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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Oh yeah? What makes you say that? As far as mechanics go, I like that you can roll forwards, Iinstead of just left and right. I can’t think of anything that screams at me for being worse than the last, so you have me curious now.


Got a few more hours in on Horizon: Zero Dawn this morning. It’s made me realise that a large part of the success of these big sprawling games is simply down to the extent to which you enjoy spending time in their world. And often this can be quite an intangible thing, and depends on all sorts of factors.

I like the world of HZD because there’s an interesting dynamic to the community you belong to, there’s a compelling wider backstory involving a struggle between nature and technology, and the game sets up its story well and sticks to some central ideas pretty closely.

The phrase ‘world-building’ is overused these days, but this game really does give you a sense of having created a fully-formed world that’s broadly appealing enough to suck you in but also detailed enough to provide more depth once you go looking for it.

And everything in the game - the storyline, the missions, the graphics and design, even the acting performances - feeds into making that world a rich and interesting place to spend time.


Told yeh.


So the VR Star Trek game: Bridge Crew, now allows you to play it without VR. That coupled with the PS Store sale price (about sixteen pounds) made me buy and download it, and so far I don’t regret it at all.
I did a tutorial which lets you familiarise yourself with the different bridge roles, and then I teamed up with a friend to try a mission, with the other two slots being taken over by AI. That was quite fun, even when he wasn’t listening to my commands. The mission ended horribly but I’ll attribute that to our inexperience. :sweat_smile:
What we did next was open up our game to the public so that two other people who we did not know joined the crew. One of them didn’t use a mic, but thankfully our captain did. We ended up doing the first proper mission in the game, which turns out to be the Kobayashi Maru test, so you know that you can’t fully complete it. But as you play and the captain gives out his orders, you can offer status updates and your ownrecommendations. It felt very immersive, with the real-world elements only adding to it (for instance the guy playing as captain kept saying please and thank-you, and he noted that it was his first day on the job). I wonder just how many players this game has, and if I’ll just be bumping into the same handful of people over and over.
What is cool is that they’ve made a game where real-time communication is the key to your success, and I can’t think of anything much more Star Trek than that.


I had some Christmas money to spend and was briefly considering getting a new generation console but went with some clothes instead. My TV is pretty old (not a Smart TV or 4K) so I wonder if it’d be even worth having the better system until the TV is replaced.

And it looks like the 360 version of GTA5 isn’t able to be played on the XB1, so that’s another mark against it.

The mention of Max Payne up-thread reminds me that I never finished… Max Payne 3 it must have been. I might get back to it. Max Payne 2 on PC was good fun back in the day.

I might give Far Cry 3 another run-through (3rd time); loved that game.

One (old, now) game that I couldn’t get into was Borderlands 2 - I got a cheap second hand copy and had only heard good things about it. The art style is great but I found a few hours in it was a lot of meandering about from one location to another, encountering annoying enemies along the way, and vehicle control schemes that weren’t intuitive (you control vehicles like you’re on foot, instead of a button for accelerate, another one for brake, reverse, etc.) - maybe it takes a while but so far it hadn’t been anything at all like the intro or cover art which depicted a hectic Mad Max style world.


Current-generation consoles still look very good on a regular HD tv.

(I don’t think enough people have 4K for them to realistically make a system that only looks good on a 4K tv.)


Yeah, I’ve a standard 32in HDTV, games like HZD look amazing.

Changing tack, booted FF12 forward yesterday, did the Tomb of Raithwall, the Shiva (I sort of did unto Judge Ghis as Vir did to Mr Morden) and the trip to and across Ozmone Plain.

This included pissing off an elemental in the rains of Giza Plains, out came the Thundaga spell - time to leg it! Balthier was the last one standing at the save crystal!

Also unlocked the second licence board which really deepens the game. Nor are you limited to 1 user per class, but if you don’t tap a class neither do you get to use everything you find and your offensive / defensive options may be more limited. I’ve gone for a spread of the 12 classes across the party, generally combining mage and attack classes, which in turn allows combinations of heavy / mystic armour on the mages and allowing my heavy-hitters to use magic. Just with the two boards, there tends to be 2-3 weapon and armour types you can use. For an old game, this has a lot of depth and the combinations certainly encourage re-playing.

Had forgotten the smartness of the Gambit system - Penelo got Doomed in the Demon Wall boss fight, party lacked the means to remove it so I let her die. As soon as she did, she was raised by one of the others, then immediately hit Cura. There’s times where it doesn’t always work, so you need to monitor it, but system allows an awful lot.

Finally, damn - it’s a nice remaster. The enemies have never looked as good or as detailed as they are here.

p.s. Oh yeah, did something, twice, I never managed on the old version. Pulled off a 3-run, including a successful shuffle on one, Quickening chain, so unlocked the extra end-chain hit. Did that on both the Demon Wall and nuked Vossler’s arse to high heaven.


I won some money at the bookies and decided to buy the VR for PS4, which I’ve had now since the start of December.

It was packaged with VR Worlds and I also picked up Resi 7, Skyrim & Star Trek for it

Unfortunately I’ve hardly been able to get the damn thing on the whole time I’ve been off work. The kids are always about until 7-8 o’clock at night and then we’ve had a ridiculous number of visitors and people staying over.

I managed to put it on a couple of times when the kids were around but the 3 year old is desperate to play it all the time and the 18 month old wants involved as well and keeps pulling at the wires - so I barely got on it myself.

From what I did see I was pretty impressed, this was the free game that PlayStation give you the first time you log in with it, can’t remember what it is called.
VR Worlds looks like it will get boring very quickly, although I’ve only played 2 of its games.

I played Star Trek bridge deck for about 45 mins but it was boring as fuck and the graphics were shit ao I’ve not got much incentive to come back to it.

Skyrim and Res Evil 7 are still in their wrapper.

So, my assessment just now is the VR looks potentially very good, but until I get peace to play the fucker properly it’s going to be hard to know how good it is - it really does feel like it could push gaming forward massively but I think I need things like the motion controller sticks and the gun to get the full benefit.

Fuck adult life by the way.


This whole Star Trek Bridge game is basically Artemis, but actually a Star Trek game, right?


Well to be honest my opinion was purely based on playing the Beta of SWBF II. My buddy nags me every day to get it but looking at the reviews I’m not sure.


I had to look Artemis up there, but having flicked thru the google results I think you are right.


I read a review / write up that said it’s meant to be good when you play with other people all on headsets rather than with bots.


I’m thinking about having a splurge on the PS sale. Can anyone offer opinions on these (plus if the price seems good)?

Most interested in:

Inside £7.39
Bloodborne £11.99 (goty £15.99)
Nex Machina £7.99
What Remains of Edith Finch £9.99
Little Nightmares £9.49 (complete edition £14.99)
Pyre £9.49

Next most:

Resident Evil 7 £14.99
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus £24.99 (deluxe for £34.99)
Mass Effect Andromeda £15.99 (deluxe £19.99)
Persona 5 £29.99
Nioh £19.99 (complete edition £29.99)
Sniper Elite 4 £19.99 (deluxe £24.99)


Artemis is a lot of fun, but a lot of that is the social interaction of everyone sitting around in the same space. If you were playing it online I can see it being less enjoyable.


Ah right.

I ain’t got no time fo’ dat

I’m a lone gamer. Playing with other people is not my bag.


Bloodbourne is amazing but as hard as fucking nails


Bloodborne is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s the only one I’ve actually platinumed. I also tried to do that with The Last of Us Remastered, but it involves trophies associated with then pvp component, which take longer to get than the main game, so I never finished it.


I’m ok at most games but I’m terrible at bloodbourne

I plan to come back to it one day but I’m still stuck at father gasgoine


I put about 150-200 hours into it and didn’t touch PvP. I had no issues summoning help my first few playthroughs, but since I loved the game so much I went back and did a no summon play through, which was an amazing and incredibly frustrating challenge, but I succeeded. Hardest was definitely the last boss of the DLC.


So, despite my little rant the other day, I have actually had some recent PS4 activity.

Playing Lego Batman 3 with my 3 year old, who is gradually getting to grips with controlling what is on the screen, enough that he’s asked to play it basically every day in the last 2 weeks I’ve been off.

It is quite frustrating, as you can Imagine, in terms of constantly changing characters and having to take the controls from him if there’s something he needs to do in order for us to proceed - however, the frustration disappeared when I reminded myself that I’m a dad, he’s my son, and this should be just one of the things we do together and I should enjoy it.

So I have.
To the extent. where I’m now looking at picking up some other Lego games on he PS4 for us to play together, as they are so inoffensive that he can play it, but geeky with enough pop culture references that I can enjoy it to, although I’m not going to lie - I found the humour really fucking annoying.

And today we competed the story mode, which is probably pretty good going, although the game is pretty easy.

Il now going back with him to do all the levels to see how close we can get to 100% and he can just kind of mess about while I try figure out the puzzles.

I would like to play the other Lego batman games with him, however they are only available on the the streaming service, which I tried and it’s shite, because my broadband isn’t amazing - so it just buffers like hell.
Sony are missing a trick here because I’d pay for quite a few of the PS3 games on the streaming service individually and I’m sure I’m not alone in the buffering issues.

The game itself is not really a Batman game, it has a massive cast of playable characters from the DC universes
It does get quite repetitive but it is fun in places, despite it being difficult to fill the bar for the Lego bricks when Rudi is getting blown up every 2 seconds and draining it.

If you have young kids and want to start playing games with them this is probably a good game to try them with.