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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I’ve just completed the part where we revert Uma to his normal self, and I’ve been sent out to rally the allies to come back and face the wild hunt down . So it feels like it is building to a showdown.


NMS continues to fend off Yakuza Kiwami 2.

This is, in itself, quite impressive. Why and how? Well, I now have four starships, a base that is regularly generating 150k of income a turn - which sounds a lot, but is kind of low for this game,works for now though.

Along with having nabbed three crashed ships, having done minimal repair and then sold each of them to a foolish alien, I have a top-of-the-line, fully repaired multi-tool, which has changed things again. The S-Class boltcaster upgrade allowed me to kill 8 sentinels easily, even the armoured ones - might be able to take out the dog ones now and that’s without having the parts to install the heavy weaponry. Got some scanner upgrades and instead of getting a handful of units, some plants give 20k per scan, some creatures +100k - all of a sudden getting a few million to buy a frigate is achievable, long term? Getting a Super Star Destroyer freighter for 80-100m.

It’s also noticeable that, with my rank increased, mission rewards have gone from a handful of units to tech that, when sold, supplies 500k to 1.5m a time.

So it seems pretty clear that the way to cash is continue doing the missions, expanding the base and reaping the money.


I’ve started playing Final Fantasy VI. It’s fun, though the wide array of character-specific combat mechanics is a tad overwhelming. But I find it really weird that the game lets you rename the characters. For the earlier ones, when the characters are blank slates defined by their jobs and abilities, it was understandable. But for 6 (and what I remember of 5 and have seen of 4) it’s a tad pointless given the characters are much more rounded and three-dimensional. It’s like reading Spider-Man and scrubbing out Peter Parker’s name and putting in a random replacement.


Counting the hours until the end of the day now.


The name change option carries on into at least FFVII and I think further. I think it maybe only gets ditched when the characters start to speak in game with FFX.


And now I’m just counting the hours until the bloody thing installs. (44GB!)


Facebook is giving promoted links to download this game from the google play store:

Anime girl Idle RPG card game

Girls X Battle 2 brings you new idle RPG game style, which contains hundreds of Anime Girls under you command. Girls X Battle 2 is also a game combined with tactics and leisure features. Players not only need to focus on formation of girls, but also need to focus on girls’ improvements , furthermore with unique gears and antiques for your girls to finish legend battle, to be No.1 in campus player also need PVP battles in game.

★Game Features★
◎Easy battles for you◎
Girls X Battle 2 has the biggest feature is that all the battles are “hands-free”, you only need to deploy your girls then they will take it over to fight. Get rare items even when you off-line, craft legend gears to enchant you girls.

◎Hundreds of lovely girls for you to commend◎
More than hundreds of characters of Japanese Anime style Battle Girls, all of them will be under you commend. Each of Battle Girls has her own background story and unique skills. With each girl’s personality you may discover all of their habits, costume them with lovely dress to increase their battle stats.

◎Deploy girls with different formation, never stop trying◎
While in battles, the key to victory is better formation of your girls, counter relationship of each girl will bring you different gaming experience for each battle. Different main technologies also have different effects on girls. Try your best to figure out which is the best choice for current battle.

◎Full of game features waiting for you◎
Different features waiting ahead to explore: Top floor, Quiz, Challenge, Boss fight, etc. All of these features will help you better to become the No.1 of campus. Lots of girls can be obtained in many places: Market, Girl store, Enroll, etc. More events are also the best way to enchant your girls!

◎Guild up with your friends, conquer the campus◎
Set up your own guild with your friends, fight guild bosses and ignite your technologies for your girls. Seasonal guild war will be your best chance to prove your guild is worth in campus! If you favor in PVP, come and join guild war to level up your guild!

Is it wrong that I really want to download it? :flushed:


Ahhhhhh webswinging is so much fun.

This is great. And the kids are loving it.

(Funny how, completely unprompted, they do the same thing that everyone does first in an open-world Spider-Man game - find the biggest skyscraper you can and jump off it.) :slight_smile:


Doesn’t everyone?

Was watching a swinging video last night, game looks amazing.


It’s actually really nice to have a big realistic open-world game that’s suitable for kids. It’s not quite as detailed and interactive a world as GTA, but it’s not far off. They’re having a lot of fun just misbehaving and running around the city.

Feels like Lego Dimensions isn’t going to get a look in for a while.


But it says it’s a sixteen right on the cover!



I looked into the rating information carefully before I let them have a go - it seems that any game with realistic violence - ie. non-cartoonish characters in combat - automatically earns a PEGI 16 rating.

But with that as the only element prompting the rating here - there’s no bad language or sexual content - it’s no worse than a standard superhero or action-adventure movie. So fairly suitable for kids who can understand that fighting in that context isn’t something to be imitated.


Serious question - how do the ratings agencies know what the content is? It’s not like a movie where they can watch it and take notes. Considering how many hundreds of hours some games take, and even then you might not be a good enough player to complete it all, how do they know there isn’t nudity hiding in some side quest they never found?

I assume the answer is that they rely on disclosure from the manufacturers, but then how could you ever trust the rating is honest? Imagine doing that for movies?

BBFC: “Mr Tarantino, how violent is this new movie of yours?”
TARANTINO: “Meh, not really that violent in my opinion.”
8-YEAR-OLD VIEWER: "Moooooooooooooommmmmmmmm he cut that man’s ear off :anguished: :scream: "


This is the case. Through a detailed questionnaire about the game’s content, I think.

There have been occasions where questionable content discovered after release is queried, but usually the disclosure/trust system works well, because it’s in the interest of the games publishers (as well as the ratings bodies) for it to do so.


They get given cheat codes and sometimes debug versions so they can see the content of the game without having to actually successfully play through it, IIRC.


I picked up Spider-Man yesterday and played it long enough to bring in the Kingpin. I think I may have played it a few too many drinks into the evening but I found the combat to be overly convoluted, but potentially great once you get into the, er, swing of things.


I felt similarly at first, it hits you with a lot of different moves and strategies in quite a short space of time, but after a little while it becomes a bit more intuitive. A bit like the Arkham games.


I’ve got to get through what’s left of Witcher 3 before I splurge on Spider-Man
I think Witcher 3 will be my last super huge rpg for a while.
They just require such a massive time investment, that is hard to give these days.


Well, I hit some serious restrictions in NMS on base building.

To a degree, the base building is pretty ambitious, but only so long as you abide by its less than clear and arbitrary rules. If you decide you want to do something a bit more creative - like say, sticking a bio-dome or two on a two-tier custom glass pane complex of hydroponic bays, chances are it’ll collapse quick. Similarly, you might have stuck to a grid system, but when you try to link everything up, it doesn’t quite go.

This and the cursor indicator is the dumbest sumbitch software you will ever encounter - frequently it’ll place your item everywhere except where you actually want it. So, it can be bloody exasperating.

On the other hand, I do now have a multi-level biodome complex set-up, including a landing pad at the sort of centre of it, moved the exocraft vehicles out to the front, done some serious remodeling on base 1. Base 1? Yeah, now got a second on a damp planet but it’s right on the sea shore and slopes down to and over the water. Unlike Base , Z’Ha’Dum, there’s far fewer sentinels too which will make development far easier.

In addition to the other three starships, I’ve recruited two more frigates and then sent all three on a combat mission. Their orders? Go forth and kick arse, they did.

Meanwhile the farm is now racking up about 1m units per go, while generating enough resources to also fuel expansion! So, got about 16m units in the bank and that’s only going to go up. Got some new product recipes, raided an alien ruin, got a circuit board’s worth of component from freighter salvage - that’s another 850-950k in one go, blew a few pirates to hell and did the same to some sentinels. It’s quite clever that you can overlay missions - Monster Hunter World - so you get a kill-3-sentinels mission, you combine that with a kill-4, kill-5, kill-8, kill-8 mission and every single sentinel kill contributes to all five!

Even so, I think tomorrow is when it will finally be time to boot up Yakuza Kiwami 2 - and I really ought to because Monster Hunter World’s autumn festival is in-bound and I didn’t upgrade Aloy’s bow. That and there will be many other goodies to get.