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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Spider-Man: for some reason, I wasn’t expecting a Stan Lee cameo at all, but they pulled it off really nicely.


That was really sweet.

I really like the actress they hired for MJ, too.


Yeah, it feels like a slightly new take on MJ and I really like it.


Playing Final Fantasy VI, I came across a monster-in-a-box mini boss. I decided to have a quick look online, to check it’s stats and the wiki really bigs it up as being quite deadly.
My first go, I cast Muddle, leaving it confused. Before I can even follow that up, it attacks itself with its one hit KO special move and promptly dies.


Rayman Legends was reduced to £6 on the xbox one digital store. Bought it despite having the xbox 360 disc somewhere (and it being backwards compatable). Given all of Rayman Origns is included too it was well worth paying for it again. Just unlocked my favourite music video level too.


My boys love playing Splatoon 2 on Switch, Alex (4) is particularly good for his age and regularly wins games online. We logged on couple of days ago to be told we need to pay a subscription to play online with the switch now.

Not a huge deal, paid up, and you get about 20 classic NES games for doing so. The boys quite like them:

Soccer from 1985!


I’ve been on a bit of a revisit of PUBG over the last week, as have a number of guys from my American football team.
We’ve had lots of squad games. I’m still as useless as ever but being part of a squad, even of equally useless players, means you do manage to last a lot longer than usual.

Highlight of the last few games was us parachuting, badly, into an area with another squad. As we tried to get ourselves regrouped one of the party was killed. I charged in to attempt a revenge kill only to be knocked out. The guy then tried to finish me off with a grenade but missed. In that time the third member of our squad arrived to finish off the guy but no before I died too. Our squad mate was then promptly dealt with by the rest of the other squad. The whole situation was pure hilarity and we could help but laugh through the whole thing.


My mrs wants to instigate a ‘zero screen time’ policy in the house when Evelyn (3) is awake. Evelyn currently gets 15 mins of tv a day just before bath time but the mrs’ new policy means I can’t watch tv, go on my laptop or play video games until Evie is in bed. I’m not agreeing to it by the way.


Ye traditional bloke solution of the ages: Get a shed.


Great Scott!

(With Lego Dimensions being discontinued, a lot of these packs are dirt cheap now, which is great for our purposes.)


Listening to a '90s dance music show on the radio, and it’s remarkable how close many of the backing tracks sound to actual Streets Of Rage themes. Those games were ahead of their time (or at the very least had their finger right on the pulse) when it came to the music.


That’s the spirit.


I missed this news. I may have to invest in it now before it all disappears for good.


Yeah, it was made official in October last year.

It’s all still being supported and you can still find most packs fairly easily, but it might be worth picking up any that you really want sooner rather than later.


Smyths has loads of packs very cheap at the moment.


Some packs can also be found in branches of Poundland.


Worth pointing out they don’t cost a quid though… :neutral_face:


No Man’s Sky…

The quest for the elusive S-class continues, but I did upgrade my A-class fighter to a far better A-class and it only cost me about 45m units, but the amount of stuff I can do with this new one is through the roof - the old one was as developed as it could go, this one is probably never going to use all its potential. I also upgraded my B-class Battlestar to an A-Class Star Destroyer Freighter - and for only 30m, still in search of that S-Class Dreadnaught, but that may not be a bad thing as I need to rebuild my funds after tonight’s spending spree. Which included initial cannon, shield and hyperdrive S-class upgrades and other tech additions for the new fighter.

If I find a station that has good fighters turn up regularly, I’ll bring in the freighter and try and upgrade the other four C-class ships I still have.


Quite a run tonight:

  • Got the Quantum Processor crafting formula, which in turn allowed me to craft two Stasis Device and flog them for 32m! Still need the formulas for Iridesite and Geidesite before I can start mass producing Stasis Device or Fusion Igniter. Crafting this level of product demonstrates the thought that went into this crafting system - at the start, it sounds insane that you could craft something worth 15-16m on its own, but by the time you can do it, it makes sense.

  • Got access to some Rank 8 missions - did a Freighter defence, went out, found it, killed three pirates with my Deathmobile of a starfighter - although given it’s bastard disposition towards pirates, maybe Starr-fighter would be more fitting - got paid 441k.

  • Still need to get some upgrades, but the ones I’ve got are proving excellent - don’t think I’ll be trading this fighter unless something spectacular turns up.