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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I can really recommend Orzly’s screen protector for the Switch. It was a day one purchase for me, my brother has been running around with no screen protector on his since buying it at launch, and his screen his fine. But even with a case, and dock scratch being rare, I think he’s a maniac for not paying a mere £8 to stop a massive pain in the arse if it is scratched.

Case wise, there’s quite a few really good ones on the market. What I did was go into a game shop, take a look at them all in person to see which were the best fit for what I was after, and then just waited for one to go on sale somewhere. Ended up getting a really good one with room for 10 game cards for £12, forgot what make it was though. The official ones do have very nice designs if you’re willing to pay a bit more for them.

Currently enjoying Rayman Legends on my Switch. This has really surprised me, I’m having an amazing time with it, I haven’t enjoyed a game this much since I was a kid, I’m completely engrossed.


Cheers Howard!


I’m back on Doom as a main focus while still messing around with Battlefield 1, Kerbal Space Programme and Tales of Borderlands.

I’m essentially just going from save point to save point at the moment. I just got the BFG and the story is dropping hints about the Cyber-Demons. What I have found (which is really infuriating) is that now after clearing a room/completing a battle, but before the save point, another enemy will appear usually something bigger/badder than you faced on the large battle. It is infuriating because henerally your health is lower and ammo depleted.
I end up saving the BFG for whatever turns up last so I can make it to the save point.


I was in Game the other day and saw they had the new Sonic game (Forces) for under £30. That price for a newly released game doesn’t fill me with confidence. Anyone get it?


I see it’s on offer for £22 on Amazon today. :grimacing:

(In fairness it was a mid-budget game on release, just under £30 in most places.)

Still not low enough for me to chance it though. The reviews have been very mediocre. I think it’s a £10-15 job for me at most.


This is what I was worried about. I guess two decent Sonic games in one year was a bit much to hope for, wasn’t it.


I’m still loving Mania so no complaints here.

It’s surely only a matter of time before a sequel is announced.


I just started a Tails play through this evening. It’s quite neat how the three characters all play in different ways that’s to Tails’ and Knuckles’ special abilities.

I’m also playing Fallout 4. Approaching my 14th day and slowly running out of things to do. Did the Nuka World quests up until the invade the commonwealth settles one came up and decided to cleans the park of all raiders rather than taking it any further. Was quite satisfying!


Yes. Knuckles in particular is very different, with different levels and even bosses in places (I loved the callback to S&K with the Master Emerald).

Still haven’t finished it with Tails yet, but nearly there.


Only problem I had with that section is the game amped up the enemy attack / defence levels. I ended up shooting one of them in the head with a fully modded shotgun about 10 times.

By the time they were all done, it felt more like a chore than the fun, epic slaughter it should have been.


I’m at level 106 so it was actually quite nice to have a bit of a challenge. Every conflict I’ve been in for the past while has been a doddle.


Hmm, there is that aspect but if you want that there’s a great quest in Far Harbour that supplies it much better. (You go up against a Legendary super fog crawler)


The Captains Dance? Done that. Made mincemeat of it. I’ve got an overly powerful explosive shotgun that years thru everything like it was paper.


So I dove into Farcry 4 again, after not being able to get into it before. I stopped playing again. It’s just not a fun game. Your character can sprint for only 50 meters at the start… Stealth play is a joke a clunky, I would say the controls all around are clunky. Collectible hunts are completely devoid of purpose or decent reward. Being able to pick up any weapon that’s dropped frequently gets in the way of looting, which drives me nuts. I just can’t enjoy that game.

So I moved on to Horizon Zero Dawn, since it was on sale for $20 for cyber Monday. This is the game I’ve been looking for! Combat is incredibly interesting, unique and fun, with some aspects that could use a little work, but it doesn’t ruin the fun. I look forward to continuing to play through it.


The only game world that competes with it this year is the reimagining of Hyrule in Zelda. It’s staggeringly dense and hugely varied.

Oh yeah, don’t go rushing off to the robo T-Rex that is a Thunderjaw.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole (demo)

Well, that was a fast way for a game to screw itself over.

Because instant death QTEs are such a fun way to start a game, right?

The other thing that became very, very clear to me: I’ve out-grown this shit.

Oh yeah, it also committed the cardinal sin of not offering options at the start, so no ability to switch subs on, as that little shit Cartman just spouts unintelligible gibberish.

Steep: Road to the Olympics (beta)

In terms of the Olympic events, due to Ubisoft coding in a sarcastic commentary team, to which the only logical response after a bad run is to stick a snowboard into each of them via where the sun don’t shine, this won’t work for me.

In terms of adding a couple of new mountains, with new graphics, including cherry blossom trees, it will. Explored a little and managed to find this crevasse that leads into a tunnel that is very cool to bomb through at speed.


Skyrim: Dragonborn

There’s always a trigger point in this game, after which, you just decide to finish the quest line.

So it was here, I’m exploring Solstheim, doing bits ‘n’ pieces, then cross paths with Miraak and he’s pretty much a wousse relying on his goons to duff me up while in a frozen cutscene. Then later, after I’ve killed a dragon, he turns up and steals the soul.

OK, bastard, it is on.

Ripped his entire scheme to shreds, killed all his minions, his dragons, destroyed his weapons, broke his power and then fed him to Mora!


Truly colorful reportage of the more important news of the day. Well done, Ben!


ShopTo has Horizon Zero Dawn on offer for £20 today.

Before I buy it, I just want to check whether it’s a game that I can pick up and enjoy from the off, or whether I’ll have to spend hours getting into it before it starts to be enjoyable.

For context, I’m one of those types who finds the likes of Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 off-putting in terms of the depth and complexity of the various systems, and the focus on conversations and RPG elements. I’m led to believe that Zero Dawn is more action-based, but I thought I’d check here first. It looks beautiful but I’m not certain it’s for me.


The UFO chase bonus stages on Sonic Mania can fuck right off. There’s no way I’m going to be able to get all the Chaos Emeralds. I’ve decided to focus on all the gold coins for perfecting the blue sphere games. Having more fun with them - little mistakes end up to some neat recovery moments like this:

Though, truth be told, it is more common to lose the level rather than recover it like above.