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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


It becomes far more than that for me, but I did a lot of exoploring and sidequests before progressing the main plot and that was rewarded.

Skyrim is make your own character and plot and abilities, W3 is far more playing a set character.

If you don’t already have it and love Skyrim, the PS4 remaster is excellent.

Right - you’re getting fed to a Thunderjaw!

HZD is one of the very few games where the crafting system makes sense and exploration is not only encouraged but rewarded. It is not your standard, big empty hole of nothin’ game world.


It’s safe to say Andromeda has blown everything else out of the water. Perfect sort of gameplay for me. The main character is a bit feeble in his responses, I’d like it if I could be more of an asshole, but my awesome character styling more than makes up it!! :joy: I’ll take a pic when him and his twin are together.


For anyone that liked HZD, PSN just took it’s big DLC, The Frozen Wilds, down to £9.99.

Offer is until 19 Jan.


Great Scott!


Agents of Atlas

Well, this really is an irredeemable pile o’ crap. Why? Let me count the ways:

  • Identikit dungeons / locations - and I don’t mean with some moderate variation, nope they are identical.
  • Vehicle ‘combat’ - In an open world game this will be, in all likelihood, total turd and so it proves here. In a track environment, Wipeout works, but put that into an open world? It’d be crap. AoA adds in weak offensive options, a ramming attack that feels and sounds like it does feck all. How did I take out the vehicles? Relied on them smacking into the side of the road and spammed the shockwave attack.
  • The driving is reliant on crappy ‘follow the arrows’ and anyone who played Arkham Knight knows the weaknesses of that, the same ones are here too.
  • Also, it’s an open world oblivious to you - think you can win a game of chicken in your supercar? No, you can’t - the other drivers never back down, they would out-do Dominic Toretto with ease. Doesn’t feel real, you say? Correct, it doesn’t.
  • The 'go to this point and manually search with a crappy “scanner” that only operates in 2D - AoA is far from the only offender on this. Thought DA:I’s minimap and scanner couldn’t look revolutionary in terms of being helpful? This game does that, as you try to work out where something is with crappy directions.
  • The crowning glory of the game whereupon it topped itself for me? Let’s have you manually find three security terminals, after you find one, poison gas! So there is now an instant death timer combined with a crappy manual search. Screw that, I’ve better games to play.

The pity of it is, if they had focused on the combat and action, stuff the driving, stuff the vehicle ‘combat’, kill that goddamn manual ‘scanner’, it probably would have been far better.


That game sounds like an insidious plan to make to feel better about yourself. If the game is so bad, you must be superior to it, right?

You just saved a couple grand in therapy costs!


But then you went and blew it all on anger management?


Video games happen to be the only real rant target i.e. Fuuuccccccc…

I’m far more zen most of the time in all other respects.

Turns out if you rage-quit mid-mission, Agents of Mayhem (was thinking of Agents of Atlas earlier) does not save your progress, buuuuut, as I’d hit a wall of irritation, that’s not so much a bad thing - still retained all the XP acquired from it.

Just running around future Seoul finding stuff and shooting goons is kind of fun by itself.

Plus, I haven’t unlocked Gat and I really ought to at least do that.

Yes, I was going to sell it but I’ll make no cash out of doing so, so might as well keep it. Very similar to No Man’s Sky in that respect.


Just finished Outlast Whistleblower after completing original game. And damn, this is one hardcore chilling, utmost disturbing stuff! Even Whistleblower is, I think, edgier than the previous. I mean, when you are forced to watch as a madman castrates two unfortunates - probably the most disgusting scene I ever seen in a video game.
I know a girl, who played it and said she had to cross her legs during the scene, further adding, she can imagine the feeling. I told her “trust me, you can’t”.


I’ve played 12 hours of HZD and I’m done. The combat is woefully messy, there are way too many pop-ups and too much info on the screen, the crafting system feels bog standard but also has too many working parts and the weapons dial is fiddley and non intuitive. It must have done something right for me to play that long and I was intrigued by the story but now I’ll just google it to find out what happens. I encountered a Thunderjaw around the 10 hour mark and after two quick deaths I killed it easily by crouching in some grass and just repeatedly firing off some of those blast things with the tripcaster. About 10 or so took him down to a third health and then I overrode a Sawtooth and he finished him off. Easy. However, the breaking point for came later as I needed another power cell so went back to kill another one and this time it didn’t work so I played the patient game and through a combination of trip blasts and sawtooths adopted a hit and run tactic. It took me about 30 mins to get down to what looked like 5% health and as I wandered over to a watcher to override him to take down that last health, the thunderjaw replenished completely back to 100%. Utter bullshit. Uninstall time.

For some perspective, I dislike pretty much all other open world games such as GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed etc.


I completed Wolfenstein 2 last night. Weirdly enough the second half was easier than the first. That’s maybe got something to do with the fact I got over impending death by having my head surgically attached to a nazi grown supersoldier body - that often does a lad the world of good.

I’m going to play on and do all the Uberkomander missions and, if it comes down in price, get the season pass for the extra missions as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


I’ve decided to replay (or in a couple of cases for the first time) every Final Fantasy game on the PC or Steam at least. I have 7,8,9, 10 (and spinoffs) and 13 (and spinoffs). 12 seems to be missing (for maths pedants 11 was an MMO thing)…

I’m nearing Gold Saucer on Final Fantasy 7. No wonder this game is so lauded, the plot is a gold standard, there is nuance in the characters I think I missed first time over 20 years ago. It’s superb, it seems a little smaller now in the age of huge worlds but still very impressive how much there is to do with the crazy limitations comparatively.


Can’t recall when but FF12 Zodiac Age is getting ported to PC this year.


Final Fantasy 6 is on Steam too and some of the earlier ones, I think.


Right, anyone, anywhere who ever says my game rants are bad - see Bobby’s post on HZD above!

Agents of Mayhem

Well, it’s still got that crappy poison gas mechanism - which will be a case of ‘screw that’, which every open game has at least one example of - crappy scanner and is a one-trick dog of a game buuuut.… It’s a good trick and, if nothing else, just bumming around Seoul, shooting up Legion’s stuff is kind of fun when you’re not after a heavy, intricate game.

One thing that does skew it is control systems vary from light touch on to heavy, hold this button down without warning so it can be hard to work out how it all works.

Oh and I unlocked Johnny Gat, who is damn cool. So secure in his own sense of identity he walks around in a short-sleeved neon pink shirt, has a massive shotgun plus a duel wielding pistols John Woo pisstake special move.


FF7 was my introduction that I got new when it came out, for whatever reason I’m not really keen on working back, I did try one of the earlier ones and it didn’t work for me.


Ah, fair enough.


HZD Complete Edition on PS4 is £8 in-store in some Tesco branches for those who are interested.


Good luck finding one of those!


I finished Mario + Rabbids yesterday. Well, there’s still a few collectables I missed and the Ultimate challenges, but they can sod right off. It’s a very fun, surprisingly deep game and I’ll definitely go back for the story DLC with Donkey Kong.

With that out of the way, I could have gone back to Mario Odyssey or started Samus Returns in earnest, but instead I’ve returned to Donkey Kong Country Returns, naturally. It’s the last loose end on my Wii U and I left it half done a few years ago. Decided to finish it off so I can pack my Wii U away and free up an HDMI port on my TV.

I can see why I lost interest in this first time around, when it was in competition with Metroid Prime Trilogy. It’s a very frustrating game because it’s quite hard and seems unfair at times. I just did a boss battle for instance, where the hit boxes and the difference between a vulnerable spot and one that’ll kill you are so narrowly separated that it’s almost cruel. Even when the boss is prone on its back, if you land too close to it’s mouth, you take a hit rather than deliver one. Still, I’m steadily grinding my way through it. Only two areas left, I think.

I’ll tell you what’s weird though - going straight from using the Switch’s lithe, compact and solid feeling joycons to a Wii remote and nunchuck. They feel really bulky and cheap, especially the nunchuck.