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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


That sounds like me playing Hitman.


Note to Bruce: You are playing Sniper Elite, not Wolfenstein.


Yes, this rings painfully true too!


What I should have done last night:

Note to self: Do not play new Redout tracks at 11.00pm, on the Class IV speed setting and expect it to go well!


The Divinity latest:

So, went around Hiberheim, killing Immaculates and Elementals as I went and then tangled with some demons in a firepit. Also severely pissed off numerous snowmen by freeing their prisoners.

Also killed a couple of sets of orcs, including charming an Orc ranger which made the fight a bit easier. Killed a load of goblins, which was irritating due to the amount of movement the game permitted the bastards. Then found a sleeping lot of 8 of the buggers that’s nigh-on impossible to sneak by - so, went away, did a bit of serious equip modifying as Jahan’s now max Blacksmith, came back - started off by fireballing three of them and then steadily killed them all. The upgraded armours for the mains made quite the difference, as did positioning them either side of the stockade, which blocked most ranged attacks.


I’ve been playing Mario Odyssey again the past couple of weeks. I finished the main story of it around Christmas, but there’s a huge amount of post-game stuff after that, which I’ve been chugging through. I’m now at the point where it can sod off though.

I’m about 20 moons away from 100% completion, but I gave up any hope of getting that months ago when I encountered the horrendous skipping rope thing. You get a moon for 30 jumps and another for 100. I can get to 48 at best. The beach volleyball is a similar story. Beyond that there’s a Koopa freerunning pair of moons in the Lost Kingdom that I’m never going to be able to get (even after improving massively to get all the other ones), a fourth bounce racing one in the snow kingdom I’ve no hope for and then a really tricksy bullet bill related pair in the Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom that can do one.

So having acknowledged my limitations, I thought I’d go to the last super-secret final kingdom, the Darker Side of the Moon, which I’d remained clueless about. You land, and there’s a huge party of people from all over the game doing the Metro Kingdom festival song, cheering you on. The map tells you to go to the top of a flag pole on a castle a ways away and it seemed like a nice celebratory cakewalk to finish. Nope. There’s a dungeon partway through that consists of 14 rock hard platforming stages. If you die at any point in those 14 stages, you have to start them all over. Fuck. That.

So I think I’m going to just collect coins in Luigi’s Balloon World so I can get the last couple of costumes and then call it a day, forever living with the shame of not being good enough to fully complete it.


Just start playing Witcher 3. Right now it’s just okay. I think the issue I have with it is that most of the voicing acting isn’t very good. The main character is particular is pretty bad.


I’ve been clocking some serious Witcher 3 hours over the last week and a bit, since I’m on my own with no family. Having pretty much exhausted what velen and novigrad have to offer (with the exception of stuff around the far north east, which is insanely high level stuff) I have headed to Skellige.

I would agree that as a game I find it good, but not great. For me it is just a bit too big. Even Skellige is vast. It is a slow start as well.


Anyone know anyone who backed Thimbleweed Park and recorded an answerphone message for it? I’ve skimmed the phone book and the only person I recognise is Al Kennedy off House to Astonish, but there surely must be one or two other people in there.



The Divinity slaughter-thon continues:

  • Duffed up King Boreas and all his friends
  • Killed a few Immaculates on a road
  • Killed a troll, blew up some poison slugs then killed the troll’s kid for good measure
  • Talked my way into a goblin village, talked to an idol, got deemed a friend
  • Found a goblin shaman running a scam, killed him too
  • Killed load of spiders - irritating battle due to slow status

Finding the whole RPS game to be random crap that’s not much fun. That and I frequently end up wanting to render both of the two main characters into lobotomised zombies in place of the pain-in-the-arse arguing they do to show ‘character’. Just about every time I want to do something, one of the buggers stops me, so I have reload, isolate the bastard on the other side of town and then I get to do what I want.

I’m pretty much concluding this is the kind of game where you do one playthrough working out how it actually operates, then you do a second, far better one.


Sometimes the Witcher 3 is great. In particular a lot of the side quests are pretty well scripted, and there is very little fetch and carry. In fact none really.

Byt some stuff is just dire. The contols are sometimes horrific. In water particularly. Skellige is basically purgatory outside the main/secondary quests. Having to endlessly sail to smuggler caches and kill sirens to clear question marks. Just not fun.

This game has as many bugs and as many flaws as ME Andromeda. I really don’t get why one was lauded and the other panned. Seems very unfair.


Yeah, but no game has cracked water / swimming controls - it seems to be a universal bane of games.

I’d agree on the sailing around Skellige, when it turned out to be bugger all or sirens, I’d steer just close enough to clear the question mark then bugger off. The ones that really irritated me were the ones that were underground!




Written by one of my favorite sci-fi writers.


Dolphins aren’t sci-fi, Rory, they’re real.


Look like sci-fi to me.


I had no idea that they were remastering Burnout Paradise!

Anyone played it or intending to get it?

EDIT: Online opinion is divided on how much of a real remaster it actually is, combined with the observation that the game was that good way back when.


I am tempted but…

All I ever end up doing is just driving around and for that price it is too much for that. Maybe when the price lowers a bit.

In other news I was given a 4tb hard drive for my birthday which I promptly attached to my Xbox. So I am now in the process of reinstalling some of the games I enjoyed but removed due to space issues.

I also decided to see what all the fuss is about Player Unknown’s Battleground. It is currently in game preview mode on Xbox so a little buggy but quite enjoyable. I usually die well before the halfway point of the game and without having logged any kills myself.
Earlier today I did get into the top twenty thanks mainly to starting right in the middle of the combat zone and being able to set a decent ambush trap. Unfortunately as the combat area shrank I had to move away from my hiding place and was caught out in the open.
The other situation I found funny was landing in the same zone as another player. We were unaware of each other, the building I searched had nothing so I quickly moved to the next building and saw the other player had just picked up a shotgun. Somehow, despite this, I was able to punch them to death and not take a single piece of damage.


Yeah, I don’t think Witcher is a perfect game or anything but the criticisms “the swimming controls suck” and “it’s frustrating and tedious if you’re trying to get 100% completion” could be applied broadly to essentially every game.