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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Interesting piece of gaming history. Was anyone playing when the plague struck?


Yeah. I’m seeing comments like ‘why didn’t they change this for RDR2?’. My cynical retort is that Rockstar looked at GTA Online, concluded it had made them billions, so why change it?

Meanwhile, Yakuza Kiwami 2 felt like it was back to being a proper Yakuza game - weird, fun side stories; Kazzy as a human wrecking ball and fights where he was flowing between moving, blocking, dodging and countering in a way that looked, and felt, just right.


So Smash Bros Ultimate is quite fun. I don’t entirely get all the Spirits stuff yet, but that’s partly because I’ve been holding back a little. You start the game with access only to the first 8 fighters from the N64 version. I’m going to be getting together with some friends tomorrow night and unlocking most of the roster as we play sounds quite cool. So I’ve not really dug in much to avoid getting too many unlock battles. I’ve got about 14 of the 60 odd characters unlocked so far.

There’s not many brand new stages (and I’ve avoided playing on most of those so far, for the same reasons) but there are quite a few from the 3DS version, which I didn’t play, so are new to me. There are a lot of stages from the N64 version back, but they’ve been visually spruced up this time and look great.


After watching the above video I downloaded Black on the Xbox One. I had it on the PS2 and loved it at the time and I’m glad to find that it’s still a lot of fun. It’s a bit clunky at times and the controls take a bit of getting used to since they aren’t typical modern day controls but the sound effects, level design and destruction make for a charming throwback.


Oh man, I loved Black. Such great fun, a real pure shooter.


My thoughts exactly on RD2. They made too much money with GTA to risk making changes. I know it’s stupid, but in both games I wish people could be more civilized. I get they encourage players to attack each other during missions, but if I’m not on a mission, and you gain nothing from killing me, then what’s the point? My brother in law has a little cheat he does on gta where he reduces his bandwidth so that he ends up in a session without other players. I might have to start doing that too.


Apparently there’s a measure in place to keep the same person from killing you over and over but the preview made it look cumbersome and unhelpful.


I’ll have to check that out. I did find it satisfying last night when another player walked up to me and started punching me so I shot him in the face :rofl:.


As I understand it if someone kills you enough you can challenge them to a duel and then if they kill you again after that you can parlay with them and they can’t kill you again for 10 minutes.


Something they should have explained in the intro. A duel could be cool, but only if I win. The thing I actually like the least about RD2 online, and off, is all the “reality” stuff. Cooking, caring for your horse, bathing, wtf? Like hey, you know all the stuff you want to escape from when you play video games? It’s like they wanted to add boredom to the game to make it more realistic.


I know what you mean, and I agree on some of it, but I actually quite like the stuff that builds the relationship with your horse.


And then some bastard shoots it.


So looks like I’m lurking here now as well.
This week I have a new PS4 and Xbox
Red dead 2 /battlefield for Xbox
Gran tourismo for the PS4 (waiting for Spider-Man to come down in price)

My usernames are
Xbox sinsearvscable
PS4 sinsear2379

No idea what I’m doing so feel free to “friend me” and let the abuse begin.


Yeah the horse care is less of a problem for me than the other things I mentioned. I find the cooking super tedious. And the bathing, I just don’t bother. Once was enough to know its silly and boring. So my character is going to really stink by the end.


Just downloaded Rocket League… Both boys are laughing maniacally.


I just bought the batmobile add on. All three of us driving around in '89 batmobiles is awesome.


Hahahah, it had to be! Will drop you a friend request, you’ll know it’s me.

I’m not surprised.

Damn, that sounds a good definition of ‘perfect’.


It is the first time they have had the opportunity to play a game together. Lo was getting a little frustrated with Theo at times but you can’t expect too much from a 4yo that hasn’t really played games before.
Lo and I even played online, something he has not been allowed to do before. We got our arses handed to use but still had fun theoughout.


They chuck in the bat tumbler as well. Not tried it yet.


So, a couple of big sessions on Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 3-4 hours the first one, 2-3 the second, hundreds of guys beaten up, shot, stabbed, smacked in the head with cans, pot planks, traffic cones, bikes, couple of piledrivers into concrete of a total fuckin’ idiot, a whole lot of eating and… Well, it’s been damn good fun.