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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I’ve been enjoying Spider-Man, although the game is starting to feel a bit padded at about the 70% mark of the campaign. And also my kids screwed up the disc so it only works about half the time.

That said, I did unlock the cel-shaded retro costume which gave me second wind and enhanced my enjoyment considerably!




That looks amazing! I didn’t know that existed.


It really does.

Spidey and Red Dead are the two games that really make me consider getting a new console (and TV).


I need to see that in motion!
Stuff like this only makes their default costume look even worse.


This just confirms in my mind that Ultimate Spider-Man is still the best game that the character has ever had.


I liked Ultimate Spider-Man but it didn’t have much staying power for me. PS4 Spidey just has so much to do. I feel like I’ll never get bored of it.


There are loads of costume options, from classic styles to modern to stuff that’s more playful, so you can ditch the default pretty quickly. The one I use the most is the punk rock costume (I love the Chuck Taylors):



Oh man, that looks amazing! I could live inside that game.


All you have to do is move to New York and you do.


To be fair, I wasn’t counting the new one in that ranking since I haven’t played it yet.
Ultimate Spider-Man had all of the MCU guest stars, the Bendis banter, the great cel-shaded look aaaand the decent Venom gameplay. Referencing Fist of Legend while you’re racing Johnny Storm is what I want from a Spider-Man game, is what I’m saying.


Some of these are really hilarious.


There are 200% more horses on fire than I expected in this game.


That game was amazing. So underrated.


Posting this in case any of you would like to win a copy of “Red Dead II”. One must be a subscriber and post a comment on said video to enter. There’s also a giveaway of the new Spidey games attached to the Spidey videos. It’s quite random (and better than a Flash ring!).


In addition to putting the finishing touches on Spidey I’ve been playing a couple of others (the first with the kid, and the second late at night):

LEGO Incredibles is pretty much what you’d expect. There’s little variance in LEGO games these days. That said, this one feels a bit cleaner and more straightforward than some others recently, while remaining colorful and exciting. We’ve been having a great time with it.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is pretty strong so far. It’s the return to the franchise’s “survival horror” roots, and they do a nice job of it—rich atmosphere and some creepy setpieces and a few heart pounding moments as you fidget for clues. I guess it has been a while since I’ve played a survival horror game because I am finding it nicely tense and at times need a quick break from the atmosphere despite not being a shrinking violet when it comes to horror. I definitely see why people had a hard time playing it in VR mode.


The amount you have to learn, I feel like I could accomplish something useful with the same amount of effort, like becoming an electrician, or a doctor. It’s absurd. Outside of that, it’s awesome, but I wouldn’t have minded if they’d simplified it a little, for people who’s lives don’t completely revolve around video games.


So I still haven’t bought Doom4 because I was a bit disappointed with all the playthroughs I’ve seen, so I’m waiting for it to be super cheap… But I’ve been replaying Doom3, and maaaan for as much flack as it gets, they REALLY nailed the design of Hell in that game (and the martian ruins levels as well). I really wish they’d gone for something like that in D4, because what they ended up with looks bland and boring (and I really hate the WoW-looking designs for the Cyber Demon and the Spider Master Mind u_u).

Anyways, Doom3 is still very effective for what it is, and despite some rather low-res textures, the game still looks pretty good overall, considering its age.


I bought this for my son’s 4th birthday and we’ve actually had a lot of fun with it as well. There’s loads to do and 2 player mode keeps us both relatively entertained.

I think the incredibricks addition is fanstastic, as is the new characters etc being added by tearing up a pack - even I’m getting exited to see what is built or what will be in the pack.


I always thought Doom 3 was quite underrated. It wasn’t as frenetic and pulse-pounding as a Doom game should be, but the design and lighting were great (I remember buying a new graphics card for it) and the sections where you had to swap between a flashlight and weapon were genuinely nerve-wracking (I think recent versions have patched it so you can use both, which is a shame).


Yeah they did, and I’m okay with it… The whole “switch between weapons and flashlight” was indeed good and nervewracking but only for a bit… the game is too based on jumpscares, so it becomes annoying 20 minutes in.

What they did in the BFG edition, is just put a flashlight with a battery that depletes (you have a lot of time) which then you have to turn off for some seconds to let it recharge. Yes it takes away some of the experience for sure, but it’s a lot less annoying to play, tbh… BUT they should’ve kept the option to play it as the OG release, I think… it would’ve made for a better package.


Yeah, that rings a bell. I picked up the BFG edition when it came out on PS3 - as much to get Doom 1 & 2 as for the third game.