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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Interesting. That’s a little more old-school than I am looking for but thank you for the heads-up.


I’ve been clearing through a bit of a backlog of PC demoes lately, mostly for adventure games. The clear stand-out amongst all of them is Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure. It’s a comedy point and click about a librarian who finds the Necronomicon and accidentally gives his cat (Kitteh) the ability to talk.

Gibbous is an absolutely gorgeous game with a sharp, properly funny script and really high quality voice acting. I played a demo for another indie comedy p&c the other day called Detective Gallo, which has high quality cel-shaded graphics and voice acting and it didn’t really do much for me, which I thought was maybe me just being a bit picky. But playing Gibbous makes me realise how much more you can do in that genre and budget, outclassing Gallo in every regard.

What makes Gibbous even more impressive is that its development team seems to consist of only half a dozen people from Romania, but it really doesn’t feel like it’s been done by non-native English speakers (as Gallo and every other Spanish adventure game does) and the quality of the animation usually requires much larger teams than that. I’m really looking forward to the full game.


So, they ported the last piece of Redout DLC to the PS4 today - like I’m going to resist that.

When the game came to PS4, it included 2 of the DLC packs done:

  • Neptune
  • Vertex

This means the game started with 5 environments:

  1. Cairo
  2. Alasko
  3. Abruzzo
  4. Volcano
  5. Europa

They had 8-10 types of events, with each environment having five tracks, plus a ‘boss’ track that combines the five into a super-bastard circuit that’ll make your eyes bleed and fry your brain. And this was the starting point! Each DLC added 1-2 new environments. So the PS4 edition had 7 environments, 35 tracks, 7 boss tracks and a ton of events.

Since then they have ported these:

  • Mars DLC - 1 environment
  • Space Exploration DLC - 2 environments
  • Back to Earth DLC - 2 environments

So, relative to the base game, they have more than doubled the content. So why stop as it now appears they have? Probably because they’re out of ideas. These tracks are the most batcrap crazy and inventive circuits you’ve ever raced on - can they keep the quality consistently high after creating 60 tracks? They look to have concluded that they can’t. That’s a decision that ought to be respected.

If they bring out the Redout: Complete Edition (currently out for PC) to PS4 and you enjoyed Wipeout or F-Zero, you have to play this. Want to support a smaller developer? It does that too.

I tried the first track of each new set. The first was unbelievably brutal, the second was not as harsh and had some of the most stunning graphics going, even by this game’s standards.

This is a game I’m never going to be great at, but I love just bombing round the tracks in Time Attack - have loads of other craft to unlock, have done a bare fraction of the game, but it’s utterly superb - and it deserves a bigger audience.

Back to Monster Hunter World - I’ve started trying to work out the difference between blunt and severing damage, while equipping the Palico with paralysis weaponry! Took out 2 Barroth and 2 Jurydyctus, forged a pile of new weaponry and upgraded some armour. Next will be to try out the new weapons on suitable targets.


So… the Carapace Buster lived up to its name - made decking Barroth a damn sight easier, it did one-hit kill on Gajau and Kestodon, plus hammered a Kalu-Ya-Ku into the ground.

Utter slaughter. It was glorious.

Now to upgrade it to the next tier.


I decided to replay Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. This time after finishing the original (whi until days ago, I never played).

And can’t say it lost its fun. Top down shooter, in the style of games made 30 years ago. Gloriously gory and brutal. But hard as nails!! Don’t know if it was to poor optimization or my hardware specs, but the original ran kinda normally, when HLM2, plays like in fast-motion.
The retro music is also one more shining element. Now I use to listen some of these track for hours.

But, the games’ design is interesting. It also has an interesting story, grim, but surreal. But I don’t think it’s the story that matters here.This is one of rare examples of meta-fiction in video games, as it forces the player to self-reflect himself while playing. Observing yourself like God. This is more evidented when you finish HLM2, and then try to replay it in hard mode, where an interesting cut-scene awaits you.

Too bad there won’t be a sequel.


So, managed to deck a couple of Paolomu today, who tends to be a flyin’ cheatin’ bastard, but is a damn sight easier with a greatsword.

Turns out you can’t focus on one weapon in Monster Hunter World, as I found when I used a long sword on Tzitiki-Ku-Ya. I was dodging and hitting far more easily than with the greatsword. Doing less damage in one hit, but dealing more accumulated damage. Did a quest that required two of the buggers to be taken out.

And so I came to Rotten Vale. At this point, there’s only one main location left to get but that’ll be ages away. Instead I have this new, lovingly designed total shitbag of an area to explore. I’m not kidding, decayed corpses, bones everywhere, fetid, acid gases from accumulated corpse decay. It is vile, but it looks amazing. Like the other locations it is also a full, multi-tiered environment - heading to the top is quite the trip.

To my surprise, I took on and took out a Radobaan - just. Having the greatsword really helped, smacked off loads of pieces of him. Then, seconds after I killed it, the game regenerated the fucker! Oh well, I was only being paid for one!

The one crappy bit was at the start, where I tried an egg quest. Turns out you can’t simply kill the creatures whose nest you raid, because however many you kill, the game throws more in! Once you have an egg, you can’t put it down, ever - it is as a crap as it sounds. So that’s one quest I’m not touching.

Overall though - I’ve four of five locations unlocked, duffed up two new monsters, sighted another, got a pile of new weapon and armour upgrades unlocked and have racked up just over 35 hours. I’m now feeling I’ve got my money’s worth out of it.


Turns out Guard is actually quite effective - if you can but see what’s going on to use it! On the times I was able to put it to work, it did see a major damage reduction.

Had an incredibly irritating fight with an Anjanath, who decided to ignore the 30 extra defence points I had to hit as hard as the last fight, which I only just got through, which in turn rendered upgrading armour pointless. Also, the spaces this massive goddamn T-rex manages to get into, while retaining full 360-degree movement is utterly implausible. You think he can’t do a 180-degree spin on the spot to hit while you’re whacking his belly? Wrong.

After that it got better - though on that and this fight, the game played the ‘will be leaving soon’ card and it doesn’t help you get back to where they are that much. In that respect Radobaan was easier - core rule, don’t fight him at the top of Rotten Vale on the mesh, it won’t go well. So, with a change of environment and some guarding, it got much better. What’s fun about Radobaan is you can whack chunks off of him, so its a lucrative run no matter what. After it I was able to do 2 new pieces of Baan armour.

With Effluvium protection, due to Hornataur armour, I explored the rotten depths- quite literally - of the Rotten Vale and, to my surprise, took and decked a Great Girros and his friends. That opens up a host of new weapons and armour, with better paralysis protection.

The only total failure was the new camera settings - Target camera doesn’t work either. Still, set it as an expedition and you have infinite lives to smash the crap out of them, and no, they don’t get all their health back.

It’s also still an audio-visual wonder - Radobaan is very well-designed and animated.