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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Which in turn has gifted EA a sales reduction of 50-60% compared to previous games, depending on which game you look at to work it out.

It’s even impacted at the investor level.

I was sceptical that consumers would put their money where their mouth was, but they look to have done so. Whether in turn they have rendered the loot box mechanics and micro-transactions toxic enough to deter developers using them in future remains to be seen.


The trouble is, too much of the press is seeing the removal of micro-transactions in BFII as a victory (letting consumers think it’s problem solved and ok to buy), even though EA have blatantly stated it as a temporary measure and the game’s progression system is still rooted in random rewards. They’ll most likely just quietly turn the in-game credit purchasing options back on after Christmas.

On a related note.


24-48 hours ago I would have been similarly sceptical and was.

However, there is now so much momentum around this - with Belgium, Australia and now the US congress looking into it, I don’t think EA can possibly contemplate turning them back on now or ever. It’s become too toxic.

This line from Hawaii US Congressman Chris Lee has quickly gone viral:

This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money – it’s a trap.

What does that leave? EA with a Star Wars game whose entire progression is built around randomised loot boxes, which has been neat-universally slagged, even by restrained online sites like Gamespot and IGN. They can’t rebuild an entire game, well, maybe they could? It’d be the patch to end all patches.

As it is, EA are screwed. They have a Star Wars game, out ahead of The Last Jedi. What should have been an absolute smash hit is mired in controversy and their Disney overlords have to be severely cheesed off with them too.


Yeah I agree Ben, it is too big at the moment to just be ignored when the fuss may die down. Also we’re talking computer game fans here, when did they ever let up on an argument? :smile:


I hope that congressman was using “it’s a trap” in a semi-memetic way, I really do.


You’ll still find some claiming it was actually about ethics in games journalism


I recommend you just fly through the game, getting enough moons to leave each world and beating Bowser. It’s unusual, but is designed to be played through once to defeat the main story, then have each world revisit many times to get all the moons. In fact, there are areas and sections you can’t even get to until you’ve beaten the game.

It’s quite innovative, and caters to both casual and hardcore fans; the former can just do the initial play through and be happy with that.


I did intend to tee that one up for you Lorcan. :wink:


I’d be interested to know what you think about the switch as thinking about getting one for christmas.


It’s a really great bit of kit. Every piece of it feels really high quality, which unfortunately is reflected in the price. Extra Joycons are about £60 for a pair, but given what’s going on in them, that doesn’t seem too high. The versatility of switching between TV and handheld is great (not really tried the table-top option yet, but for games like Odyssey, where motion controls in the joycons give significant advantage to game play, it seems like it’d be a good variant on straight handheld).

Its catalogue of games is already fantastic (less so slightly if you had a Wii U) there’s a lot of indie stuff on the eshop that looks tempting.

I do feel like I need a case for it before I’d feel comfortable taking it anywhere though. But overall, I’d heartily recommend it.


Agreed. I have a PS4, but was shocked how high quality the Switch is. It’s very impressive.

As for the case, didn’t you get the red one that comes with it? Does the trick.


There wasn’t one that came with mine. I’m fairly sure there wasn’t, anyway.


I know I’ll end up getting a Switch when XC2 is out, it’s only a Q of how long I can resist temptation.

Two things that make it stand out from XB/PS brands:

Data careful - The Switch has far less memory than either console, 32GB, which I was concerned by. Turns out Nintendo are not going the bloated game data route that has defined PS4. Mario Odyssey is in the realm of 6-7GB for the entire game. Zelda and XC2, both big, open world games are at the 13 GB mark.

Compact design - The PS4 ain’t small, the Wii and Wii U were and Switch looks to be even more compact and aware of space.


Does anyone have Lego Worlds? Any good? Worth getting for kids for Christmas if it’s for sale at a decent price?


This Arkham Knight is good as a Batman simulator but the plot twists in the game makes it meander and go on and on and on.

I wish it was more straightforward.

Anyway the Arkham Origins creators (NOT Rocksteady) rumored that they might make another Batman game or another DC game (Superman maybe?)

Have to wait and see…


I hope that’s not true. Arkham Origins was by far the weakest of the series. Also I’d rather see a brand new take rather than a reskining of an Arkham game.


How you finding the Batmobile Al? Would you have ever expected that you could flip it so easily?


The car is fair but these tank drone battles and chases get to you after a while.

Thing is you can’t build up xp points by fighting the street thugs so once you get a certain amount that is it apparently unless you have a cheat engine.


What I came to hate about the Batmobile was:

  • The radar is shit.

  • The game’s Kahnian “guidance” doesn’t recognise 3 dimensions and because you don’t have an actual, just that shit radar, you’ve pretty much stuffed on a chase.

  • If you don’t take a wrong turning, you’ll either run into an indestructible tree or ping off a bollard which flips the Batmobile!

In the end, it killed the game for me.