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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I finally found an SNES Classic for retail price, so I’ve just been playing random SNES games.


Lost Sphear (Demo)

You know, I miss the days when a demo was actually supposed to sell me the game, not hack me off so much that I swear never to buy it or anything else from the studio ever again.

Case in point: You go around this game, it starts quite innovative, with a world that has missing pieces - that’s pretty distinct. After that, it’s a standard enough retro-JRPG, with dungeons, on-screen dialogue and a battle system that looks FF-influenced. One innovation here is you can move around the field, with different characters having attacks that take advantage of positioning.

So how does it go wrong? Well, you’re dropped into an unfamiliar world and game and systems and someone thought it would be a good idea to massively spike the difficulty on the boss. So much so that the fights before it are utterly unrepresentative of what you end up taking on, so you go into that battle with hugely false expectations and get your arse handed to you in such an overkill manner it feels like one of those ‘you cannot win this battle’ sections, but just as you think that, you get the ‘game over’ - to which the only response is: Fuck you.

Have a dungeon section? Yes. Have enemies in it? Yes. Have a boss fight? Yes, but make it one that can actually be won fairly easily. Instead by the time you’ve realised the level of hits, you’re on uphill odds you can’t recover from. And yes, it might be that ye old grinding technique is the only way to do this, but again, some indication of this would have been better.

If I see it going cheap, very cheap, maybe I’ll reconsider but as it is? This game just killed itself with a dumb demo.



Just Tails to go now.


I cracked the fifth Chaos Emerald this afternoon with Knuckles, totally by accident. Wasn’t trying, just going through the motions. Sixth one fell in to place pretty soon after that too.



I felt like Neo being able to see the Matrix by the end, and did the final four straight through with no failures.

I feel like I can finally move on to another game now. Although there’s still those last few Blue Sphere levels…


I got them and the seventh chaos emerald (with Knuckles) last night. I found the last few sphere levels were the victim of stupid mistakes rather than being overly tricky. Only one I had to look up a solution for was the one with 4 spheres and 16 rings one which had a solution I probably wouldn’t have gotten on my own.


I checked and I think I only have one more to finish - the spiral maze one. That shouldn’t take too long.


The second in the series ‘The Beast Within’ is an absolute classic. It is an FMV adventure, filmed with actors but with many alternative branches.

Its over 20 years old now but the wife and I loved it so much we took a vacation to Bavaria to visit all the sights in Munich and the countryside.

IMV it is a must do before you die contender.

You can get it for 6 bucks on line.

Cautionary note, the amdram level of acting in the opening ‘pitchfork’ scene is not indicative of that throughout, which is much better, so persevere, you’ll thank me.


PS the Wagnarian-esque music written By Jane Jensen’s husband is worth the money alone.


PPS would make a great movie Mr Millar.


Oh, this is fucking rad. I wish it was in English.

The staff behind the Japanese version of mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper have released a mini browser game based on FF1. It takes the updated sprites for characters and enemies from Record Keeper and plops them back into the original Famicom version of Final Fantasy, which you can play up until winning the battle with Garland, challenging you to beat him with a fast time or a low-level party.


I just saw that Amazon are now selling it for £14.99 in the post-Christmas sales. Maybe worth a punt at that price.


My wife got me Titanfall 2 and a SNES mini for both of us and my mother-in-law got me Wolfenstein 2 so my gaming schedule is full enough for now so I’m happy enough wait for a bit longer for Sonic to fall even further in price.


Nice. I’ll be especially interested to hear how Wolfenstein II is.

I got Horizon Zero Dawn from my wife so that will give me something ‘adult’ to keep me busy for a while. But I think the kids might be ready for something new so I’m going to give it a go with them.


You have HZD, you’re going to be busy for months.


HZD is great, and I really thing on easier difficulties would totally work for kids. Enjoy your lovely journey!


My mom went crazy this Christmas and among the many amazing presents she got me was a Nintendo Switch with Zelda Breath of the Wild. I’ve avoided spoilers of any kind for this game, so I’m so excited to dive in.


Oh, I meant that I would do Sonic Forces with the kids. They don’t have the patience for complex games yet (and to be honest I don’t tend to have that much more. :slight_smile: )


I’m once again suffering from gamedhd I bought both Elite:Dangerous and Sniper Elite 3 for dirt cheap on Xbox love marketplace.

I had the first Elite as a kid on the Amiga 1200 and it was far too much of a game for me then. This version feels familiar, same shape ships, stations etc but is far more accessible than I remember the classic being. So far I’ve only played this on the solo varient, same massive universe but no human player population, and it is brilliant. My only gripe is that even on this mode it is a perpetual world, I only found that out because I took a pair of delivery missions to the same system. Completed one but saved and exited the game before finishing the second. When I came back a day later the mission was failed as time had run out.

Sniper Elite 3 surprised me, the fact that this is the third, of four, instalments, talk about milking the cash cow. It really is just a one trick pony, every time you make a particularly good shot time slows down and you get a slow-mo bullet time clip of the bullet hitting the target including an X-ray track of the bullet passing through the body.
At higher difficulty levels you don’t get the “focus” effects and have to factor in wind, bullet drop etc.
The thing about it, which is probably why it has done so well, is that it really does scratch an itch and seeing the bullet damage is morbidly fascinating.
The company behind this has come a long way since the JFK shooter that spawned this.


I’ve been playing Wolfenstein 2 lately and I love it! Just dumb over-the-top fun.