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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I got Metroid: Samus Returns for Christmas. I’m not convinced by the combat entirely - the melee counter is unbalanced, makes for an odd feeling and the 360 aim is weirdly less helpful than a normal 8 way aim - but the general package is good and I’m keen to dive into it.


Played a first hour of Horizon Zero Dawn tonight and already I’m enjoying it. Everything feels fairly intuitive and unfussy, there’s a good balance between linearity and exploration, the story is interesting and the visuals are amazing. I think I’m going to like this.


I love me some Sniper Elite so I’ve added that to my download queue.


Which creatures have you taken on so far?

The big tip from me would be: Play with Batman rules on - preparation is everything!

And yeah, the visuals manage to match and, at times, surpass Witcher 3. There’s an amazing design aesthetic to the game, especially on the robots.


Oh, I’m barely finished with the tutorial level at this point. I play these things slowly and do a lot of unnecessary running around and exploring. :slight_smile:


Good, good - this is one game you don’t want to rush.

The tutorial is pretty much genius for giving you a sense of attachment to Aloy.

I’m pretty certain I can say this’ll be the densest, something-to-find-everywhere gameworld you’ve ever played.


Yes, it was very nicely done. It reminded me a little of some of the preview material we’ve seen for the new God of War game.


5n1p3r 371t3


I got Samus Returns for Christmas as well. I haven’t played it yet but I’m excited to.
Because I hadn’t read anything about it (I only watched the announcement trailer and figured that a proper 3DS Metroid was worth buying) I didn’t realise that it’s a remake of an earlier game in the series. I was hoping for something a little more fresh but oh well. Hopefully it provides them with a good base from which to build the new stuff.



I ended up with Witcher III, Call of Duty WWII, Need For Speed: The Rivals, The Last of Us and the recent Uncharted spin-off game.

I’ve delved into COD, NFS and TLOU, TLOU being the stand out, the other two doing what they say on the tin. It’s a nice selection of game-play for me to go between and not get too sucked in.

I imagine the Witcher will suck me in a great deal so I’m keeping it until I at least complete TLOU and I’ll prob take a whole sunday sometime soon and just pummel through Uncharted in one go.


It’s taken 338 and a half hours but I think I’ve finished with Fallout 4. Something a bit less sprawling and open world next I think…


:laughing: Yeah, you really ought to be!


Literally nothing left to do beyond the never-ending side quests and a couple collectables, both of which hold no interest post end game.


Crazy surprise Xmas gift from the software developing world.
A full on version of civilization VI is now available on iPad. Not cheap, but basically a full on port of the pc version …yay.


Something I’ve realized about myself…


I am totally into Stealth Puff the Magic Dragon!

(And I watched a decent print of Tank Girl last night.)


Yeah, that is me on basically every mission atm on Sniper Elite. I pay attention to the briefing, I look for the sniper nests, I wait patiently until my shots can be covered by ambient sounds but every time I end up running around with a machine gun blasting everyone I see.


Yeah, that is my standard MO. :laughing:


It turns out that all it took for me to buy Battlefront 2 was a decent sale price and a trailer narrated by John Boyega. I’ve never felt so simultaneously excited and ashamed. I get to fund EA’s casino for children!


The Boys asked to play “the zoo game” so we spent a while playing Zoo Tycoon on freeform mode. While I was helping them to navigate the UI I realised that I haven’t done anything but the freeform mode. I spent a few hours working through the challenges and unlocking lots of new stuff.

I also went back to Battlefield 1 as I got the premium pass on sale. As always I’m rubbish at it and I hate learning new maps so that only compounds my rubbishness. At least the loot crates in this one just give skins.