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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Kojima knows what you did. Consider it karma.


I’m still running the last generation of console (X360) and felt the urge to fire it up again a few weeks back; played a fair bit of Call of Duty 4/MW2/MW3, and then decided to switch over to Max Payne 3 which I hadn’t ever finished.

I had forgotten how far through the game I’d made it, because at the time I was incredibly frustrated by the cutscenes and had stopped paying attention - the cutscenes are still really annoying (mostly unskippable, and run for several minutes each, total about 3 hours) but the game as a whole is a heck of a lot of fun, with nicely varied locations, and quite the challenge even on easy (sorry).


I’m surprised he had the restraint to wait 146 hours to do it.


While I don’t tend to play games on easy I don’t really see any shame in it. There was an article written about the latest Wolfenstein game that made the point it plays best from a storytelling point of view on easy.

I read a couple articles more recently on the subject of difficulty too.


I’m happy to progress to the harder settings after, but if it’s the difference between wussing out and getting frustrated enough to abandon the game altogether, surely it’s better to wuss out.


I think especially with narrative games it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. I want games to provide a bit of a challenge but I don’t want to be endlessly frustrated by them, and (like the old Dara O’Briain routine goes) if I’ve paid £40 for a game then I want to see everything it has to offer without being prevented from progressing because the game thinks I’m not good enough.

There’s other stuff though where the increasing challenge is part of the fun, especially games that are more about the gameplay itself rather than story. There’s a sense of satisfaction to working through a game that’s designed to challenge you, and beating it.


I play pretty much everything on easy but then I only really buy games from Steam for 2 quid or so and don’t play that much to be an expert. I still always manage to die at least a few times. :smile:


I used to rarely play games on easy, but nowadays it’s rare that I don’t. I’m mostly in it for the story rather than a big challenge from gameplay. I don’t like being frustrated while playing a game.

If I really like a game and end up replaying it, at that point I might up the difficulty level because a replay usually means that I understand and enjoy the combat system enough to want to keep going.


I did played and passed Call of Duty 2, MW and WaW at veteran. To think of it, it was just rough exercize. I also finished BiA Hell Highway on authentic, which in reality, wasn’t a big deal. Same for Rainbow Six Vegas - both games. I probably wouldn’t, but I never tried any racing or RTS game on harder levels than normal.


It’s my birthday today and somehow MGSV knew this and played this cut scene for me:



Kiefer Sutherland’s script must have been three pages long for that game…He won’t even talk on his bloody birthday.


I’m glad that you got there, @Bruce. Happy Birthday.


I thought that was a really weird comment when you made it but I’m glad I didn’t query it and ask what you ment. It was a great surprise when it happened.


Six minutes of dialogue in total apparently, including cut content.


David Hayter spent more time than that repeating the last word of every sentence someone says to Snake as a question in MGS 1!



Between playing all of the Metal Gear games and reading Bendis comics, is it any wonder that I did that all of the time when I was younger?

“Ross, why are you asking unnecessary questions?”

“Unnecessary questions, huh?”


Not the worst thing you could have picked up from Metal Gear though.


Worst thing?


Ross’ penchant for hiding in cardboard boxes finally makes sense now.