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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Anyone here played Star Trek Bridge Crew?


They are taking the mick.

I’ve been waiting for the demo of Yakuza 6: Song of Life, it’s out today.

The problem? It’s a 36.5GB download!

Now granted, it’s a demo that allows you to save and transfer your progress to the main game.

Even so - 36.5GB!?


Obligatory on mention of Portal

and for the laugh


Yes, I really enjoyed it and posted about it upthread. I think @ChrisS played it in VR and called it crap.


It’s no stranger things season 2


I haven’t seen that or followed the dedicated thread since it came out so I have no idea if you’re referring to it being good or bad. :sweat_smile:


Haha it’s just a wee joke because literally just posted about how much I liked stranger things 2 on the stranger things thread - so tongue firmly in cheek as I know what it’s like when you really enjoy something and some prick like me is slating it


Portal and Portal 2 are great games. So simple in their mechanics, and yet not at all easy. Some puzzles took me days to accomplish.


News are saying that it might be because Sega have accidentally given the whole game away as the demo.


I didn’t realise that the Battle Chasers game had come out (a few months ago, it looks like) so I picked that up in the current sale on the Playstation Store. I’m thinking that I should probably read the comic first though.


That may not help as Joe Madureira never finished it.


Yeah, the download is the entire game rather than just a demo, hence why it’s so big. It’s supposed to stop you at a certain point and prompt you to buy the full game, but it wasn’t doing that properly in the US. Which just proves the benefit of making a proper demo really.


Part of the pledge for the Kickstarter they made for the game was for him to finish the comic, so we’ll see. It will be pretty funny to see how differently his style has developed in the space of a single issue though. :wink:


Thanks for the info re: Yakuza 6

Played it tonight - sadly, it hasn’t prompted me to unlock the full game for free!


Back over in Divinity: Original Sin

Pay the toll, human.
Fuck you troll.
Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be?

… A few minutes later.

Did we have to kill all his dogs too?

So, killed trolls, a load of Goblins, evil flowers and have been experimenting with summons, which can be fun. Sending an immune-to-poison undead soldier up against poison-spewing flowers was very funny, then I had Scarlett shoot all the poison with a Fire bow! It was, er, explosive and very, very fatal.

Yakuza 6: Song of Life: Prologue (demo)

While the heart of the series is the Kiryu-Haruka relationship, for anyone who started with the first PS3 western release of Yakuza 3, as I did, the kids at Sunshine Orphanage are also a major part. So, there’s an emotional hit to Kiryu’s reunion with them here, some years later. How the situation is set up with Haruka is sadly plausible, in the wake of how Yakuza 5 concluded.

The other half of the demo is minigames and the inflicting of incredible amounts of violence on very deserving targets. While it has much in common with its predecessors, there’s a few changes to the combat system. First is no load screen - which is true of restaurants and bars, you just walk in. Second, the AI is far more aggressive, with your enemies being able to coordinate attacks, grab or throw objects and weapons are far more frequent. Despite that, the golden rule of the series remains: The best defence is offence. Graphically, it initially appears to be a step back on the fighting, but do a few and you notice those graphics are far more expressive than before. This is particularly true of the heat moves. Third, heat moves have changed, but they have, hard as it be to believe, become more brutal. For instance, before you might have grabbed a guy by a lamp-post or pole, done the heat move where you throw him, back first, horizontal into it - in this game? You pick the guy up, hold him overhead and drive him into the pole - balls first!

As ever, while the themes may be of brotherly honour, loyalty and responsibility taken very, very seriously, sometimes ludicrously so, the execution is superb. It draws you in and you want to see what happens, plus seeing Kiryu catch up with other characters some years on always works.

It’s interesting to note too, with your average gamer now being 35, that there’s been a few games in the last few years that deal with either growing up and settling down or being a parent. In this respect, this game is no different.

Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale

A free download, this is something of an unexpected gem for anyone who grew up playing the golden age beat 'em ups from Sega and Capcom. It has Regis and companions, in a 2D side-scrolling slash 'em up, but with a surprising amount of complexity and latitude. Unlike its predecessors of yore, you’re limited to a screen, but can move around far more than you might expect. This in turn allows greater strategy and tactics. At the same time the game gives you quick and strong, shield and magic attacks and a dodge move. The attacks can all be combo’d and combined, while the magic is a nuke move, moving through the initial then to -ara and -aga spells, if you charge it long enough.

The enemy onslaught builds up to being quite frantic, with multiple enemy types all requiring difference attacks being thrown at you.

The only weak bit is the final boss, but that’s true of the other levels final sequences too. It’ll only last you a couple of hours, but completing that story opens up a set of 25 special condition battles I haven’t tried.

Definitely grab this, it’s a fun little title.


I finished today Dropsy, a point and click “hugventure”, which is… hmm. You play Dropsy, a large, child-like clown who wanders his local area trying to make people happy (and hug them). Unfortunately for Dropsy, the circus he lives at burnt down some time previously, killing his mum and various townsfolk and everyone blames him.

The big hook for the game is that it’s non-lingual. This is a pretty bold move for a game in the genre of dialogue trees, story-heavy classics and insult swordfighting. There are, I suspect, two reasons for this. First is that it creates a barrier between the player and the story, which reflects the barrier between the simple Dropsy and the hostile, complex world he inhabits. The other is that it means the game can be released worldwide without needing translation.
It mostly works, with characters communicating in Theme Park-esque pictoral speech bubbles, but it does slightly deaden the puzzles, removing a lot of ambiguity from stuff.

Along the way you gain some animal companions that you can use for puzzle-solving, which can be quite clever at times.

Dropsy exists in an interesting world of Thor worshipping vampire-haters, casual alien encounters and oddly mutated animals, and yet by the end when the obviously sinister scientist mutates your animal friends and then opens a portal to the alien dimension that Dropsy originated from as a baby, Superman-style it starts to get a bit too weird for its own good, straining the limits of the non-linguistic narrative form. Partly this is due to optional side-quest things containing the build-up and backstory to this.

Dropsy is ultimately interesting, but I’d hesitate to recommend it and I can’t see myself wanting to play it again or go for 100% completion.


I found a collection of Knightmare Teletext games online.

I got turned into a penguin.


Well, that was a crappy experience - tried tweaking the gear for exploring Hiberheim and it made sweet feck all difference.

Oh and the game sticks Jahan a millimeter behind a gate but treats that as if it’s a massive sodding wall. Still eventually managed to kill that bunch of Immaculates despite the crap the game pulled - frozen status applied at the drop of a hat, oh and an armour/weapon remove attack that makes no damn sense.

And then I got ambushed by a Snow Shaman and 7 fecking wolves, all with super-attack points and all my characters doing next to nothing because the game froze them instantly several times over while screwing with the attack points. Eventually killed the wolves and what happens? Turns out the fucker can leg it faster than anyone, healing himself the whole time - the whole fight felt broken. The only kind of bastard who’d design something like this is a masochistic git who has root canal work done for fun.

Kind of inclined to let the Void Dragon eat Cyseal - Feck 'em all.


So, this time I tried using a few new things and had a far better couple of fights including taking out a Guardian oak-ogre thing.

It was quite, quite evil to start the earlier fight with a fireball spell that took the big enemy down by 2/3! But hey, they wanted to fight so they fought… And died.

Having no slip boots helps a lot in Hiberheim.


I got Sniper Elite 3 on sale ages ago but have only just got around to playing it. My play style hasn’t changed since playing the previous one: carefully avoid enemy troops, carefully get into position, carefully line target up, carefully wait for opportunity to fire, carefully fire, then make a complete arsehole of the whole shot and have to abandon stealth and have to resort to having to run-and-gun about the level machinegunning everyone to death.