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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I have played a load more Battlefield 1 recently. Why? I hear you cry… well mainly because we changed ISP and instead of having to leave the Xbox on overnight to ensure a game gets patched I was able to have all the updates that I had stacked up (5 or 6 by this point) done in around a half hour period. It really is unbelievable the difference between the two services and the kind of speeds we are now getting.
It’s a shame I’m so bad at these games, this better connection is wasted on me.


So Witcher 3.
Fucking Noonwraiths. Fuck them.
I’ve been hammering away trying to take down a level 18 noonwriath (I’m level 12).
Got him down to the last slither of health and the fucker got me. Bastard.
Next time.


Got Rogue Trooper Redux for my birthday. Haven’t played it yet but looking forward to giving it a blast. I am a bit worried how an 11 year old game is going to hold up though…


Was going to get a wee bash of Rogue Trooper in before dinner until…

Oh well, maybe after dinner then.


Agreed! Wraiths are a pain in the arse - the Noon / Midnight versions even more so.


I’ve got the standard version banged to rights after a bit of practice, at least as long as there is less than 3 at a time.
The noon wraiths are a pain though. The move where they rush through you and rip off about 2/3 of your health is ass.
I’ve at least worked out how to deal with the bit when they split into 3


Rogue Trooper definitely shows its age. The controls are clunky and the graphics look dated. It’s not without its charm though. The deployable sentry gun, the launchable mines and the multiple paths into each conflict zone elevate do make it feel a bit more interesting than a lot of other older third person shooters. A good shout releasing it as a budget title (RRP is £20 I think) - I’d most like be less kind of it was a full price retail game.


Finally nailed the bloody noon wraith last night.
Moved down the map to the next guarded treasure to find a level 20 gargoyle. It wiped the floor with me in 2 moves :laughing:.
That’s one to come back to. Time to jump back to the main quest.


It was quipped to me that if beastiary says ‘use Quen’ then you know it hits like a truck!


Any Switch owners here? Got mine on release date, but now realising I have to mop up all of Breath Of The Wild and get it finished before Mario Odyssey takes over as of Friday. Got about 10 shrines left and then the Rito and Goron beasts and then I’ve 100%ed it. Mainly got bogged down with sidequests and Korok seeds after I did my first two beasts, and then kind of left the game alone for a while. It’s a great game, but I’m not sure I fully agree with the foaming at the mouth universal praise it got when it first came out. I don’t know if it would find its way into my top 10 Zeldas as it stands. For me I see it as big potential for the next instalment; I’d like to see a more involving story to give me some direction and stop me from getting side tracked and bored, some more variety in the overworld like more towns/populated areas with sidequests that involve something other than just fetching something, a decreased number of shrines with each one being bigger and more unique, better weapon durability (especially early on), and much much more music because it’s a bloody Zelda game.


Did you get all 900? :astonished: My wife us playing Breath of the Wind on WiiU and said “fuck that” to 100%ing the seeds pretty early on in her play through.


Got somewhere in the high 700s at the minute, setting the Sheikah sensor to Koroks helped a lot, because the shrines are on average a lot more obvious. There’s big blank patches in the areas I unlocked later on, so I’m going to wander around them for a bit and see if that gets me them all. I don’t think I’ll ever get to the full 900 because of the complete pain it would be to pick up the last few stragglers, but other than that I reckon I can comfortably get everything in the game done with another 10 hours gameplay (this is without any DLC, reckon I’ll get that at xmas).


Finished South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and starting a new playthrough as a different character.

Fun game, improves on Stick of Truth, and has the same kind of humour (although I liked the SoT setting more).

Btw, if anyone has Twitch Prime and the game, there is a free dlc available as a bonus.

Edit: If anyone was wondering, there is a quite a few DLC for this game (the previous one had only two costume packs), although most of them are uplay rewards that you acquire by completing tasks ingame or achievements.

1) Danger Deck
Description: Players will have to face the ultimate combat challenge in Doctor Timothy’s Danger Deck . They will be able to unlock exclusive costumes and artifacts.
Cost: $5.99
Availability: December 2017
Included in the Season Pass

2) From Dusk till Casa Bonita
Description: A new story where players will team up with The Coon and Mysterion to defeat a demonic presence at Casa Bonita.
Cost: $11.99
Availability: 2018
Included in the Season Pass

3) Bring the Crunch
Description: A new story, including an all new superhero class.
Cost: $11.99
Availability: 2018
Included in the Season Pass

4) Relics of Zaron
Description: Costume and perks pack.
Cost: $4.99
Availability: On release
Included in the Season Pass

5) Towelie: Your Gaming Bud
Description: In game buddy giving tips.
Cost: $1.99
Availability: On release for preorders & Season Pass owners, on October 24 for the rest.
Included in the Season Pass

6) Coon and Friends Art Pack
Description: Rep the Coon and Friends super-hero franchise with this pack of wallpapers and concept drawings.
Cost: 0 Uplay Units
Availability: Now

7) Tree Fiddy in Cash
Description: Kickstart your adventures with a cool $3.50. Don’t spend it all in one place!
Cost: 0 Uplay Units
Availability: On release

8) Super Crafty Pack
Description: A pack of crafting materials that includes 10x Tech/Scrap/Biohazard and 4x Glue/Duct Tape.
Cost: 20 Uplay Units
Availability: On release

9) Iron Inventor Costume
Description: Unlock the Iron Inventor Costume set, for the industrialist/crime fighter who has almost everything.
Cost: 20 Uplay Units
Availability: On release

10) For Hardcore Goths Only
Description: Life is pain so put on your Goth hair with customizable color streaks and Goth makeup.
Cost: 30 Uplay Units
Availability: On release

11) Gadget-Lover Pack
Description: Like gadgets? Prove it with this pack of gadget-themed artifacts and upgrade recipes.
Cost: 30 Uplay Units
Availability: On release

12) Assassin Pack
Description: Unlock the Assassin Costume, Hidden Blade Artifact, and upgrade recipes. Requiescat in pace.
Cost: 40 Uplay Units
Availability: On release

13) Super Streamer Starter Pack
Description: Stream your crime-fighting exploits IRL while wearing an exclusive purple costume designed for the tech-savvy hero. Get a leg up on your enemies when you start your journey with $1.75 in starting cash and assorted crafting materials.
Cost: Reward for being Twitch Prime member.


I’ve been playing this game. I really love it, but I will probably be playing it for 10 years at the pace I play at. I’m about 12 hours in, which is further than I make it with most games, and apparently I only have 88 more hours to go.

It is really neat though, so well thought out, and unlike anything else I’ve ever played.

EDIT- Also, everyone is different but I found I had a lot MORE time to play video games after each of my kids were born. The fact is new babies don’t require a ton of work but they do require you to be at home and on call, which means a lot of idle downtime on the sofa. For me, anyway.


Interesting. This is a good game for that, since there’s a lot of opportunity to put down the controller.

I just beat the first palace. So maybe I’m out of the tutorial phase now after almost 20 hours of gameplay. Still having a good time.

After the first palace you get to name your group. My teammates seemed really enthusiastic about my choice to name the team “Phil Collins”.


Ha, I finished the first palace at 10 hours. What are you doing that takes this much time? Are you farting around and talking to every NPC? The game is on a time limit!


I clearly need to stop listening to all the side conversations…

Honestly I set the controller down and walk away a lot. Help the wife, change the laundry, continue cooking, etc. This game is kind of perfect for that.


This Arkham Knight is OK for a rainy afternoon outdoors. You stay inside and play this Batman simulator…

I finally rescued Catwoman fwiw, but I feel I had to go through WAY too much.

The game is nice, but one thing leads to another and another and on and on. Doesn’t seem to end.

Some of the side missions are all right and you can rack up points for upgrades.

Anyway… carry on.


That’s about how I felt about that game. Was a big fan of Asylum and City, never played origins, but something feels a bit off with this one.

I do like the integration of the vehicle in combat. However, I’ve never been one for racing games, so Riddlers challenges were in just a means to an end for me.

I still haven’t finished the game.


So, last night I finally got to having the Ebony Armour in Skyrim. Never got that before because I han’t worked out how the Smithing mechanism operated. Next is Deadric…

Tonight was funny. I did the quest at Darklight Tower with Ilia and had Serana as a companion. So, tore through the place, killed everyone, got to the boss fight, killed her.

Then, while I was busy looting the boss’ corpse and grabbing the treasure, Ilia picked a fight with Serana and Serana killed her arse good. So, I’m standing there going 'OK, that happened… Fine, what did Ilia have on her? Will have that, and that, and that".