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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


This explains much. Remember that you are a playing a Guerilla game. Their ‘easy’ setting is never easy!

If you haven’t gone beyond the initial environments you won’t have seen the game’s apex enemies of Stormbird and Thunderjaw. Each makes for a very memorable fight.

I’ve played it all single-player as I don’t have PS+ - it works just fine.

As to the game, it is absolutely a love-and-hate game - which my various posts attest to!

If you don’t like boss battles, then you’re going to have problems as killing the smaller monsters alone won’t progress you enough to get anywhere in the game.

I’ve a digital copy, which was a mistake, but as I’m stuck with it, I persisted and have to admit that damn gameplay loop of ‘kill monster, create better gear, kill stronger monster’ is bloody addictive. Enough to overcome what I consider to be the flaws.

I don’t think it is the mainstream game it has been marketed as. The difficulty level alone proves that for me, it is pretty brutal, especially towards the end of the low rank quests. (Though, I could well see Monster hunter experts consider it too easy.)

It does hoard its secrets behind walls, the High Rank stuff I’ve started on is far superior to the earlier game - I’m currently assembling the pieces for an armour set in order for me to go after a certain monster more easily in order to craft a Longsword, with Paralysis ability. This was simply not available earlier in the game.

Things I love about the game is its creature and world design - it really does feel like a living world. Some of the details in how they animate it all is very impressive. The array of weapon and armour sets is excellent, I’ve only explored four of the 14 weapons it gives you access to and each armour has low rank, high rank alpha and beta sets, with you gaining more as you kill stuff. Your palico companion is very cute and is effective in battle.


I had been playing it on normal! While I did manage some (I thought) impressive kills, overall it was losing its luster as I progressed. I was getting tired of being wiped out many times in a row or stumbling into creatures well above my level. I have enough stress going in my life right now without getting it from a video game too.


I’ve just been playing HZD on the default setting. Is that the Normal difficulty? No wonder I’m getting my arse kicked so much.


The one rule in HZD is: Be very aware of your environment!

Even on easy, you can get decked - especialy by the two I mentioned.

They did add a casual / very easy mode too.


You’ve answered your own Q!

My advice is to never start off on a Guerilla game on ‘normal’, it’ll be brutal.


Ha, well that explains that then. Nothing to do with me becoming a crap gamer in my old age. :smirk:

I liked the difficulty options on the new God of War as they gave you a good idea of what to expect.


I don’t think I need the “very easy” level after getting my reps in at normal, but I’ll keep that in mind.

I do like the environments—I far prefer the stealth aspect of hiding in the tall grass and going for lethal strikes and overrides to the actual head-to-head combat.

In fact now that I’ve switched it to easy I plan to get stealth armor. Prior to that, I had to go with the heavy combat armor just to keep from dying so quickly.


Hint: Get and start using multiple explosive tripwires.


Yeah, most of my combat technique in HZD is based on tripwires. I die too quickly if I actually get out in the open while they’re still mobile.


Killzone 2 was a brilliant shooter but hard as hell even on Easy, it’'s why I’m wary of Guerilla’s settings.

This was true for me - which is a pain when the game inflicts open battle on you. If you get the dodge move powered up, it makes a major difference, especially combined with an upgraded staff for melee strikes. With both, you can hit-and-dodge on a big monster like Sawtooth or Snapmaw. It’s not exactly recommended, but your chances of survival go up.


Ha yes. And I’ve just flicked it to Give Me a Story. Even though I’ve beaten Bloodborne and the Dark Souls games, I rather enjoy playing games like GoW and Witcher 3 on easy — I’m there for the graphics, the thrills, the puzzles/tasks much more than I am for the stressful multiple deaths and annoying reloads and starting from checkpoints.


With GoW 1-3 I quite liked the arcade-style intense combat, it was part of the fun of the games for me, so I left them on regular difficulty. With the new one though I’m glad I didn’t go any higher than ‘balanced’, as the combat is much more challenging (for me, anyway).


Quite a fun go on MHW tonight.

Took a Great Jagras then tried my luck on Barroth, who got me with a “I is pissed off, so I get to take out 75% of your health in one move now” load of bollocks. So went back and killed him.

What made it far more interesting is I had this new weapon - a Greatsword that is attuned to the Blast element, which does exactly what you would expect. Some strikes, when it connects, hit with an explosion! It was excellent. The sword would hit Barroth for say 40-50 points, but if accompanied by an explosion, that’d inflict a further 120! Over time that extra damage clearly added up. Same sword also boosted my defence by 15 points, but that doesn’t count for much when the game plays the ‘monster is near death and pissed, cue super boost’ card. Although, that could be taken as a cue to start capturing instead of killing, which I’ve done once so far.

It’s a sweet, sweet sword that made doing those two optional Zorah Magdaros quests worthwhile.


I started God of War last night and it is pretty great. I’ve only finished the first chapter (I guess it’s the tutorial chapter) but there have already been spectacular moments and I already care about what’s going to happen to Kratos and his boy. I’ve never played the other games in this series, so that’s the most surprising thing to me, that they’ve got me invested so early.


So, having crafted the Barroth Shredder 1 last night, tonight I tried it out.

Despite Bazelgeuse frequently turning up to pick a fight with Jyuradoctus, plus a couple of faints, it died to it. Did have to resort to throwing crap at Bazelgeuse to get it to bugger off.

I then tried it on a Barroth. Poor, poor Barroth. As the sword absolutely lived up to its billing! One big hit whacked it for 345 damage! Parts were getting broken left, right and centre. It’s a damn good sword.


I finished Kid Icarus II yesterday. Decent enough game, but the ending is awful. There’s not really enough much of a story to wrap up, but it does that and just has Pit prancing through clouds past a gallery of enemies, which you’d think they’d name or something, but nope.


So, good news, bad news:

Good: Somehow, despite using a greatsword on a highly agile total bastard of an enemy - High Rank Anjanath and Bazelgeuse turning up to crash the party - at one point Barroth joined in for a 3-way super brawl! - I managed to tranq it!

Bad: Next is Pink fuckin’ Rathian - and it earns the name.

So, to feel better I went and got the Pukei arnour by killing it three times.


So, @sammm is going to like this one:

You get 50mins for a hunt in MHW. I went after the Pink Rathian, again - this time with a Dragon Longsword and poison immunity. What happened? I just, after having gone through nearly all my potions and mega potions, took the hellspawned muthafucking bastard piece o’ shit out at just under 44mins!

No joke. It was death by a thousand cuts against a flying camera hiding cheat of a monster. That sword? Did 20-50 damage per hit on a bastard I was spending most of the time trying to hit. Had I not managed to get the tail lopped off - the main advantage, I wouldn’t have even had a chance as she has this tailswipe move that whacks off 66% of your health, without it? It’s only down to a third.

The fight went through about five locations, including a couple that the laws of physics declare to be an impossibility for her to fly around in.

What did I get for winning this hugely irritating, offence to the gods of game design, piece o 'shit fight? Well, there was:

  • New armour tier
  • New weapon / armour unlocked
  • Final area of the game unlocked - which you can only access in High Rank setting - Elder’s Recess.

That new area has a ton of new super monsters and materials that in turn also unlock crafting ability for new weapons and armour. I’ve a huge amount of stuff opened up that was sealed off before. Oh and it turns out this area has Azure Ratholos, so the same gig as Pink Rathian - a total bastard has become a super-bastard.

Does it make up for the nature of that boss fight? It’s all very good, but no, no it does not. That said Elder’s Recess, like the other areas, is a masterpiece of game design and aesthetics. Cooled lava mountains at the top, lave hell hole at the bottom and it looks like a good half of it is still walled off. Or was on the expedition I was on.

In story terms, what’s next? Nergigante. Am I inclined to want to do that fight after the last two? Can’t really say that I am. In terms of what I wanted from the game I’ve been far more successful than I expected to be. the weapon upgrade tree is as open as it’ll get - I thought there might be another unlock but it seems not. Can now get the arnour upgraded to help duffing up the weaker monsters and so really go to town on gear development. So, yeah, not going to rush that, but neither is there that much inclination to do it - not least, as in both of the last two - and the final Low Rank fights - having the best gear you could get meant the monster can’t one-shot you, but it gets to do it in two or three. Combine that with a weak dodge move that tends to fail a good 50% of the time and it doesn’t add up to incentive to continue the story.

In contrast, taking on the new monsters, doing the new quests and investigations, acquiring what I need to get some new stuff, while now being able to access the entire world? That’s far more of a hook.

Although, to be fair, it’s not as if there isn’t a pile of other games I need to either get or return to. I’m at the 75 hour mark on MHW.

p.s. Forgot to include - you will have a bastard hard fight, you just about win it - then the game allows you to upgrade your armour. Really? I couldn’t have done that before, by say feeding one of the Workshop assistants to the furnace in order to motivate the smith into 'fessing up the secret upgrade? Nope, you can’t - you just have to live with these artificial restrictions.


Finally I get to play this gem called Dirt: Rally. And boy, it’s a blast!
I was never much into regular Dirt titles; their arcadic style is not my cup of tea. But, this is something else. Totally in the style of earliest entries, reminds me on days in my youth where I wasted my everyday time on CMR 2, then 3, 4, and 2005 games -which was probably the best of the series 'til then. True, it’s tough as nails, and doesn’t forgive mistakes, but that only makes the challenge better and bigger. And really, which CMR Rally game isn’t? The only minor flaw if I could to pick is the ability to reset your car, which I don’t think was in previous games and kinda spoils a tiny bit. That and the lack of Suzuki Escudo for Pikes Peak. That car is legendary!

Now, if Codemasters could now make TOCA equally as they did before Grid. Simulation and with dozens of various disciplines.


So, very briefly tried The Crew 2 beta demo tonight - as might be evident, it didn’t go well:

  • Cars: The handling was off, it bounced everywhere and the gameworld had the same weird lack of solidity as the first one.
  • Boats: Looked pretty, weird handling and actually not all that. (Water-based racing? Wave Storm cracked it way back when.)
  • Planes: Oh, ye gods, these were vile.

So, one deletion later, I boot up the PS3 and stick on an 8-year-old, last-gen game, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It kicked the arse of The Crew 2. Great handling, graphics that actually looked like they were designed, good sense of peril with spectacular crash to match. And custom soundtrack - the freedrive remains perfect fun for me. Just bombing around at insane speed to a soundtrack of choice.

EDIT: Before that downloaded, did a couple of Elder’s Recess quests in MHW - including tangling with Gastodons. After getting whacked, went strategic, lured them down to a flashfly, blinded and then killed them before they could recover. Did the Galajaka quest, acquiring them as allies, well some of the little buggers, plus ability to recruit Gastodons, which could be very useful. Getting a nice pile of cash too, which will be needed given the price of most of the new stuff.