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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Are you stuck on number five? It’s a pain in the arse. The last two are easier again after that.

I’ve only managed to get all the Emeralds with Sonic so far - I don’t know if I can be bothered to do it all again just to play as Super-Tails and Super-Knuckles.


Difficult to answer, this one.

You can go straight off and stick with the strategy of ‘dodge, hit, dodge, hit’ but against some enemies you will have a very hard time - it is a game where you are supposed to use the tools it gives you. You should not just walk into a battle thinking you can breeze through it. Like Batman, Aloy is better when she’s prepared accordingly. That and you can set up some very sweet trap ambushes - watching a robot go down to a well-laid trap while you lurk in the bushes is very satisfying.

I do think it’s crafting is more straight-forward than the likes of F4 / W3, it’s certainly better integrated, though yes, the inventory system is one of the game’s enduring weaknesses. It’s not that bad but neither is it good.

It is one of the best game worlds going in terms of density and variety and integration of environments, there’s a lot of thought gone into it.

You can take your time on it and the game is good at teaching you its mechanisms, though I found some of the aspects difficult to grasp - once you do, it improves massively. (Before I was finding it frustrating and that changed completely once I worked out the aiming.)

I’d say give it a go, if all else fails flog it for £15-18 on Amazon / Ebay.

It is now one of PS4’s big, stand-out exclusives and a unique game. There’s familiar aspects but it combines them into new form.


Thanks for the detailed answer Ben. I’ve ended up dropping a hint about it to Mrs Wallace so we’ll see if it ends up under the Christmas tree.




It was not a very subtle hint.


I’ll add the game’s intro sequence is brilliant but can’t say anything more than that.


I’m almost entirely unspoiled on it so I appreciate that.


All I’ll finish with is the game cover image. You see that and want to buy it, you buy it and start playing. By the time you get anywhere near the thing on the cover you’re in decidedly two minds about whether to go looking for one!

And, in that respect, with that enemy, there’s loads of really nice touches on the audio-visual aspects. This game had a lot of work put into it.


Thank you for the answer too @BenObiwomble

I know I have to start setting aside a little time for gaming as it seems to make me focus better on work (I can switch my brain off it completely and be sucked in by something else).

In a two birds with one stone scenario, my family want to buy me things and I don’t really need anything so I suggested games. I was unsure about Zero Dawn but you’ve give me enough to splash out for it when it comes down in price. In the meantime my Christmas list for them to choose from was…

The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The Last Of Us: Remastered

Need for Speed: Rivals

Call Of Duty: WWII

I haven’t played any of those yet so quite excited to see what they choose. I’m also buying my favourite Final Fantasy, XII, as a present to myself, it’s out on PS4 now. I doubt I’ll play it for a while yet, or even have time, but I know it’s there when I’m ready for a replay of it.


Daughter #2 bought herself this last week. I played a fair bit of MW2 and the Blopses, but stopped when everything went all Halo. I may try WWII during my 10 days off over Christmas. If anyone wants to thrash a rubbish MWer, let me know.


Be aware it’s a very different edition to what came out on the PS2 over here - I’m really enjoying it, but it is a very different game, for the better I think.

It’s also a very good remaster, you can tell it’s had a lot of work done on it. As opposed to the plague of quick, roug’n’ ready, new paint job remasters from PS3 to PS4.


Storywise? Or gameplay?


Gameplay. The version on PS4 is the International Zodiac System that was Japan-only, where you assign the gang specific roles.

The PS2 verson was completely open so you could have a gang of multi-skilled Mage-Warrior-Healers.

The new one allows two roles, so there is some of that, but I haven’t yet got to the second role stage.

The roles set what abilities, spells, weapons and armour a character can use.

Changes it more than you’d think.

One thing hasn’t changed: Balthier steals the stage from everyone


I think I can live with those changes, I enjoyed the gameplay but I mainly love it for the story and characters.

If I was to ever do cosplay at a con it would be Balthier!! Legend!

Him and John Marston are probably my favourite gaming characters of all time.


This could be a thread on its own.

For me (and this might be because it’s still relatively fresh in my mind), I’d probably have to say Ellie.


There’s a chance, if I now finally get the chance to play it, I’ll feel the same.


I have, for the first time, taken advantage of one of the free trials on Xbox live. In this case Destiny 2. I hadn’t played Destiny but I’m very much enjoying this.
My only issue is that I like to play games solo (this is probably a generational thing) and this game is geared towards group play.
Occasionally while I’ve been wandering around the game map I have stumbled into public events. These draw in nearby players to take down a big opponent but there are also lots of small opponents involved. This means even if you are seriously out classed by the big bad you can still be involved.
I may make the purchase once the trial is over, but the price point has to be right.


Yep, the fifth one. It’s kicking my ass. I’ll keep plugging away if the next ones aren’t even more difficult.


My advice is to always follow the rings rather than the blue spheres, and don’t bother going over the spring-ramps on the edges of stage five until you’re at least at Mach 2. Then remember which side ramps you took so you can go for the other side next time around (because while the blue spheres respawn, the rings don’t).


I finally finished Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations and its DLC today (been trying to clear through it for about two weeks so I can get back to the Switch and had already been playing it for weeks before then. I racked up 92 hours and that’s just on this path). It’s a fairly satisfying version of the game, but the story has to contort itself to justify its twists and frankly, I’m not sure the branching story thing is more worthwhile than a single, linear story like Awakening and Shadows of Valentia have offered. The huge wealth of options, especially when it comes to the progeny and parentage stuff, is pretty overwhelming really - I’ve done three comprehensive playthroughs now and have barely scratched the mass of support conversations to earn. Shadows of Valentia showed that less can be more, with fewer support conversations, but fully voiced and a higher level of quality. Hopefully that will be taken forward to the next FE next year.