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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


re: Witcher and swimming

If you don’t have it, get the Killer Whale potion - it’ll make swimming far less painful.


True enough Robert, I just find it a bit unfair that ME andomeda for totally slated for a whole raftvof bugs and issue, many of which are just as prevelant in Witcher.


I haven’t played Andromeda so I can’t comment on that. I don’t recall the criticisms at the time but it seemed like the game was held to very high standards since people like the franchise so much.


Can’t say I encountered bugs in W3, nor much of them in ME:A either.

Both games have aspects that irritate me but of the two W3 far less so.


So, just had ‘talk myself out of buying remasters’ session.

Yeah, after I posted that I found that they were flogging it for £30-35! Pretty ear-watering.

So, booted up the PS3 original tonight. Damn, this does not look like a decade-old game - it still looks and plays perfectly and PS3 has far better integration of custom soundtracks.

Also booted up, did this a few months back when the Omega collection came out, Wipeout HD. It’s Ok, but it really suffers due to the advances made in Redout. The big point that stands out in the former is how relatively flat the tracks are. Redout’s tracks are just brilliantly insane, with tubes, vertical sections, 360-twists - it’s a wonderfully creative homage and tribute to Wipeout while going much, much further in track design.

Also, had a couple of really good goes on that - on one run I sliced 10 seconds off a lap time, it was awesome. Oh and they’ve ported another DLC pack to the PS4, two locations, 10 tracks plus two boss tracks for £13.99. Probably bag that next month, it’ll take the locations up to 8 and 40 tracks and there’s still another, same size pack to be ported. By which time they’ll have probably done new stuff for the PC version that’ll get transferred to PS4 and so on it goes.

In an age of ever more dubious company acts in gaming, studios like Little Big Things, who did Redout, deserve your support for putting out a quality game and not pulling dodgy crap.


Currently playing Rogue Trooper Redux (which is remastered version of the game). Haven’t played the original, but this looks very good. Graphics aren’t top notch when compared to triple A titles, but is decent and gorgeous enough to make it credible. And tactical aspect seems fresh as it made recently and not 10+ years ago. Oh, and I love those bonuses which shed a bit of light on the life of Nu-Earth, along several pages from RT comics. The only complaint I have, is that sometimes micromanaging can be irritating.

About remasterization, unfortunately, most of the games I saw, have very little improvement (if any) in terms of graphics or gameplay. I just watched the video for Burnout Paradise Remastered and besides perhaps a better shading and lighting effects, it looks exactly the same as the original.
Return to Arkham is even worse. Save for astounding rain, everything else appears as unnecessary or step back. And Batman looks like a dork (some comments describe him as c**tface)


I think one of the things the Burnout Paradise remaster has shown is just how good the game was a decade ago.

There is a jump in graphics from PS3 to PS4, but it’s not as immediately visually as obvious as the PS2 to PS3 jump, which is why the FFX and FFXII remasters have been so great.


Ah, the game was fantastic.

(what surprises me, is that Activision remastered Deadpool, very quickly after the original release)


Wolfenstein pretty much went and screwed itself over twice with elements that just shouldn’t be there - it’s Wolfenstein, not Assassin’s Creed.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Walk around this grey block shooting dark grey Nazis who blend into the dark grey walls while trying to get to a bastard in a room with only a crappy distance meter than doesn’t recognise three dimensions.

Kill everyone eventually and leave, cue boss fight with robots who, even if you shoot them with a mounted machine laser, take sweet feck all damage.

Somehow get through the entire exercise in irritation to be dealt - stealth sequences! Oh and I get a laser cutter, that has the lowest battery you’ll ever find. You can do feck all with this.

I get through that and now… Stealth sequence in a prison. Stuff this shit.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Still, maybe this’ll be better right? Starts promising with the location being Castle Wolfenstein. Kill a load of Nazis, then get slung into prison and the game goes instantly to shit.

Climb up a wall? OK. Now there’s a big bastard I can’t possibly take out with what I have. Oh joy, it’s another fucking stealth section - that I can’t do.

Look, MachineGames if you want to do stealth games, go and do 'em but not with this series.


After the irritating - and utterly game-killing - experience that was both Wolfenstein games, I returned to this - a game that does so much say ‘fuck stealth’ but more ‘FUCK STEALTH!’.

In the glorious carnage that followed, I scythed through the Foundry killing, shooting, maiming, eviscerating - and the odd chainsawing - of anything and everything in my way. It was so damn good. Of the new enemy types it turns out the Hell Razer kills are 13, with all 13 being Glory Kills. The pain in the arse enemy was the big shockwave bastards, but one of those got the chainsaw too.

Once the level was done, I quit while I was ahead.

Doom looked so damn good - never had difficulty spotting the enemies either like a - cough - another supposed shooter. So could know what I was doing, actually use some strategy and tactics while inflicting bloody - and extremely good looking - carnage all over the place.


I’ve decided to not bother any more with Sniper Elite 3. The game’s graphics are far too buggy, achievements don’t pop and it frequently freezes when I try to start the DLC missions.

Have jumped over to Burnout Paradise. The chat of the remaster had brought it to mind and I was trawling through my “ready to download” list in my games library and saw the 360 version there. Downloaded it a few days ago and it is an absolute joy to play. A great racing game for non racers.


It is - with a custom soundtrack on, just bombing around the map at speed is still fantastic.

Helps that the map is so well-designed with a wide variety of environments.


I picked up two newish games this week.

NiNoKuni 2 starts off pretty grim, and I heard that’s how it goes for a while, but it looks gorgeous as usual.

Kirby Star Allies is OK. I kind of have buyer’s remorse about it…just not my cup to tea. Too cluttered, not dynamic enough. Maybe when my kid has friends over and they play it together they will enjoy it.

I’ve finally gotten around to Horizon Zero Dark and I’m pretty into it although I’m not that far in. I’ll probably just keep going with this one for now.


That’s how I felt about the demo. Just really hard to see what’s happening and the AI companions just get in the way and do too much. Could be fun for local co-op though.


I got the free trial of Xbox gamepass. Promptly downloaded Sea of Thieves, Blood Bowl 2, This War of Mine, MGS:Ground Zeroes & Euro Fishing.

Sea of Thieves seems like great fun if you are playing with a group of friends. I have got a little bit done playing solo but as soon as the map starts to fill with groups you quickly become a target.

This War of Mine: bleak, simple as that. You don’t really enjoy the game you just try your best to keep the people on your group alive. If you decide to play it like a game then you quickly find your characters are emotionally drained by the actions you force them to take and become depressed.

Blood Bowl: It’s blood bowl… nice actual campaign added whoch is good. Thebtules appear to have been tweaked from the source material to make it less punishing i.e. no loss of turns for players getting knocked down. I can see myself playing a lot of this again.

Euro Fishing: Bg far the best fishing simulator I have ever played. It’s all specimen course fish (carp etc) without predators which, for me, is a shame. However of all the games downloaded it has been the most played. This is mostly because Logan loves it and is desperate to catch a Well’s Catfish. This is another game I can see myself sinking a lot of time into especially when the weather is too grim to actually go fishing.

MGS Groubd Zeroes: I haven’t stared it yet.


So, today, Doom gave me the new weaponry of a Plasma Rifle and Rocket Launcher! It also dropped in a new bastard of an enemy to kill in the form of Summoners!

Meanwhile, over in Divinity of Sin: EE, I did the Immaculate trials then took on Loic, who was a moron. He charged my party, so Rodders immediately got to whack him and one hit did about 60% damage! Couple more and he was done and it was mopping up his party, who were a whole lot smarter. Didn’t help them avoid being dead but it took longer.

Finally got to Sacred Stone, talked my way in, still ended up in a fight with the Geomancer so killed her, her apprentices and guardian elementals. After that I expected to walk out to a pissed off town and having to kill everyone on the way out - no one gave a damn! Kind of funny. Anyway, I now, finally have the ability to handle tenebrium.

Changing tack, there’s a PSN sale on and I’m contemplating giving another go to two games:

Tomb Raider (2013) - Got a good two-thirds done, then a chopper crash stealth section killed it for me. Until then, while I found it gruelling, due to hordes of enemies and QTEs with very queasy consequences for failure, the plot kept drawing me back. It’s going for a £5 as digital copy, but can’t be resold.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag - It was the combat that did this in - I’d have slashed a guy about thirty times and he still wouldn’t be dead. It felt very, very strange. Again, digital copy is less than a tenner.

Only issue is once you buy these, you’re stuck with them, which is how I got burnt by Wolfenstein’s damn stealth levels on both games. Thoughts, recommendations?


I hate Summoners… Later big bads are tough and all but the Summoners teleport is so annoying especially as it can make it hard to get a glory kill.


Didn’t get it on the first time which was very much 'what the fuck is this thing!? ', but the second? Oh yeah.


I hadn’t played Tomb Raider since early 2014, where I must have gotten over halfway (I remember exploring a beach) but I never finished it despite really enjoying it. Since the movie came out, I gotthe PS4 version and I’m hoping to finally complete it and move on to the sequel. It all seems to work as well as it did back then. The only thing that feels weird to me is the jumping. The way that jumping looks and feels in Uncharted is pretty firmly lodged in my head, and the way that Lara does it simply is not like that. It’s an odd thing to pick up on and certainly no great con but it runs through my head nearly every time that I press the button.
If you got as far as you did, you must be pretty well equipped and powerful, so I’m sure five pounds won’t be so bad. Then again, if you’d rather put that towards an omnibus…


That Tomb Raider made me feel nostalgic toward older titles from the series. Scantily-clad Lara, various exotic locations around the globe, human and animal enemies, interesting but mind-killing puzzles…ah, unforgettable days.


So, out of curiosity, I downloaded the demo of The Crew, you know, see what racers are like these days having booted up Burnout Paradise last weekend.

Wow. It was a nice looking game but utterly soulless. Big spaces yes, but mostly empty with cars that seemed to have no mass, fences and other stuff that’s easily destroyed and the most agile pedestrians you have ever seen.

But what really stood out is how far ahead of everyone Burnout Paradise was a decade ago.

For instance, Paradise City is both large and compact - large enough you never quite remember all of it, compact enough you canspend a lot of time in one section nailing the short cuts. Because it wasn’t too large you can, by distinctive aesthetics, remember the general regions. By putting the street names along the top of the screen, you’re not having to look at your minimap too much. All of this seems obvious… Except The Crew did none of it, absolutely none of it - it just relies on pretty graphics, minimap and really tame crashes. Which is another thing, you crash in Burnout, you crash. Vehicles goes flying, sparks go off metal, pieces go everywhere - not in The Crew. The Crew is serious game, it has tame crashes so you stay serious. It was bad.

Meanwhile, Far Cry 4 offers a demo that turns out to be a co-op level that doesn’t load. Stunning work guys, screw you.

Both deleted.