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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I’ll probably not switch the PS4 on till I knock off red dead on the Xbox but I’m positive you will be my only friend request :rofl:


The plot in Yakuza Kiwami 2 is, like the other games in the series, utter bollocks but its executed with such sincerity and conviction you can’t help but be drawn into it and, once that happens, you will put up with just about every kind of crap to see it through and get to the next bit, stuff like:

  • Numerous climatic fights that suffer from camera fuckery
  • Cheap shit like having enemies you have to throw weapons at to take out despite them being behind sandbags that could be jumped over!
  • Bosses that have impossible to stop moves and combos no matter what you hit them with.
  • Enemies holding chairs that Kazzy simply doesn’t walk up and kick their balls into orbit.

The combined result of this was to screw up and greatly diminish an epic battle level, wrecked about three boss fights and just made the game less than it should have been. True this is a game from 2007/8 but it’s also a remade game so some new development should have picked up on these aspects.

This was the bulk of the playthrough today that covered chapters 8-9. On the other hand, most of the Street Boss fights are actually fair and they provide a decent challenge.


I’ve been putting a fair chunk of time into Spider-Man over the last week or two, and I’m getting near the end of the main story now.

The game is an absolute delight, with so many wonderful scenes that capture Spidey perfectly (in fact better than most of the movies). And the game mechanics feel incredibly smooth and intuitive - fighting becomes a lot more fun once you work up the skill tree, and you have a lot of options for how to deal with enemies (without the controls ever getting too fussy or overcomplicated).

The web-swinging develops nicely too, with a few new tricks that can help you to put together a really smooth journey across the city once you get the hang of them, making it a fun experience just getting to the necessary location to start your next mission.

I also like the imagination and ambition of some of the setpieces. There’s a memorably inspired perspective flip involving playing in stealth mode as MJ and being able to call in Spidey for silent takedowns that’s a lot of fun, there are some decent stealth sections where you play as Miles, and there are some great boss fights, including several fun villain team-ups.

Even when the game feels like it’s apeing the Arkham series a little too closely - like the drugged/surreal horror sequences - it all works so well that you can’t complain.

And the story itself is very well put-together, with lots of different facets and a decent cast of characters who interact well (and benefit from some very good voice performances). I love scenes like the fire in which MJ and Miles end up saving Spidey or the train sequence that nods to Spider-Man 2, while stuff like the Raft breakout is pretty thrilling. The only real weak spot is that Doc Ock’s slide into villainy is a bit sudden once it finally happens, but it’s only a minor criticism.

The game is just a joy, one of the best games of its type and with a story that stands among the most engaging Spidey tales told in any medium.

I’m not looking forward to it being over as I’m just enjoying it so much - although I’m finding the side-quests so much fun too that it’s nice to know there will be plenty more stuff to do once the main story has ended.


Oh, and I didn’t start a ‘Game of the Year - 2018’ thread as I didn’t think it would get enough traffic to be worth it, but maybe we can have that conversation here.

After the previous post, you can probably guess my nomination.


Be warned Dave there’s this big, angry, Greek-looking dude looking for you, seemed to think he had Game of the Year in the bag.


He’s got webbing all over his face so I can’t understand a word he’s saying.


Better than most of the comics, to be honest.

I finished it some time ago, and would consider it my GOTY.


I’ve mostly been playing old games this year, so I’d probably have to say Smash Ultimate over Super Mario Party for game of the year for me.


I’m hoping Santa brings me Spider-Man, it’s in my list now it’s under 30 quid.

I bought the boys a Switch.

Although it’s only the 4 year old who is playing games at the moment, I’ve got them it as a joint present. I’m hoping the colourful simplicity of some of the games entices my 2 year old soon.

I mostly play the Lego games with the and Rudi has got really good at them recently, starting to solve puzzles and making suggestions - sometimes before I have figured them out. It’s amazing how kids have such a different perspective on things because they get so immersed in the moment.

We’ve finished Batman Lego 3 and all its DLC, which game us absolute hours of game time, been mostly collecting the extras any time we’ve played it in past 6 months. Not too much more to get.
As a game it’s repetitve, but fun, although it can be glitchy and the jumps etc are really poorly designed in places which makes the game frustrating in places, especially for kids.
2 player split screen mode worked fantastically well, as it meant I could go away and do stuff in the levels to keep myself entertained.
Rudi loved getting all the new characters and see what their powers were.

We completed the 3 main storys on the original batman Lego, that was about all I could handle. Fuck the extras. It’s an incredibly frustrating game which has aged badly. 2 player mode is awful because there’s no split screen, which means you can only ever move within a screens width of each other which is incrediblly restrictive. It is also glitchy and the jumping etc is often guesswork as opposed to any sort of mastering or skill. I was so glad to get this one finished.

Lego Batman 2 is a massive improvement. It looks great, the gameplay is more exciting, it feels better designed and tested. We are still quite early on in the game but I’ve been enjoying it. The split screen works as a rotating bar which can be a bit disorientating, but far batter than Lego Batman 1.

We’ve also been playing Lego harrry potter which is great fun and the Lego movie game which is just mayhem, albeit enjoyable in short bursts.

Best of the bunch has been Lego incredibles, with its GTA style open map and really creative stuff like the incrediblocks building new things to explore, usually staring another Disney character, which even I find quite exciting.

I also like how you get the characters and vehicles that you earn in little packets which you simulate tearing open using the controller. The wee guy loves that.

Few too many boring cut scenes would be my only complaint.

Bear in mind all comments above are in relation to playing with young kids, I’m not sure I’d play any of these on my own, but it’s food at least getting some game time again.

I’ve picked up Mario odyssey and Mario cart for the switch so that should be fun. As well as the labo variety kit which I’m hoping will give them something to enjoy building and playing with for a month or two, I can’t see much longetivity in that though.


I share both your enthusiasm and your complaints on the Lego games! The design can be frustrating and unclear sometimes, which is not good for kids, but they have a lot of charm and humour and colour that helps paper over the cracks.

Maybe Lego Dimensions would be worth checking out for the age of your kids? It has a lot of open-world play options, and the real-life toy element is something that young kids really seem to enjoy. It’s been discontinued so you can pick the starter set and the individual packs pretty cheap now.


Thanks Dave, I’ll look that up


Finished Spidey tonight. Great fun, although the ending comes a bit suddenly given all the build-up.

The story plays out nicely though - I was quite choked up at the final Aunt May scene and there are some fun post-credits scenes too. I hope we get a sequel with a story that’s as well put together as this.


You know there’s the 3 DLC eps?


Yeah, I was going to ask about those - has anyone played them? Any good?

I might wait for a sale to get them as I still have loads of side-quests still unfinished in the main game.


So, having dropped Assassin’s Creed: Origins down to £21.99 last night, Amazon tonight dropped God of War to £24.99.

Despite a major backlog of games, I went with the ‘fuck it, I’ll buy them’ option.


Sound awesome. I’m pretty sure I’m getting that for Christmas, since my brother in law said “I’m buying you that for Christmas” :rofl:.


Nabbed both God of War and Odyssey on similar deals, although I’m waiting until Christmas to crack open Odyssey as a “present”.


I think I’m going to sell back my Xbox One tomorrow. It’s redundant with a PS4, just gathers dust, and has no good exclusives. I got it because we were planning to arrange our house differently with TVs in different rooms but ended up not doing that. So may as well sell it while it has value.

That gives me a day to revisit all the games I have for it: Forza 3, Halo 5, Injustice 2, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and Pac Man Championship 2 (which I will buy for PS4).


Well, it took a while but I got there in the end.


Who are those two on the left of Sonic in the second picture?