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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Far better mini-go on NMS tonight - no faffing around, no unclear missions, no trip to that sentinel-infested frozen hellhole!

Went to a different system, grabbed the Convergence Cube I was after. Then also got a pie of Dioxite for the Frostwort plants - these will supply frost crystals which will finally allow me to start glassing up the base and make it real nice, plus allowing me to add a biodome.

Got the heat capacitor blueprint, which was the other half of the circuit board and wouldn’t you know it? Involves a pile of Solanium! Good job I nabbed 500 of it when I saw it. I’m also told you can grow it, which’ll be much easier.

Went back to the base and did a serious expansion - large room, 4 small hydroponic bays. Plus a couple of curving corridors and for the hell of it I’ve colour coded the lights for a couple of sections so I know which is which.

Looking good. Now, I just have to investigate the Poly-Fibre build for the circuit build to unlock the tech terminal…


Downloaded Graveyard Keeper from Xbox Gamepass simply due to the name.

Unfortunately it has less in common with Dungeon Keeper and is more like Minecraft mixed with The Escapists.

You find yourself the Graveyard Keeper in a medieval town, accompanied by a talking skull who is kind of your tutorial and FAQ. There is a pretty comprehensive crafting system that needs you to grind to earn the appropriate skill types before learning a new blueprint. All the while you also have to fulfil your role as the Graveyard Keeper, preparing and buring the dead and trying to keep the graveyard itself well kempt. For some reason you also harvest meat from the bodies to sell to the locals. Not sure why however.

I’m not sure it is something I will keep playing but having sunk a few hours in yesterday and beginning to scratch the surface of the crafting system etc I may end up sinking a few more hours into it before moving on.


Finished Titanfall 2. Very quick campaign! I would definitely recommend it if you can find a copy on the cheap however.

Spider-Man comes out in under 3 weeks. My options between now and then are Alien Resurrection and Little Big Planet 3. I’m leaning to the latter. As much as I love the Alien universe I’m put off by that game’s reputation for having very few save points.


You mean Alien: Isolation? If so I highly recommend it. I didn’t find the save points to be an issue and I generally only played for 20-30 minutes at a time (because of how tense the game made me).


So No Man’s Sky is back to being a bugged crapbag.

  • What should happen: Give Overseer 100 mordite, get Exocraft Terminal build.

  • What happens: Get told ‘take blueprint’ - terminal does not show up in build option!

This is absolutely the worst possible game to be doing this crap. It had a spectacularly lousy reputation, it did this big PR drive for Next, people give it a second chance and they get? Buggy crap.

The amount of sheer counter-intuitive chicanery I have had to engage in to progress the base quests is nuts.

They did an awful lot of things right on this upgrade but also got some very big things very, very wrong.

EDIT: Conned it into giving me what I wanted.

First, Overseer was saying take this blueprint but the blueprint I got was Scatter Blaster. So I went and bought all the multi-tool upgrades before talking to him. That time the blueprint was ‘exocraft terminal’.

Second, I kept trying to build it on the freighter, as that’s where the others all were. Except, I finally remembered that it only allowed me to build the construction terminal on the freighter, not the land base. So I went back to my land base and found that, yes, this one it did allow to be built.

So, I finally have the bloody thing, having blown 1,500 nanite clusters on a ton of upgrades to force the game to give me the blueprint it should have done!


I’ve given up on We Happy Few. Massive letdown. Mainly a tedious slog through bland fetch quests and that “use different drugs to alter the game world and how you play” selling point is nothing more than switching between dark and bright colours in order to pass through certain security checks.


A few friends of mine are really excited about We Happy Few but the trailers and screenshots have done nothing for me.

@RobertB how much more of the campaign is there in Titanfall after the factory section. It was here that I got bored.


Had an epic session on No Man’s Sky where I built and completely out-fitted all three Exocraft vehicles, expanded the base to a massive degree, progressed the main story a little, which opened up more base options.

Getting the vehicles really changes things, not only can you roam much further, but when a storm comes along you just keep on driving! And driving through a superheated rainstorm, the graphics looked awesome - I wasn’t able to notice it before.

Today was mostly me nabbing loads of copper, killing the odd Sentinel for pugneum - though they remain the single biggest flaw in the game. And don’t raid a depot while in the Roamer, you will never evade the Sentinels except by returning to base. So, there’s a long line of destruction of my legging it out of there! The only real way to take out a depot is by starship.

The only flaw was when it gave me this boost function, didn’t flash up the button and hit me with a timed mission. Not cool, but I still pulled it off.

Now have Gravitino plants, which is the definition of ‘cash crop’, but Albumen Pearl might beat it, but that’ll take a bit more getting. Frostwort plants have given more frost crystals than I currently know what to do with but I do have some new glass designs to build with. All in all the bio=dome is starting to live up to its name.

Oh yeah, a trio of pirates picked a fight, I killed them all. One by one they got to watch their friends die and then it was their turn.

I still have that second ship on the freighter to repair - might actually get around to that now, as I’ve the ability to carry all the stuff needed.


That is probably the halfway point but you quit a level or two too soon.

Shortly after that factory level is one in which you can flick back and forth through time with the touch of a button, so you’re running through this headquarters that is destroyed in modern times but flicking back to when it was intact (and had a ton of security), so you do stuff like jump over a flaming pit in the present, hit the switch, and land in a normal hallway in the past with people shooting at you.

It’s actually very Half Life/Portal, and just enough of the game has that kind of ingenuity where I liked it throughout. (It also ended before it wore out its welcome)


I remember some of that, I might reinstall it now that I have the external hard drive.


My daughter has discovered the enjoyment of typing in a rude name in an RPG.

This is the height of hilarity for a seven-year-old.

Seriously, this is never getting old.


Shining Force!

… Wait, your 7-year old is playing a tactical RPG? Smart kid.


Well, she’s walking around a bit and talking to people so that they’ll say her name. She hasn’t got much further than that.

Which makes her about as good at RPGs as I am. :smile:

Yep! We’ve got a lot of value out of the PS4 Megadrive collection.


I never played Isolation, but I get it.

I played Dead Space for an hour each time. I can’t really say I am a weak of heart, but 60 minutes is enough to me.


In Dead Space you can at least dismember your demonic enemies, Isolation gives you no defence against the alien - which is why I haven’t bought it. Its reputation truly precedes it - both for brilliance and inducing sheer terror.

Back to No Man’s Sky:

So, went to a new star system, saved a freighter, despite one of its defenders picking a fight despite my saving its arse - got offered the freighter. Only one problem:

It was £58,000,000 +

Yep 58 million plus units. Granted, it was bloody massive, looked like a NMS’ homage to a Super Star Destroyer, but I’ve barely got 2.5m units!

So today, as part of a distraction from a water problem until engineer got here, I focused on tech development and base building. Found I had this build option for large wood windows, so slung a load in the central complex and it transforms the building. I’m developing the cash crop of Gravitino plants, now got 5, plotting to give them their dedicated biodome then I can rack in 100,000+ units per batch sale.

But the bigger amount of time was doing a huge wodge of the Artemis quest, which a couple of times, involved my legging it to a space station with pirates breathing on my arse. It’s not a bad questline, I think I’m past the point where I previously got in Creative in an pre-Next game, probably a year ago. It’s straight-forward, but that it ignores your ranking with the guilds is a double-edge. On the one hand, they only ask for two quests, but it would have been cool to have your rank recognised. Also killed 8 sentinels, granted they were more one-on-one assassinations than fights but screw those little buggers.


I started playing an adventure game this morning called The Low Road. It’s a little light on exposition at the start, but it seems that your character, Noomi, is a new recruit to a private espionage company of sorts and immediately decides to scheme her way into field work rather than phone work.

Which is a cool set-up. The graphics are nice too, with a bouncy animation style that reminds me of King Rollo, of all things.

Trouble is, I got to one of the early puzzles, where you have to pickpocket a pass from a senior agent and it’s just broken. I can get the pass out and put the fake in, but the game for whatever reason doesn’t register this. I looked around online and it’s possibly a screen resolution problem (with something being cut off the side) but I’ve tried about six different options and nothing’s changed. Incredibly frustrating.

So I’ve started playing Donkey Kong (94) on the GameBoy instead. Rather bizarrely, it passes itself off as just a port of the original arcade game and only reveals it’s got much more after you clear the four arcade stages. Which is easier said than done. I wonder how many people tried this game and got nowhere close to seeing everything it had to offer.

Bit like me and the Low Road, in a way.


Later in the game you do get a weapon that’s effective against the alien and it’s so cathartic that I immediately used up all its ammo.


Must be towards the end then? If you survive long enough?


Managed to grab some time on the PS the last couple of weeks, not managed any game time for a good while.
Made some decent progress in Witcher 3. Finally nailed the “gotta collect em all” quest for gwent, most secondary and contract quests are done, and feels like I’m sliding into the endgame for the main quest.


Where are you up to in the main quest Ross?

Back to NMS and there’s a surprisingly hard SF tale lurking in this game, covering questions of life, death, identity, history, collective and individual, nature of reality - it’s quite, quite ambitious and it does hook you.

Ended up doing a portal quest on a frozen hellhole - and I do mean hellole, so I powered it up as quick as I could and ended up falling through vacuum before being warped out by Atlas. The plot revelations that followed were pretty damn major. That the story is effective while being all text is quite impressive too.

I now also have two landing pads on the base, the cash crop of Gravitinos are landing me 100k units each time and I’m planning to fill an entire bio-dome or two with them. Also managed to actually get paid on a 100k bounty which was unusual. It was also a test for the combined 70% shield boost and boosted cannons I’d acquired. Turns out if you place upgrades next to each other they boost a little as well as combine! So spent a good part of the game dismantling and rebuilding tech on starship, multi-tool and exocraft. Don’t have enough stuff on the Exosuoit to yet need to do this.

Though, my sojourn in NMS is likely to take a break as Yakuza Kiwami 2 is on its way!