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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Managed to finish Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is a hard game, an unfair one at times, but with perseverance, it’s beatable.

At which point I should mention that I gave up (after about 20 stark failures) on the final boss, which consists of two stages: first a vertical scrolling rocket barrel section. It doesn’t really matter what the second section is because the rocket barrel one is awful. They all are - abysmal scrolling sections with purposefully broken controls that you can only get through thanks to memorisation from trial and error. I didn’t even reach the actual boss. Insteas I resorted to the game’s Super Guide (which is offered to you every time you die about five times on a level, as a taunt almost). This just has a computer controlled DK finish the level for you and that counts for completion, oddly. Mixed level of satisfaction getting the ending from that, but seriously, screw those rocket barrel sections.

Gone back to Samus Return properly. The heavy focus on the melee counter really makes this play differently to other Metroid games. Usually, you can bomb around, shooting through pretty much everything. Now, you have to cautiously approach every enemy, waiting to counter it, as you can’t even scratch most of them otherwise. It really bogs down exploration and backtracking and means even the most common of enemy takes several shots to kill.


When I logged into Xbox live yesterday, the first time for about two weeks, I found a message waiting for me. I don’t use the social functions of xbl so was a little weary but it claimed to be from Xbox.

Turns out Kerbal Space Program has been acquired by take-two and an enhanced version has been released for consoles. This version has streamlined a few things but most interestingly has simplified the control system making it far easier for console players to make more complex movements. For me this is great as I had reached a point where I was trying to put together multi-stage space flights and was finding it practically impossible to accurately modify flight paths.

The reason i had been sent the message however wasn’t just to alert me to a new product that I might be interested in but instead to send me a link which would allow me to download it for free because I already owned the original edition.

I’m not certain that this is something that has ever happened to me before. Has any other companies done this for owners of original versions of games when enhanced editions are released?


Capcom sort of just did the same for Street Fighter V, with the Arcade Edition being a free upgrade patch for those who have the game already. This Kerbal one sounds more like a quality of life update than anything else though. Does the enhanced version have more content?


I can’t say for sure as I have dived straight back into the campaign which starts with minimal parts.

The PC version certainly added more content with each patch but it is a while since I played that so I’m unsure what the parity was like.


Agents of Mayhem

There’s something about, despite its flaws, that keeps drawing me back.

It could be the simplicity of it - the firefights are pretty damn hectic, with a variety of enemies and abilities - health, shield, armour. Each of the characters have specialities in this respect, so able to evade attacks more easily, take shields or armour down or do quick attacks or heavy hits. Swapping the characters becomes far easier than it seems at the start. Taking on a Legion commander to clear the alert is quite satisfying. As is walking around afterwards and seeing the corpses of your slain enemies.

And then there was the boss battle I did today, with August Gaunt - think the most cloying, manipulative, Cowell-on-crack-produced pop and you have Gaunt. A fake, fraudulent pop star who’s into mind control.

The boss fight starts off predictably enough, with him attacks that can kill you quick - it was the hardest section. After that, it veers straight into full mick take with you melee fans to remove mind control VR helmets and it follows that up with you sabotaging Gaunt’s autotune! What makes this so fun is after the first one you wreck, he no longer sounds so good, he gets worse after the second, becoming truly screeching and the third becomes a mercy killing. Very funny to play.

After that I just did casual stuff around Seoul.

One criticism of the game is the way Legion take back outposts you have taken over, which renders doing them quite pointless, which is true. On the other hand, this game is built around the idea of a Saturday morning 80s cartoon with lots of F-bombs and swearing and in those cartoons? The bad guy never gets defeated completely. Unleash armies? Send in doomsday weapons? Yep, but totally lose? Nope.


Downloaded Inside the other day and played a few hours. Love the look and atmosphere of it and the storytelling being done through the background action, gameplay and changing settings. Intrigued to see how the story unfolds but I do get the impression that all the things that have made me go “Huh, I wonder that is / caused that?” are going to go unanswered - it’s got that vibe of a game that wound actually resolve anything in terms of storyline.


The last 20 mins are off the wall and you’re right. No conclusion in sight.


There are anniversary events running in Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online. So both are getting extra attention.

In DCUO the Anti-Monitor is attacking Metropolis, it’s a good opportunity to gear up, even with basic stuff in order to increase my character’s Challenge Rating.

STO has started a new story arc involving yet another terrible ancient species and IT’s SO AWESOME!!! They’ve also introduced the Discover Lockbox, which include making the Discovery type ship a potential box prize and the Shenzhou class is available in the Lobi store.

I’m currently running around in a Miranda Class Light Cruiser (The Reliant from Wrath of Khan).

Each week you re-run “Scylla and Charibdys” you get a different piece of a Bajoran themed starship gear set.

Oh yeah, the Anniversary reward ship is this: The Bajoran Inteceptor. It looks like the old school Space Ghost Phantom Cruiser. I must have it! .


I’m very impressed with the latest Street Fighter V ‘Arcade Edition’ update. It gives you loads of extra game modes for free, including the Arcade Mode that allows you to play through a series of battles in the styles of several of the previous games, rather than having to settle for the rather lacklustre single-player modes that the game had on its initial bare-bones release.

(So naturally, I’ve played through SFII-style tonight. :slight_smile: )

I don’t know if the game has been slightly rebalanced too, but tonight the matches felt a lot closer to the dynamics of SFII than previously.

All this, plus some new costumes and stages and a new batch of characters to unlock (this year is the third wave of buyable/earnable extra characters) is pretty good for a completely free update.

When I bought this game in its initial form I thought it was about right for the budget price of £15 that I paid for it. Now, though, it’s given me more value than I expected.


Crossfield class

Walker class

(this has been a service of the Star Trek ship class pedantry working group)


I finished Samus Returns last night. In all, I don’t think it’s as good as the fan-made remake from last year or so. AM2R has better additions - like the ship of the dead exploration team that Samus is supposed to be looking for - than Samus Returns (Ridley as a surprise extra final boss isn’t all that surprising).

Just been looking up stuff about the game online and was tickled by The Cutting Room Floor’s description of the original Metroid:


Christ. You weren’t joking we’re you?!


We’ve been playing a lot of splatoon 2 on the switch. My 3yr old particularly likes it. He’s rubbish at it because he’s 3 but likes basically defacing property with huge amounts of ink.


You’ve secured the paint pots in the house, right?


And your collection of old-timey fountain pens?


Something I’ve been meaning to post - in Agents of Mayhem, you get character and weapons skins, so far, so standard.

But I unlocked a pair of those for Braddock, this hardarse ex-Marine drill sergeant - the character skin was ‘Mutant Enforcer’, it was OK. The weapon skin was called ‘Cable Layer’, you can guess where this is going, right? Certainly @RonnieM and @markabnett should

Yep, I now have her running around with a Cable-style gun!


show me pictures or it didn’t happen.


I was going to be pissed at someone pulling me back into this dingy, hellhole of a thread but that’s actually kind of cool. :wink:





not convinced.

buuuut a quick google shows a nifty bishop skin thats very cable 14-77

EDIT: oh I totally see this is exactly what you are talking about. My Bad