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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


So I think I’m going to move on from Persona 5. After 2 hour session last night where I spent almost the entire time clicking through dialogue, I’m getting the feeling the over the top handholding of this game isn’t going anywhere soon. Basically it’s becoming more and more clear that this game can’t help but get in the way of itself.

They emphasize the importance of ranking up your stats in the day-to-day “freedom” of the town they give you, but then they go and make you sit through 4 days of exams where you can’t do any activities, followed by spending another 4 days advancing the plot to allow access to another palace. It basically plays as a moderately interactive anime, which would be totally awesome if the writing were better. The over explanation of every aspect is getting on my nerves, and there’s funny dialogue choices, but none of the characters have a sense of humor, so that kind of ruins the fun.

The combat got stale pretty quickly, and now the most fun part is walking around areas and initiating encounters via ambush.

I’m ready to go back to a game that’s more interactive, so for now I may go back and finish The Last of Us DLC finally, or dive into Farcry 4, which I never finished.


Persona 5 is indicative of a certain style of Japanese gaming that is more like an interactive novel. It can definitely drag at times but there’s a lot about it that is pretty inventive and I’m still digging it. I’m complementing my sessions of it with Cuphead which is pure action.

Although I don’t know if I’ll make it to the end of P5.


I’m too sick to go into work tomorrow.

I’ve got a Switch and a hot off the presses copy of Mario Odyssey.

But I’m saving it for Christmas.

Clearly I have made some bad decisions.


This sounds like a really wonderful day to get all your hating of yourself out of the way.


Of course you are. Come on, what do you really want? You can let it out. The kid’ll never know. Just hide the save game file.


Actually, if the Switch was hooked up I probably would just break into the game. However, the Switch is part of the Christmas gift, and it would be too hard to hook it up. My kid would probably be home from school by the time all of the system updates downloaded.


Get a second home and play it there.


So, gave the Doom demo a second try, months later, having not got on too well the first time.

The map is still crap, the signposting leaves much to be desired and that R3 symbol is nigh-on unreadable. Initially, when it kicked off, it felt a bit too similar to last time. It’s also a bit too reliant on placing below your line of sight while they hit you.

But… As I went through a couple of sections, something altered and, before I knew it, I was going from enemy to enemy, doing either melee hits followed by glory kill, or a shotgun blast then mercy kill, depending on enemy type. That and I was far, far more mobile.

In hindsight, it’s pretty obvious, but what years of cover-based shooters combined with highly accurate enemy fire have taught gamers is to enter new areas carefully. To play Doom that goes out the window, to be replaced with: I’m over here, motherfuckers! Come and get it! Once you realise that the game gets far, far easier as it’s not about utilising cover as the be-all and end-all, sure, some helps, but the primary method is that of running up to an enemy and killing them, and their friends and everyone else.

The reason for trying it out is the main game is going for £9.49 on PSN, I’d already bagged Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for £3.99 - can’t really object to a game when it’s that cheap.


Whipping through Banjo Kazooie. Been playing it for years and it’s like tying my shoes. Got to Rusty Bucket Bay and reached 96 notes before I fell to my death due to a classic N64 atrocious camera angle…love the system, but it’s notorious for those bad camera shots.

Everything else has been 100% so far, but I think I won’t bother…I just want to get to Click Clock Wood and enjoy some of that music before moving onto the board game. Love that part of the game.


Buy it! Buy it!

I actually need to return to it and finish it, one of the larger areas later on in the game was proving incredibly tough so I put something else on as a palette cleanser and then got all wrapped up in other games.


So, did the first couple of levels of Doom.

It was pretty good, having played the first level on the demo saw me pretty much just carve my way through them, a whirlwind of bloody death. Talking of carving, got a chainsaw… Ye gods, talk about overkill, but very satisfying.

It then killed its momentum completely with a crappy security card sequence. After that, it was back to slaughtering everyone.

Think this’ll be an occasional game.

Went back to Skyrim and finally nailed the Dragon weaponry and armour.

There’s only one problem - the Dragon heavy armour is weaker than the Daedric! Which really should not be the case. So, I have Daedric armour combined with Dragonbone weaponry.


Yeah, I think Doom, while fun, was very dated game design. It was basically the same level just bigger/harder each time. There wasn’t much variety in the environments, there was little variation in pacing, and not much nuance between the baddies — you just throw everything at them and blow shit up. Fun, yes, but like you I thought it best in small doses.


I think for Doom, that works - trying to go too far away from what it’s known for wouldn’t have worked. They did make a token nod to current ideas, with the various upgrades, but in the main, it’s an old game with a very slick coat of new paint.

I can go with it.


I just picked up Snake Pass for a mere eight British pounds on the Switch e-shop. Just had an absolutely grand hour with it. This is the sort of thing that’s very well suited to being portable, while stuff like Mario Odyssey is great for playing on the TV. Picked up Thimbleweed Park as well, with Snake Pass it was just a little over £20 in total. The games are fun and everything, but for me the satisfaction comes from sitting here knowing I’ve got outstanding value for my money; it’s a kind of zen-like inner peace that people strive all their lives for.


I heard that Rocksteady was working on a Superman game but it was just a rumor.

Then again, if you do cheat codes to put yourself in god mode, wouldn’t you be Superman in every game? :smile:

I don’t know how a Superman game could work.

Anyway, I am still doing Arkham Knight taking my time…

Anyone here used Cheat Engine before?


Superman can move, think, and react at super-speed. The only way you could simulate that is to make it a first-person game where everything on screen (except Kryptonians and the Flash) moves in slow motion. I’m not a video game player so I’m not sure how that would feel, but I imagine it would get really tedious.


It was called Max Payne, and it came out like 16 years ago.


Was it really tedious?


Is that the origin of that hideous movie?


The first one was great, never played the second