ons, where have I seen that before?)


Yeah, that’s why I thought I’d ask for opinions before jumping on it.


No, just finished the battle at Kaer Morhen
So moving into that last string of quests now.
Cleared the last of the treasure hunts and question marks. So it’s a clear run on this then the main blood and wine quest.


The main quest after that battle steam rolls quickly.

Also give Hearts of Stone a look, it’s smaller than B&W but still a very good expansion.


An excellent AC Origins run today.

Tried to bait the area Phylake by hitting forts, but he didn’t take the bait. Instead ended up having a major fight with an armoured head to toe super-bastard Captain in Nikolai Fort. After just about killing him, the first time where I started to get a sense of how the combat works on strong / boss-level enemies, everyone else also got offed.

I then stumbled on the Phylake down the road, some ways off, he was mounted too - so I quickly knocked him off his horse then did a series of hit and run attacks until he died.

Also did a couple of sidequests and completed some locations.


I’ve given Battlefield V a bit of a run in last night and this morning. It is very much a Battlefield game.
Conquest and the larger operations modes are obviously where the main chunk of this game lay, with the usual good balance of vehicular combat and fps action.
It certainly seems easier to get kills than in Battlefield 1, I actually feel like an involved member of the game as opposed to cannon fodder bolstering others scores.
The fortnite inspired construction element actually makes sense and doesn’t feel too much like a tacked on extra. However the building of some fortifications does get in the way of your own team especially when they have found a good line of sight.
The battle royale game mode is not there as far as I can see but I am sure it will appear in good time.
I like that they have done away with the premium passes and that all the upcoming content will be available for all players as it is released.