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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Yakuza Kiwami 2 is pretty good, it looks amazing and the combat is as good ever.

There’s just one problem - for every fight they do this blue screen intro and while it lasts you can’t start hitting the enemies and they always know the exact millisecond it ceases. It’s the kind of thing I’ll probably get used to but it is kind of irritating.

The other irritants were standard Yakuza game stuff - crappy combat tutorials and pop-ups in mid-fight when all you really want to do is hand the perps their arse.

Still, now in Sotenbori, on the canal and damn, it does look pretty.


Broke the 100 hour mark on Metal Gear Solid V. The free roam aspect of the game and the fact you can replay mission using different equipment and buddies really gives a lot in terms of replayability. Even at the 100 hours mark there’s plenty that still surprises me. Just discovered a few days ago that you can shoot enemies through tent walls (which seems obvious but not always something that’s doable in games). Also, just came across the “Snake, you stink” scene which was a complete surprise.


I hope that you’re still playing it when it’s your next birthday.


So just wasted a load of time trying to do a load of quests in No Man’s Sky where every single one was bugged as fuck. It was beyond a joke, get location, warp to system - when you can select it because NMS’ 3d galaxy map is crap - no location indicator. Tried different quests, same result.

So, I’ve gone with the ‘screw you all’ and abandoned all the missions. Missing person? They can stay missing. Raid depot? Fuck off, you don’t count it if it’s by starship. Bounty? Fuck off, you don’t pay me for them. Haulage? More often total crap.

So, with NMS’ having gone and razed a good amount of my interest to the ground, all that’s left is base building, getting new craft products and racking up the cash. That’s OK I suppose, but would be better if its missions were actually reliable and not buggy crap.

In other news:

Fist of the North Star (demo)

Oh dear. It’s hard to play this and recognise the Yakuza team’s work.

The combat system is awful. At first it seems cool - that guy’s head just exploded! But, it quickly becomes apparent gore overload is all it has, along with a total reliance on QTEs - that are so damn fast they can’t be done - for instant kill.

The other aspect that it shows up is what a great job they did with Kazama Kiryu in Yakuza. It’s great playing as Kiryu, you get in his head, he generates a great sense of player attachment. In contrast Kenshiro is a growling, charisma void.

The final insult was a driving section that felt 10-15 years out of date with horrendous handling to match.

Scratch that, one game I won’t be buying.


So, after the crappiness of Tuesday, I’ve focused on grabbing product recipes, base building and slagging the odd pirate here and there:

  • The second base now covers a good part of the beach while being a two-level complex with landing pad, roamer exobay and an initial biodome, plus circular room. The tech outfitting is mostly done with the large refiner and trade terminal active.

  • Got tired of having to go from the main base to the automining devices, then realised I could establish a mini base around the resource, add in a stargate, hook that up to the network and just warp to collect the mined resources. Built that today.

  • Raided a few factories, got 5-6 crafting recipes, including a couple of quite major ones.

  • Think it’ll be time to start building up one of the new ships as successor to the initial craft. Something that I can really whack up the shields and guns on, which I can’t do with the initial craft.

  • Up to 41m, so slowly closing in on the funds to get one of the big super freighters.

  • Also found two planets in one system that are very nice, both are perfect for bases - just have to decide what kind - haven’t yet done a mountaintop set-up.


It was time, I swapped out the starship, grabbed one of the C-class ships I had, went to a station, bought a B-class by exchange then nabbed an A-class fighter! I then spent some time tracking down 3 S-class shield and 2 S-class cannon upgrades. Plus an S-class engine upgrade too. With the lot installed, I then tested out the new ship on a pirate. Damn, it was fast and it really packed - and could take - a punch.

Did a load of missions to restock the nanite supply, continued to expand base 2, Ankh-Morpork, while I created and deleted a base elsewhere. Strangely, even if you delete a base, it still remains as a teleport location.

Went from about 38m to almost 46m, still some way off the 85m I’m after to get a really flash freighter, but getting closer. If I cashed in some of the stockpiles I probably have that, but each of those stockpiles can become x10 in value if I nab the right crafting recipes.

Talking of crafting, managed to do a couple of high level refiner recipes - which in turn opened the door to the Plasma Grenades weaponry. To understand the sweetness of the sentinel vengeance I enacted, you must understand the quadruped sentinels are a pain in the arse. They get healed by the flying ones, they have a bloody great laser, thus they truly deserved what they received. Granted, it had had 2 S-class upgrades added, but I still didn’t expect it. I sent a plasma grenade at the sentinel dog, it exploded - and so did the Sentinel! One shot, one kill - time to jump back in the starship and leg it out of there.

By doing this and a number of delivery quests I had the items already farmed for, I racked up 1000+ nanites and a couple of million units in payment.

Also did a long, multi-stage jump sequence of about 7-8 warps. So that’s given lots of systems to explore, some good new planets and missions, plus the main storyline Final POrtal mission has come up.


I’ve been having a Sunday-morning jaunt on Spider-Man and enjoying it a lot. It’s that rare game when I actually really enjoy all of the side-quest stuff that the reviewers dismissed as pointless busywork - I spent half an hour swinging around New York fixing all of the surveillance towers this morning, and it’s a great way to get to know the city and get a feel for the entire play area, as well as just enjoying webswinging.

The random crime incidents are pretty good too, and have so far been quite varied. Car chases, muggings, drug deals - a decent variety. No kids with lost balloons yet though. :slight_smile:

For this reason I’m making very slow progress in the main story so far. All those people who talked ahead of release about the game having an average runthrough time of 15 hours must have just been ignoring all this stuff, but it’s all part of the enjoyment for me.

I think this is going to go down alongside the likes of GTA V, Horizon Zero Dawn and Arkham City/Knight as one of those games where just spending time in that world is a fun experience. (Plus, I’ve always wanted to visit New York and this is a decent substitute for now!)

Also, the decision to have J Jonah Jameson as a ranting podcaster is an inspired way to update his character for the modern day. I’m surprised the movies didn’t get there first.

It’s great the way that your in-game actions affect the content, too - I ignored a nearby car chase as I was in the middle of doing something else, and the next JJJ broadcast has someone phone in and complain that they were near the crime in progress, saw Spider-Man in the area and he did absolutely nothing. :smile:


I’ve played a bit of the game, and at this point I’d rather do side quest stuff. Seems like the best way to get used to the combat and web-swinging system. I’m still pretty bad with the combat right now, but fighting a bunch of criminals as I swing about the city has definitely helped figure it out a bit.


Yeah, I’ve found the combat takes a bit of getting used to, too. So like you, I’ve been getting practice in before the big setpieces.


So, turns out that, in No Man’s Sky, you can only have the one freighter. You can up to 50 frigates, but not multiple freighters. This actually gives me a more discernible end point, in that when you offer to buy a freighter it’s always as part exchange. The biggest I’ve seen go for 85m units and I had 46m as of last night. Then I flogged a load of stuff and got it up to 52m, after today’s session it hit 65m, so getting much, much closer.

Partly due to flogging some high-value items, as despite raiding manufacturing facilities and operations centres, the game has become stingy on its crafting recipes. Since I have about 30m worth of stashed goods, I may as well flog the generated high-value goods from the farming, which regenerates daily, and can nabs me 4-5m a time.

The other satisfaction has been in kitting out the new starship. There is a limit of no more than three upgrades per device, but, if you have a separate section, like say Technology, the rule does not apply. I’ve used this to seriously amp up the shielding and cannons and it’s really paying off. So, current activity is doing missions to get the nanites to buy the S-class upgrades for cannon, shield, pulse engine and hyperdrive - not to forget, plasma grenades upgrade for the multitool - still one to go.

Reached the top rank for Vy’Keen standing, reaching the higher tiers of the guilds, which open the door to more lucrative missions.

I’ve also got to the end of the story missions, well, it sounds like it - haven’t yet gone there.

Started a new base on a side of a mountaintop on a, no joke, Paradise Planet - it could only have one fitting name, Bond Villain HQ, thus it was so. I’ve also added storage to Base 2, plus a couple of landing pads, suspended above a lake no less - landing a ship on one of them looks damn cool. Probably be only exceeded by the ones I’m going to stick on base 3. (And, of course, the entire lot are linked up to the stargate network),

It is quite satisfying doing stuff on a planet that you have a base on, then flying back to it and as you descend, you can see the full extent of what you’ve built. Clearly, in this respect, bigger is better.


I’ve played Spider-Man a little bit. Not a lot and I don’t think for a session longer than 30-40 minutes at this point. I think I have the opposite impression as everyone else. I’m finding it too bogged down with the usual endless customization and excessive little side projects. It feels like too much like busy work to me. I just want to swing around and fight like the vulture. I don’t want to devote myself to upgrading his suit and backpack and stuff like that.

We’ll see as I get further in. As I said, I haven’t had much time to invest in it.


I can see that. The customization stuff I’m not super into. But picking up some side quest stuff on my way to main quest stuff works pretty well for me so far.


Yeah to be honest I ignore the customisation and crafting stuff as far as I can.

Very few games have made that kind of thing work for me - The Last Of Us is the only one that really springs to mind.


Quite seriously then , No Man’s Sky probably won’t work well for you as the core of the game for making serious money is the crafting! I finally got lucky and got a crafting recipe that lets my craft the pieces for Portable Reactors, a single one sells for 4.5m. Then I got luckier by getting Stasis Device, which sell for 15m each, but I need to get the component blueprints to start on those - I have some lower level pieces but not everything.

I went and sort of finished the main story - they’ve successfully hidden a hard-as-nails SF story in a high-profile video game. My choice? I knew going in that if you choose reset, you lose your bases and I’ve put in too much work on those so screw the Atlas. I then had this crafting quest that requires me to also complete the parallel Atlas quest, so visited a station and it turned out to be the last one! So, will craft that item tomorrow.

Along the way, I went and nabbed this freighter:

Now, it wasn’t a top-of-the-line one, only cost me 30m, but it’ll be a good stepping stone to the next one, as it always works on part-exchange basis.

The battle to rescue it was particularly satisfying, as the upgraded cannons on my fighter absolutely slaughtered the pirates, one by one. We’re talking going full Darth Vader, flying around, killing starfighters like swatting flies.

The main story quest also dropped me off in a green system - not sure of the significance of that, but it’s hooked up to the teleport network so I can explore that direction whenever I like.


Trying to enjoy Spidey for what it is but I wish they’d ditched all the Assassins Creed-y stuff like climbing towers to reveal map sections. So, so tried of all that stuff.


I was pretty shit at the combat in Spidey like many of you are saying, so last night I decided to punch above my weight class with a Kingpin construction zone. It took me an hour of trying again and again, but I finally did it, and when it was done I had a much better handle on the combat.

As is often the case with video games, it seemed impossible for a long time but when I finally did it I breezed through it like nothing.





I’m pretty sure it’s Carlos Pedro, formerly of this parish.


It is indeed our wandering Carlos Pedro. This was a commission he did to go with the release of the Spidey PS4 game.