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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I would play Final Fantasy VIII again. Gunblades!


Parappa the Rappa and Um Jammer Lammy!


I remember quite enjoying this at the time too:

Although I played the Dreamcast version.


A couple more that popped into my head.

That should keep you going for a while!


Vib Ribbon
Colony Wars
Wipeout 2097


I spent many an hour with Spider-Man and Tomb Raider II’s PC versions back in the day. That Carnage-Ock chase at the end of Spider-Man still haunts me to this day, but Stan Lee’s narration was great.


It was such a fun game. The first one that I felt really gave you the sense of ‘being’ Spidey. Some of the stealth stuff was fun too. It’s like a forerunner to the Arkham games.


So, I gave the Behemoth DLC a couple more goes - the thing is damn cheap, spamming tornadoes and meteors at the drop of a hat. It gets worse in that I can be underneath him, he does Meteor and the ground heats up before it hits and then this meteor smashes down, straight through Behemoth! Another example is this spin attack move he has. If I’m beneath him, in the centre of the spin rotation, it shouldn’t hit, right? Wrong. Due to dying about 27 times I know his pattern but the weaknesses and hit numbers are all over the place, as is his heartbeat indicator.

Seems like you can Plunderblade him though, with maybe a top grade version - my one is on its way to Level 7 of 10. I got about 6-7 materials out of him across two attempts.

Graphically, it’s a well designed adversary that looks great. In gameplay it comes across as the Kushala fight on steroids and that fight was a pain in the arse.

Also ran around a couple of the locations in an attempt to get a low tempered monster target. It’s a bit iffy and random, but nailed Pukei. Fueled up and went after him. Granted, I assumed the worst and went for max offence / defence settings but Pukei didn’t hit as hard as I expected him and I was, with poison immunity, bash the crap out of him. The rewards were surprisingly good, some usual stuff from the HR version but also a lot of Monster Hardbone, which I’ve been after for ages and three decorations of varying types.

I can’t say it draws me to the same degree the High Rank transition did, but I know I can have a good chance against the low Tier 1 tempered monsters - not so sure where the heftier ones are concerned, like say Anjanath or Tobi-Kadachi. I think it likely MHW will be an occassional drop-in game, depending on what events are running in the week.

Oh and I now can get Hard armour spheres that cover 80 upgrade points which will make fully upgrading Alot’s armour far easier. As running around as Aloy while using MHW’s insane weaponry is hugely fun.

I also got a bit further in working out No Man’s Sky Next - it really is quite a different game. It also lies - landed on this place that was dubbed ‘paradise moon’. As soon as I get out of the ship, a warning of ‘supeheated rain storm’ comes up. The hell? This is supposed to be a paradise. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Also did a bounty by taking out a pirate. Then later a trio attacked me en route to another planet and I took them out one by one. I can’t emphasise enough the amount of difference the third person view makes to space combat. If I can get a couple of upgrades I’ll really be kicking pirate arse across the galaxy as a No Man’s Sky version of Judge Dredd.

Will be trying to do the refiner and build pieces tomorrow, which should be the final pieces of the starting puzzle.


So, turns out No Man’s Sky’s sentinels are still a gigantic pain in the arse.


Having got near killed by a bunch that went full psycho in seconds because I shot a door, I legged it for my ship and then realised it might be worth trying something. Namely, taking off and strafing the base and that door until it blew in! And the game let me do this! Fecking excellent.

After that, I put down a base computer, worked out how to use the Refiner - not bad, bit odd but a good addition I think. The crafting is also easier - once you have one, you can easily generate more if you have the materials.

I then got a new base site and legged it over there. Cue my spending the next two hours doing various versions of a base, whacking up a pair of wood and metal structures and then realising I can actually combine the two into one super-structure! That’s for tomorrow.

What made it so addictive is they’ve made damn certain you can get the building materials easily, the same applies on the bane of the original game - launch thrusters. It’s far easier to refuel those damn things now.
So, you experiment, work out what you want to do, run out of material, get more and keep building.

At the same time I’ve a raft of missions that should allow me to get ship and suit upgrades - got a couple of tonight for the ship, but they remain untested.

It is quite the combination of features, which makes for a much better game though I’m convinced they’re not done.


I’ve been playing Titanfall 2 this past week. I was only expecting it to be a time-waster until Spider-Man comes out but much to my surprise it’s turned out to be my favorite game that I’ve played in some time. It’s sleek, straighforward, fun to pick up and play, and highly inventive in its level design. I’ve stayed up later than I wanted to twice this week, just because it’s so fun and so compelling to see what’s around the next corner.


Heard an awful lot of good things about TitanFall 2, sounds to be a little known gem.


It was nice to actually have a single player campaign this time around. I have to say I got quite bored of it as I progressed further into the story and the multiplayer didn’t do enough to keep me engaged.


It’s all right for me as I only play like one first person shooter every two years so I don’t usually get tired of the ones I do play.


There’s an open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch this weekend. It’s one of those games where I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing in the tutorials, then lose it completely in actual battles.

Looks absolutely gorgeous though and it isn’t quite as impenetrable as other Arc System games.


I’ve also played through Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (the GBA remake of his first NES game) recently, finishing it this evening and… meh.

I don’t really know what it is, but Kirby games just don’t work for me. They go from trivially easy to, not difficult in a truly challenging sense, just kinda cheap. There’s no fiendish level design or clever ideas, just more enemies shoved into your way. There’s no real sense of achievement from getting through it, I just kind of shrugged after every level, thinking “well, that sure was a level, I guess”. There’s nothing you come out of marvelling at what you’ve just played or mastered, as you get with Mario or Donkey Kong.

The game includes various minigames, two of which are actually better than the main game. One is a quick draw game with a sumi-e style samurai asethetic and the other is, oddly, a stripped down version of Unirally, of all things.


After this weekend I’m ready to declare Sean Murray an irredeemable crapbag, as is his game.


Incredibly shit communication and explanation in-game for one. It’s beyond vile. Total inability to actually make clear what a manual save is versus autosave, as there is no manual menu save option in it. Then they throw in random crap to kill you twice in 5 minutes without warning, structure or reason. So, yeah, fuck Sean Murray.

But today’s session took the prize for taking the piss.

I’ve got this Hire an Overseer quest. It tells me to go the space station, when I land, it then switches to saying ‘on planet’. I fly out, it’s back in the space station. This is the unlock quest for the next phase of base building, one of the big things that drew me back to the game and it’s completely fucked.

The solution? Apparently, restarting from scratch might fix it. Why? Why would I be willing to trust a game that is so incredibly fucked? I no longer have confidence in it. I’ll keep it because it’s worth fuck all to sell, but fucking up a quest of this nature is unforgiveable.

Apparently, it might be that you have to build the Terminal first but guess what? I have the materials but it still doesn’t allow me to build it. One solution was to have a base of foundation, room and door. What difference does foundation make? Fuck knows because it didn’t work. So, yeah, fuck Sean Murray.

It’s a damn shame, as I went to another system thinking that’d reset the quest - no such luck. In the process I defended a freighter under attack and it got given to me! And I can store items in it. Great eh? Except, the game doesn’t tell this until you try to retrieve items, it’s a one-way flow. You can teleport to, but not teleport from. So, yeah, fuck Sean Murray.

I can’t even be bothered to go to Creative mode because all bets are off, the game will doubtless fuck up any quest at random, blocking me from the benefits. Why would anyone wish to play such a game?

EDIT: There may be a way to fix this by getting far enough in the main story but I shouldn’t have to rely on it. From the internet hunting I was doing, this isn’t just my game either.


Doom has just been added to xbox’s Gamepass.

This is great because I’m really lazy and the only reason I haven’t finished it is the disc needed to be put in the xbox.

Now, just by virtue of having a gamepass game installed, I can play it without putting the disc in.

Shame it’s been so long that I have forgotten how to play the game.


You can’t forget how to play Doom, its:

Move & shoot.


Yep, but I’m not moving and shooting in the most effective way. As I’m pretty far in the menagerie of enemies is pretty hard hitting and this particular area of combat is quite tight leading to some horrible bottleneck situations.


Circle strafing is your friend. At least I always found it useful.