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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


And to top it off, somehow I had Max Payne and Major Payne jumbled in my head, both partially seen for a couple minutes. Then had to watch both to suss it all out. Okay, sussed. One bad. One okay-ish comedy.


Heads up to at least Americans here that Horizon Zero Dawn is currently $20 on Amazon. I just snagged a copy in hopes that I’ll get to it in the next couple months.

I’m sure it will be sold at this price on Black Friday, but for those who want a jump on that…


I’ve been playing Tyranny the past couple days and am really enjoying it. Tried out Pillars of Eternity a while back, the other crpg revival game from obsidian, but found it a bit of a snooze. This one not only takes me back to the days of Baldur’s Gate, it also works great on its own.


I’ve been playing Lego Harry Potter with the kids and was amused at one of the bits in the Goblet of Fire episode. Cedric Diggory dies at the end (sorry but it’s pretty late for spoilers) and they show his grieving distraught father in the film.

In this somewhat lighter version Dumbledore walks up to him and gives him the Lego instructions on how to put him back together. :smile:


I love the Lego games for stuff like that. Their take on Rey meeting Luke at the end of the Force Awakens game was similarly amusing.


I am experimenting with this cheat engine and trying to give myself a LOT of xp in Arkham Knight.

I haven’t figured it out yet completely but when I do…

Oh: If you are interested:


I’ve dug out Sonic Generations on the PS3 recently to play with my son, and while it’s a fun game with lots of nice nostalgic touches, it also has all the frustrations of the 3D Sonic games (suddenly falling off ledges and walkways, occasionally wonky controls, frustrating level design) as well as some quite crap physics for retro-2D Sonic.

(Frankly, I think the release of Sonic Mania has really put it in the shade as far as celebrations of Sonic’s history go. I remember enjoying Generations more than this last time I played it.)

Replaying Generations has convinced me not to give the new Sonic Forces a try anyway, at least not until it comes down in price quite a bit. It looks like it has all the gameplay issues of Generations but none of the nostalgia and lightness, so I’m wary of shelling out for it at full price.


Generations was a day one purchase for me. I’m not feeling the same source of urgency when it comes to buying a copy of Forces.

I’m replaying Mania at the moment but the end boss is causing me a bit of grief.


The final final one (with all the Chaos Emeralds) or the boss of Titanic Monarch?

I find them both a bit irritating in their own ways. Especially given that Titanic Monarch is such a long zone anyway.


I’m selling back P5 today and starting in on Horizon Zero Dawn.

I actually love P5 and am nowhere near the end, but I’ve played 25-30 hours and, well, that’ll do for one video game. Whenever reviews boast that a game offers 100 hours of gameplay I always think that sounds like a pain in the ass.


Have you tried to really learn the fight system? I know I was flailing the first several hours, mashing every button, but eventually realized that was what was ruining me.


You’re going to have quite a time but remember it’s a Guerilla game - they don’t screw around.


The Titanic Monarch one. I just beat him and I’m quite Happy to say that’s complete enough - I’ve no interest in collecting all the chaos emeralds because fuck those mini games.


That Samurai robot he keeps sending you to is a bit of a pain in the arse.


Well there is a structured way to fight and inflict punishment but not on the street thugs but the militia on those missions.

Believe it or not, this cheat engine tutorial is getting more interesting.

Basically it is all hunt and peck, where you find a bunch of memory addresses with a certain value like ie. 500. Then you do something in the game like gain another 50, stop and go back to the engine to find the specific address that went up by 50 to 550. When you find that address, you can then take it, isolate it, and edit the value to whatever like 99999999. Afterwards you will find you will have that as your new value in the game.

Simple eh? Well the explanation is at least. :smile:


Pokemon Ultra Moon


I ordered a Switch yesterday. Huzzah!

I had hoped to get one off the high street. Game had a bundle on their website - neon joycon console, Mario Odyssey and Mario vs Rabbids for £330 - and I had my old iphone to trade in, so I figured that was a good deal. Unfortunately, Game’s website and physical stores don’t do the same offers. I asked if they were offering the same deal and was told it’d be £30 more expensive. But I was able to trade in the phone for a gift card to use online, I just had to hang around town in the pouring rain for an hour while they checked the phone.

Anyway, it’s turning up tomorrow (hopefully). Very keen to play Odyssey. Has anyone got any recommendations about accessories, especially screen protectors? I normally don’t bother with screen protectors, but I vaguely recall hearing about the dock being able to scratch the screen. I was surprised to see that a lot of the protectors available are actually glass, which is presumably just for storage, rather than use?

Also, any recommendations for eshop games? I’ve not been paying much attention to those, but I might try and get a good (cheap) multiplayer one.


Is anyone playing Star Wars Battlefront 2? I was just in New Hampshire yesterday (a state with no sales tax) and thought about getting it. The main thing that held me up is that I hadn’t heard anything about it, aside from one friend who is a huge Star Wars geek who LOVES it. And also it’s not a great idea to buy a new video game just before black Friday.

Looking at Black Friday flyers, though, it looks like it won’t be on sale. It looks like the big video game sales I might be interested in are Skyrim Special Edition (which I never played) and Injustice 2 for $20 each and I’ll probably choose one between Shadows of War, Wolfenstein 2, and Evil Within 2 for $30 (likely Wolfenstein).


You haven’t heard about the loot crate furore?


Post 4000!

My Switch arrived yesterday and wow. It’s a lot of fun. That’s largely down to the games, naturally. Mario + Rabbids is surprisingly funny (mind you, I’ve never got the hate many people have for Rabbids) as well as a solid tactical turn-based shooter. I just faced the first real challenge in the game and it’s got that nice balance of being tough without feeling unfair.

And then Odyssey. Just pure joy. I was worried at one point that I was going through it too quickly. I was in the third world, the first of any real size, and had got about a dozen power moons without even really trying. The game HUD was suggesting there’s only 15, which meant I could have cleared it in an hour or so. Checked the world guide (made to look like a tourist leaflet) and there’s actually 70 to get in that world alone, which is a huge relief.

I love the costume options too. The caveman hat has a really lank hair style that when teamed with the tuxedo makes Mario look like an emo rock star.