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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I initially read this as “with R2D2” and got very excited about an Assassins Creed game I thought I’d never heard of.


It’s a winning concept. Tour North America with Assasin’s Creed and R2D2.


I expect a cut of the profits.


R2’s a master assassin.

Trundles along, looks harmless, sneaks up behind the target and out comes the polonium syringe. No one ever suspects a droid.


Wolfenstein 2: Went to Venus. Met an aged and unstable Hitler. Saw him kill Ronald Reagan then piss and puke all over the floor.

Some master race.

I had no idea how to react to that scene. Beyond absurd. Laughed and turned the xbox off, there’s no way playing through any further would produce anything that would top that.


I went to Swindon today (overall: wouldn’t recommend it). I had aimed to go the Museum of Computing they have there, but it turns out I’m an idiot and went on a day they’re not open :confounded:

I also went because there’s a decent looking retro games shop in the town and judging by its website and Facebook page, they have a large range of titles available. In reality, not so much. Well, ok they have a fair amount of stuff there, but some disappointing selections. Almost all the GameBoy, GBC, GBA and DS games were utter tat. Amongst the 50 or so SNES titles, they only had maybe three I was after (out of a list of about two dozen) and they were all ridiculously over priced, even by retro game shop standards. £65 for a loose copy of Secret of Mana! CEX do it for £45 (when they have copies).

That might seem like an unfair comparison, but this shop boasts about beating CEX on trade-in prices, so it seems odd they’d be so uncompetitive on sale prices too. There was a couple of N64 titles I’ve been tempted by when CEX have had (and I’ve missed) locally for about £3 each - they were each about £8 here (and one of them is just an old wrestling title, which rarely hold any value). Even two SNES titles I picked up from a retro shop in Gloucester last year for a combined £10 would set you back £18 at this place.

I also went by the CEX while in Swindon, which was also a frustrating experience. You can use CEX’s website to see what items each store had in stock (it’s a bit fiddly and you have to go by individual categories). I knew then that they had a copy of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and a SNES controller available. Got there, had a look in the cabinets… no sign of them. Checked again on my phone: still listed in stock. So I waited and asked a cashier. The Castlevania game was in a box in the staff area (no idea how they expect to sell it with it not on display like that) and there was no sign of a SNES controller.

So I traded some stuff in against the GBA game, but asked to look at it before paying, because there are so many GBA fakes around. The cashier held it up, I go to take it, to you know, look at it properly and she says “I can’t pass it over the counter, sir” (I got called sir about a dozen times while in there, I felt about a million years old). So I had to lean across the counter and peer at the label, moving my head around to try and see if there was batch code stamped in it. I must have looked a right looney, but having had fake GBA games from CEX before, I wasn’t keen on taking too many chances.

Anyway, I thought I could just about see an imprint, so went for it (I can always get a refund if it’s fake, I figured, though hopefully I wouldn’t have to go back to that branch). But the gamble paid off. I’ve opened it up and tested it since I got home and it seems legit and saves properly. I paid £15 and £5 credit from trade-ins, whereas a verifiably legit copy (if you can actually find one) online goes for about £25 or more. It’s hard to say for certain, because there are so many fakes around that you can generally only really be sure of finding a real one online if it’s boxed, at which point it’s about £70 plus.


I’m not enjoying The Last Of Us as much as I thought I would. I think it’s been built up too much, and while I can see where the story is going and the impact it will have, the gameplay just doesn’t stand up to Uncharted for me - The lack of puzzles to solve makes that same type of gameplay they both have seem very samey in The Last of Us, and, consequently, quite boring.

I’m considering playing it on easy mode just to fire through and enjoy the story.

I started Witcher III and it struggles under the shadow of Skyrim, I’m assuming (and hoping) the world opens out and the story becomes more enjoyable than a simple chasing after someone plot.

COD WWII does what it says on the tin, and does it well.

Part of me wishes I’d opted for the one with the dinosaurs I can’t quite remember the name of. I really feel like I’m treading water until Red Dead comes out but don’t want to start the last Mass Effect as I’ll lose my life to it for a few weeks.


Over the last two days I played and completed Journey, Limbo and Inside. Journey is probably the shortest and easiest of the three and early on I was confused why it is rated so highly. It just seemed rather minimalistic and boring. I persevered and actually got into it. Those last 5 mins where you’re floating/flying to the mountain top with the feel good soundtrack was a great experience.

I’d played Limbo before on the Xbox but couldn’t remember a lot of it so it was almost like a new play through. Enjoyed it again and only had to use a walk through guide once (the very last set piece as a matter of fact). I likely could have done it on my own with more play time but at that point I just wanted to finish it.

Inside is pretty much the same game as Limbo but in colour rather than black, white and grey tones. However, I think it’s a better experience as it’s smoother, more atmospheric and those barmy last 20 mins are crazy personified. Questions don’t get answered however and if you truly need closure from a video game story you won’t get it although my buddy did tell me there is an alternate ending if you play again.

As part of the ps january sale I bought Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for £25.49 and I have no idea why I did. I’m not a fan of open world games and I regretted the purchase as soon as I pressed ‘Proceed to Checkout’. What a chump! I’ll give it a go and might just stick to the main quest. You never know I actually like it.


I found the last of us pretty uninspiring from a gameplay perspective as well. The story was great, but the gameplay was pretty repetitive and unchallenging. For me it succeeded as an experience but failed as a game.

The Witcher 3 world does open up a lot, but the story, for me at least, is still pretty centrally about finding Ciri. There are side stories along the way, but the narrative as a whole is always moving toward that goal.


There’s a cheap xbox disc with this and Limbo on it which I’ve been tempted by. Might have to pick it up.


Buh. That’s a pity. I might just clock COD first then. If Witcher bores me at all there’s a strong chance I’ll drop it.


I think there are some slightly more puzzle-like elements in TLoU, but they’re more oriented around using environments to traverse certain areas, rather than the Hey This Is A Puzzle! sections of Uncharted.

How far are you into the story? I thought I knew where it was going a couple of times but it managed to surprise me.


Yeah. I got that pack for PS4. £7.99


The second half of Last of Us is much better than the first I thought.


Pittsburgh. I’m really glad, the last few bits were really trying to hard and felt like a chore because the story was building the bond between the characters while the gameplay wasn’t great. I know I’m into a better part of the game but I feel like I can’t be bothered diving back in yet.

For better or worse I just stuck in Mass Effect: Androm and I’m letting it copy now. I’m just going to try not to get sucked in but I know even if it’s not as good as I want it to be, a space game just sucks me right in :joy:


Fair enough. From memory I think I was already well on-board by that point, but I’m a fan of fairly simple and unfussy gameplay mechanics and a reasonably challenging but not rock-hard difficulty level, so the game was pitched just about right for me.


I really think it’s just that the game has been built up so much combined with the fact I’m constantly comparing it to Uncharted.


I actually really liked Andromeda. Maybe I am a sucker for space as well.


Andromeda has a lot of flaws, but I still enjoyed it. Didn’t end up having the replayablity that other ME games did, but some of that is down to BioWare abandoning the game so quickly. If they had given me some Quarian related DLC and didn’t put the franchise on ice, I might have given it another playthroguh.


I had a lot of trouble finishing the Witcher III because of the weak story. In my opinion the Blood & Wine DLC is where that game really shines, it was amazing, and I was really bummed when it was over.

I love The Last of Us, but I enjoy simple linear gameplay, and survival games a lot. I beat the game on Easy, Medium, Survivor, Grounded Mode, and Grounded Mode +. It’s really interesting how your approach to gameplay changes once you get to Survivor, because at that point you do anything you can to avoid encounters, where in the easier difficulties I would just enter combat. That being said, it wowed me, but I thought it didn’t live up to the hype on my first play through.