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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


So, despite my intentions to not do so, I’m still playing No Man’s Sky.

Recent activity has been building an underwater extension to the newest base that actually got to the very limit of the base area. It was a set of circular rooms, descending all the way to the deep bottom of the lake floor, with a glass viewing area and glass staircase exit that went from the bottom, right up to the top.

Oh and playing with colours for the various base sections.

Yes, it really is an infinite Lego kit in effect.


A trip to Smyths resulted in a new haul of Lego Dimensions (buying them cheap before they disappear for good).

Between the building and the open-world play, there’s a lot of value in these sets for the kids, especially at just a few quid a pop.


I’ve just read this.

You’ve got to live mate. Whilst I get the need to ration kids screen time, I think it’s best focussed on the amount of time they are glued to smartphone or tablet, particularly before bedtime, because of the blue light and how intereferes with sleep.

However, most of us grew up in households where TVs were on when we were younger and it didn’t do us any harm.

The other thing I think it is important to remember is that kids TV can be very educational for kids and it helps develop their vocabulary and gets them used to seeing a diverse group of people that they may not normally interact with in their close social circles.

I’ve got a 2 year old who knows and can say the names of more dinosaurs than I can, and that’s not just down to us spending time with him reading etc - he’s picked up from tv

I’d also say that playing video games since the age of 3 has helped bring in my 4 year olds problem solving skills and his coordination etc


Regarding the difficulty settings, I take it game by game but find zero shame in turning the difficulty down. My life is busy enough, now I need to spend hours playing the same stage in a video game over and over again? (Sometimes I do, if I’m really enjoying it).

For Wolfenstein 2, I definitely turned the settings down. For my next two games—Titanfall 2 and Spider-Man—normal is doable.


Did anyone played add - on, Splinter Cell for GR Wildlands? I thought - wow, they are returning Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher and he IS Sam Fisher! I didn’t krew that, until recently this six months old interview came along to me:

“Speechless? Do you want me to cut open your throat and look for the words inside your neck?”



I’ve put in 8 solid days worth of gameplay into it but I think I’m done with Metal Gear Solid V. For now at least. All missions and side ops done but I think I’ll be revisiting some of my favourite missions at some stage in the future.

Next up is the Mad Max game (which I don’t imagine will be as much of a time sink).


Mad Max is an enjoyable romp but gets samey very quickly…


Yeah I liked Mad Max a lot but had no interesting in continuing to play it once I beat the main storyline.


Tried a few demos a few days back and it became an example of how games have changed in the last few years:

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Did the intro mission and it was… well, OK, but I thought it’d be more than it was. Years back I might have liked this more, the whole limited engagement, the attack once per character, but now? Now I was getting irritated that, having been told I have a tank that can demolish obstacles, it couldn’t go past a single fence! What was in yesteryear a perfectly acceptable limitation had become far less so now. In the end? I concluded it was too restrictive, limited and convoluted for its own good.

Although, it’s also notable that the combat system here suffers due to games like Divinity of Sin being on the PS4. That also has its limits, but not so many as this.

Shadow of War

Having not got on so well with the first one, I probably shouldn’t have bothered with this but there was so much talk of improvements, I decided to give it a chance.

I can see the appeal of this for a lot of people, it’s just that I’m not one of them. The whole ‘dominate’ orcs thing sounds cool, much like the nemesis system, but it just doesn’t come to much. I got a Captain as bodyguard and then the idiot got himself quickly killed. And yes, I got the ‘help your bodyguard’ prompt, but you know what? It’s an orc, like I give a shit - this ain’t Discworld and Sir Terry isn’t here to render a portayal that does win me to the orc point of view.

Then there’s the world and that enemies can randomly turn up out of nowhere. I get that they are going for an evolving world, one where the unexpected can happen, but it really puts a spanner in the works you come up. You’ve accounted for these five guys yeah? Ok, fine, what about these three caragors we’ll throw in now?

And then there is the Arkham-style combat which suffers a couple of problems. First, if I’ve stabbed and slashed an enemy five times they shouldn’t be merely stunned, they should be dead. Like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag enemies take too many hits without consequence. Second, damn Talion is floaty, they’re going for that whole Arkham feel, where Batman zooms over the battlefield hitting thugs everywhere, but it doesn’t feel right.

There is an awful lot of content here certainly, but none of it looks that fun to me. The combat feels repetitive and I don’t care about Talion either. So I can see the appeal, see why it’s a success but it’s not one for me.

Wipeout: Omega Collection

It’s hard to admit that a game series you loved has been surpassed, but it’s true. Wipeout HD was an amazing game, it truly was but it’s also a decade old and in that time? Redout.

Redout is, in every respect, Wipeout’s heir and successor and it goes much, much further. So much so that playing Wipeout after having played it, Wipeout feels far too tame. It keeps the tracks mostly level for instance, Redout’s tracks have a couple of 360 degree twists and much bigger jumps.

It looked nice enough, but the handling was less precise, the races less exciting - time has not been kind to this game.


Full Throttle Remastered is on Humble Bundle for pay what you want (DRM free too!) so I am jumping right on that.
You can break down where your money goes between the publishers, the charities, Humble and your referrer, which I’m trying to do at the moment. Unfortunately, it’s a slider system which keeps automatically adjusting the other amounts every time you make a change. It keeps wanting to divert most of what I’m paying towards the developers of the games in the “pay more than x to get” optional bracket, which I’m not getting. They’ve managed to create a puzzle more infuriating than any that I will encounter in Full Throttle simply in buying it.


Ah, Full Throttle was great.

Good luck kicking that wall!


I nearly said “apart from finding that bloody hidden entrance”! Hopefully it’ll be easier in smooth HD graphics.


Been watching a twitch streamer I like play Red Dead Redemption. The tutorial is two hours long, and makes the game look tedious as all hell.


I didn’t mind the first turorial chapter. It’s definitely a slow start, but it looks amazing with all the snow, and it does a good job setting up the story.

The map really opens up once you get out of the mountains. I’ve put a couple hours in so far, and I’ve been having fun with it. My only real complaint is that the controls can be quite fiddly.


huh I automatically got a free copy of Mark of the Ninja: Remastered… apparently it was given for free if you owned the OG game+dlc (nice to see that some companies aren’t total greedy fucks)… sooo I guess it’s time to revisit it, which I’m happy with, since it’s one of the games I’ve REALLY enjoyed.


Yeah I agree with @IanSmith the story itself carries you along quite well so it does feel boring, it feels immersive. You feel the character pushing through the snow and feel a shiver when they react to the cold. I think it gets extra leeway as a prequel. You are wanting to take the story in as you know where it eventually ends up. I imagine players who haven’t played Red Dead one with feel the story isn’t as strong, but when you know the characters down the line it’s a really solid begining for the story.

I probably won’t finish the game for ages. Just dandering about is massively enjoyable in itself. You feel a sense of accomplishment just in the immersiveness of picking up your hat if you fall down a hill. I agree that the controls are fidgety. I shot a wall earlier by mistake and got ran out of town.


I almost finished with No Man’s Sky. Had found a booming system, had found a station that had a semi-regular supply of S-class ships, even bagged my first Exotic ship - flying that back to the freighter was hilarious because there’s way it’d ever get through the door!

Cracking the secret of how to find S-class starships and exotics was the last real thing left.

Then, they dropped version 1.70: No Man’s Sky - The Abyss. Which is? Ocean exploration and construction! Yes, I have a base with an aquatic section but it’s imperfect and, with all the new stuff they’ve added, it’s going to now get a severe remodeling. It looks a huge amount of fun, haven’t yet tried the new swimming controls as it only installed about 20mins ago - I’ve unlocked some base parts, that’s it.

And the entire thing, like the other pieces, is free.


It’s a real shame how much they fucked themseleves by releasing it as they did… I might pick it up later, when it gets discounted further, not my kind of game, but I’m curious to see what they ended up doing with it.


Except it’s over two years later and an absolute ton of free add-ons that the likes of Ubisoft, EA and Activision would drain your wallet and then repossess your car and your property for!

HG was a small studio in a big pool with a shark called Sony - they got in over their heads and screwed up to an incredible extent, but if over two years of free content, gigabytes of it, isn’t a sufficient amount of atonement and restitution I don’t know what is.

It’s interesting on the cost, pre-July 2018 - copies were going for as low as £5, now the cheapest on Amazon is £15.