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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


How accurate was the item’s description. I’ve got a couple of bargains when the seller listed their stuff incorrectly (misspelling a key word is a typical fuck up).


It’s mostly correct. It’s listed as “Final Fantasy 3” rather than III. In fact, I almost didn’t see it because of that, as my saved search is for III. I guess that could be the same for everyone else. It’s got the right platform listed, although checking now, the region code says PAL rather than NTSC, but I can’t see that making much difference (and it’s one of the item condition tick boxes that people often don’t pay much attention to when listing things).


There is definitely different kinds of hard. I gave up on Bloodborne fairly early because I found it frustrating, but happily beat parts of Rayman Legends that many people online were complaining about. I tend to enjoy difficulty in platformers and racing games, where it’s mostly about reflexes and mastering an obstacle course, but games like Bloodorne where you must level up and make potions and strategize to beat a difficult foe is not my cup of tea.


I hear you, though I’m the opposite. I beat Rayman Legends but it caused me more stress than Bloodborne. I find the reflex-dependent games far more stressful.


Booted up the full version of Yakuza 6.

Really nice edition with an artbook too.

There’s a whole more to the main game - battle and heat skills to acquire, perfect versions of Super Hang-On, OutRun and Space Harrier - once upon a time, they were cutting edge.

So grabbed some new skills, re-acquainted myself with the combat system by beating up about 50 guys - fun times.


This arrived this today (which was nicely quick) and…

It’s legit! Proper chips and everything. Swapped it into the cartridge case of the Japanese copy I’ve got, to fit it into my SNES and it runs, appears to save (not that easy to test as it’s about twenty minutes before you get to a save point) and all that jazz. Quite pleased.

Also, a friendly stranger on Twitter tipped me off to a site with copies of Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, which is pretty swell (price is slightly over RRP, but what can you do?).


I’m about halfway through my God of War 3 playthrough. It’s loads of fun - the combat is very satisfying and the big setpieces are maybe the best in the series.

I doubt I’ll finish it before the new GoW arrives tomorrow but it’s been a good way to whet the appetite.


Yakuza 6

The story-telling is as good as ever, but has never looked better. I believe the same engine is being used for Yakuza Kiwami 2, in which case, if it gets a western release, we’ll be in for quite a time. I took Kiryu through the sewers earlier. A total craphole has never looked so good. Did the game’s intro boss fight.

It’s not without its flaws - the Troublr missions stand out badly as bad, timed fetch quests, which are bad in the current era of games. The actual sidequests tend to be far better and the main story is very well executed.

The fun remains in the fighting and my Kiryu now has a few moves, combo speed is improved and it all leads to some very satisfying smackdowns. Earlier he tore through 10 Triads.


As luck would have it, I have a day off today - and this just popped through the door.


Only had a short play so far, and have got up to the first major setpiece. But so far everything the reviews have said seems to be true.

It looks beautiful, and the tone of the game is hugely different to the GoW games that have gone before - there’s a restraint and even tenderness here that I would never have expected from the franchise.

It definitely feels like it owes something of a debt to Horizon Zero Dawn (visually), even though they were in development around the same time. And in terms of the mechanics it’s quite reminiscent of The Last Of Us. Good company to be in.

Most of all though, throwing and recalling that axe (often back through enemies) just feels so good. Why hasn’t there been a Thor game like this? :slight_smile:

However, I’m going to buck the gamer stereotype now as the weather has turned nice here, so I’m heading out for some sun. I’ll get back to this later.


I am.getting serious gaming withdrawal. I was spoiled for the last year, working an east coast schedule from the UK, I got at least 2 hours in each morning once everyone else was off to school and work. Now we are relocated and back to a more normal daily schedule I’m back to scraping 30 mins here and there :neutral_face:
Gonna be a while until I finish up Witcher 3 and get anywhere near HZD or GoW…


Where are you now, Ross? Did you get relocated successfully?


Yup. We are in San Diego now for about 6 weeks. We have a house in escrow/closing. So hopefully will have an actual home, and can unoack all our belongings some time next month.


Super! Nice time of year. You will understand aircon quite soon!


I don’t know who thought it up, but the ‘calm Haruto’ mini-“game” in Yakuza 6 is a real bastard of an idea. Instead of endearing you to the kid, you end up despising the little bastard due to the awful combination of stick move and motion controls. Plus, a total sense of confusion over what you’re supposed to do and what’ll work! Now, those who are parents might consider that to be a fairly accurate version of how parenthood can be at times, but the controls were awful.

Fortunately, after that it returned to the time-tested fare of Kazzy kicking arse. Though some camera weaknesses appeared with it adopting certain angles in fights. That said, handing a kid to a stranger because a handful of thugs have picked a fight never ceases to be funny. It would be better if this game also included the post-fight apology sequences of games past, but not to be.

Ended up playing far, far longer than I planned to and could have continued had I not stopped. Whatever its minor flaws, that’s the mark of a good game and story.


I’ve been playing Donkey Kong: King of Swing lately. It’s a mid-00s GBA puzzle platformer, I guess, by some developer I’ve never heard of (Paen or something). This is very much the awkward time between Rare and Retro Studios’ stewardship of DK when Nintendo didn’t know what to do with him.

The basic idea is that you have a series of peg boards. DK jumps to them and then you use the shoulder buttons to control each hand, grabbing pegs to advance. If you’re only holding one peg, you’ll rotate in that hand’s direction and releasing it will give you a little jump. I think they were going for a Tarzan-esque, breezy swinging experience, but the result doesn’t achieve that. It’s really quite slow to get around with any accuracy. You can quickly leap from hand to hand, but given the rotation, you’ll usually end up going off the boards to your doom.

Falling is the other weird thing. It’s incredibly slow. I suppose that’s to give you a chance to recover, but the strangeness of the faux-physics feel outweighs the benefit to the player, especially as the controls are so unresponsive when it comes to grabbing pegs with any accuracy, (and it’s impossible to rotate while falling, so if you’re at a bad angle, you’re screwed) that you’ll never manage it.

This is probably the biggest problem. When you’re getting around 8x8 blocks of pegs, it doesn’t matter too much about which exact one you manage to grab. But later, when you’re leaping to single, moving pegs and having to pick up rocks and bombs to throw, the inaccurate controls really undermine the experience.

Which is a shame, because it’s a nice looking game. It’s rare to see the modern Kong family designs in pixel art, but they’re mostly all here and look great. The music’s decent, there are mini-games (also for multiplayer) and you can unlock various other player characters for replays. It’s just the appeal of all that is ruined by the somewhat broken gameplay.


Replaying Doom 2016 but on the Ultra Violence setting (ie hard). Really does make the game a lot more “meaty”. You need to play a lot more aggressively . You can’t hold back during any of the skirmishes, you’ve constantly got to move. Stop moving and you die (or at least lose a big whack of your health). It’s a hell of a lot of fun, though I am only a couple of levels into it.

Got the two recent rebooted Tomb Raider games for cheap (they’re in this week’s sale items on the Xbox store).


After an extensive Yakuza 6 run, some weaknesses have become apparent:

  • The Troublr missions can be really badly signposted: Some give you no time limit to get to them, while others have a limit, but in both cases it’s not indicated which it is. It gets worse in that if you stumble on a substory, with mandatory cut scenes, you’ll likely be told you failed the Troublr mission. Or, you do a Troublr mission but it gives you no visual indication of where to go - one was find a kid, where? Doesn’t tell you or the direction he went in - it was complete crap.

  • There seems less substories and those there are, seem simpler. Nor do the Troubler missions repeat nuch or with much variation.

  • For all the XP system claims to allow you flexibility to adjust Kiryu for your play style, it isn’t really true. Just power him up, get the good moves, raise stats - that’s it. Now that’s generally always the way it’s been, but this game was marketed as a departure from that.

  • The groups of enemies feel like a step backwards, as does the lack of post-fight apology sequences. Nor does there seem to be a weapons shop, Purgatory appears to be gone too. For fans of the series, it feels reduced.

  • The big combat sequences are another area where the game feels less than its predecessors. In previous games, these sequences would feel epic but in this they come across more messily. You get given some allies, the game scales up the number of enemies and often you can’t tell who’s doing what moves - it’s just a chaotic mess. Previously you’d take on waves of enemies while moving from point to point, but while there were less of them at any one time it felt far more epic. I’ve done two of these and they just don’t feel the same.

Despite these aspects, the story remains compelling enough, with excellent animation and voice-acting, to overcome them and encourage you to keep playing. I do wonder how someone who has tried this as their first game of the series would find it. For me, it’s not the strongest seller or intro for the series, that’d be Yakuza Zero.

Turns out I’m up to Chapter 8 of 12, so seen a good amount of the game now. Just wonder how much more it could have been if it had been allowed a bit more development time.

As you’re on XBox the Tomb Raider reboot doesn’t have to deal with the influence of Uncharted, so may come across as fresher.

Also, allow a good bit of time for it when playing. It’s not a big game but the way they do the story really makes you want to keep playing. It also has the most brutal consequences for failing a QTE you’ll ever see.


I rented the first one on xbox 360 when it was released so I know what in letting myself in for. I’m looking forward to exploring it again. I’ll be going into the second one fresh though. It came with all the dlc too so it should keep me busy for a while.


Yeah, I went and nabbed the second last week too…

Then, just after I had done so, along came PSN deal! Which was a few quid cheaper still!

On the other hand that would have meant a big, fat 40GB+ download so disc is better.

Now, as to when I’ll feel like playing it…