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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Super Mario RPG


The first Lego Marvel game is quite good fun too. This one:

I’ve played through the early levels of the game countless times with my kids. The humour is gentle and kid-friendly and there are lots of fun in-joke references.

It’s also pretty old so can be had fairly cheaply these days.


Agents of Mayhem

Well, even bought for £10, this ain’t great but it is a physical copy I can re-sell when I get bored. It isn’t that bad either bar a couple of irritating quirks:

  • Like you hack a point and have to defend it, so you scope out a good position, start heading there and cut scene, which wrecks your plan.

  • Or you’ve killed everything, the game warps you away before you have a chance to grab all the stuff.

It’s not that great at explaining its systems either, though when I’ve used the Mayhem abilities they’ve been pretty but aimless. Maybe they’ll make more sense in time.

Driving is OK, nothing stunning and there’ll be times when the game says you clipped a car when you’re certain you didn’t.

The combat is OK, it’s more-or-less Saints Row style and the amount of explosions and chaos is quite impressive. get your agents powered up and you could easily have a very fun wrecking crew time.

Is it so good it can drag me away from Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age? Absolutely not. What it’s likely to be is a drop in and out game, do a bit here, a bit there then play something else.


heh I used CE in Arkham Knight as well, but to stop the timer in that HORRIBLE last riddler race, so I could finish the Catwoman sidequest. It still took me like 30 mins to manage to get to the finish line.

I really liked the game, but the racing missions were really fucking annoying… well the Riddler ones I mean. Particularly that last one.


Fucking hell Wolfenstein 2 is bloody hard. Good, solid combat, decent story telling but damn damn damn is it hard. And that’s not even on the hardest setting, can’t remember what it’s called but it’s described as “a challenge for experienced players”. As an experienced player I’ve got to agree its a challenge! I read an article that argues the best way -
from a storytelling point of view - to play the game is on an easier setting and I’m coming round to that point of view.

Constantly fighting to live during the first part of the game (were you’ve struggling with the injuries you sustained at the end of the previous game) makes sense from a story point of view but in a new cloned super soldier body - which is the bit I’ve just passed now - it makes less sense.

I dunno, maybe I’ll turn the difficulty down, maybe not.


I find I opt for easy difficulty levels a lot more readily these days. I want games to be challenging, but I also want to be able to see all they have to offer!

The new Doom was challenging enough for me and that was only on the average/medium difficulty.


Anyone here playing Marvel Future Fight on Mobile?
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I’m the leader and head procrastinator.


See, I managed Doom on a hard setting so figured Wolfenstein 2 wouldn’t give me too much bother. How wrong was I?! I get where you’re coming from with “seeing what the game has too offer” - with a shorter game (ie non open world, linear game) I like to do one play through just for story and then a second play through for all the collectables and other bullshit.


I like the Dara O’Briain routine about videogames where he says it’s the only artform that tests you and prevents you from seeing any further if you fail to meet the standard. That novels and movies don’t stop partway through and give you a quiz before they let you proceed. :slight_smile:

That challenge is part of videogames, obviously, but - especially as games become more narrative-oriented - I can see why someone would want to be able to plod through a game with a minimum of resistance.


It’s notable that some of the big games with intricate story, like HZD, have introduced a Story setting. ME3 did it years ago with Explorer setting, as did Uncharted 4, but it seems becoming more common as a way of enabling to see it all.

I quite like it. There’s always going to be the ‘Souls’-style gamers but that’s why there is an entire subset dedicated to them. Bloodborne too easy? Here, play Nioh. I’m fine with those so long as they’re up front about being bastard hard, others? Don’t need to be, but that difficulty settings are for.


Same. My issue is that I just don’t play enough. It’s been two weeks since I’ve had a nice Wolfenstein session. I forget the controls and lose the flow, and on rare sessions I don’t like doing the same thing over and over.

It also depends on the game. I like my platformers at a nice challenge level but I don’t like shooters to be too hard. I’m also better at platforms too.


Me too. If I haven’t played a game for a few weeks, it often takes me a while to relearn the controls and get back into it.


On that note I find control systems are so hard to remember at best of times, it’s a negative aspect of modern gaming, the really complex controls and gaming mechanisms.

Even something as easy as Lego batman 3 presented some challenges in trying to remember which character had the special suit required to perform a certain task - I had to consult a walkthru on 2 maybe 3 occasions and I never used to use walkthroughs.


I only recently heard about this open world samurai game coming out this year from Sucker Punch (apologies if it was posted upthread). This sounds like a dream come true.

There’s very little, if any, gameplay footage in this trailer, but it definitely has my interest.


It does sound interesting, though if it goes the Nioh route it won’t be one for me. I’m hoping it tries to avoid competing with that monster success though.


I saw something about it during the Sony presentation. It sounds pretty fantastic but until there’s something more than prerendered footage it’s hard to judge.


From what I’ve heard about it, it sounds like Red Dead Redemption in feudal Japan. No RPG elements. But who knows.


That looks beautiful. I’ll be interested to see/hear more about the gameplay.


Even if the gameplay is a little bunk I’ll probably get it if the graphics are good, just to wander around the world.

I still plan to get the last Assassin’s Creed after the price drop, so I’m hoping to get a nice history tour through Egypt, Japan, and North America (with RDR2).

Has there ever been an open-world game through Celtic/Pagan/Arthur-era Great Britain, that treats the myths and folklore as real? I would love something like that.


I heard about that a while ago and had a similar reaction. The devs said that they started making it after waiting years and seeing that nobody else had yet, which is pretty much how I feel. If they add Japanese and English language choices on the options menu, then I think this could be very special indeed. I’ll definitely pre-order it, despite having a fairly low-tolerance towards open world games these days.