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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Is it difficult? I’d read in a couple of reviews that some parts were quite tough.


Cuphead looks lovely - I wish it was available on PS4 as I’d definitely grab it.


I’m very keen on the art style, but that it’s just a series of (rock-hard) boss fights has put me off a little. I think I’ll wait for it to inevitably plummet in price on GOG.


Reminds me of Alien Soldier (which I loved).


It’s pretty hard, but it plays like Megaman which I’ve always been fairly good at.

But yeah, as we’ve gone over in this thread, boss fights are a little lame and outdated in 2017.


I’ve no problem with boss fights themselves, I just think it’s a bit like having dessert without a meal beforehand. Mega Man, for instance, wouldn’t work without the boss fights or with just the boss fights.


Yeah bosses without levels was a curious choice. Oh well, it was only 20 bucks.


I’ve been playing Destiny 2, lots of Destiny 2. I really like this game because it has a a simplified mmorpg feel and can be very casual or super intense depending on what you feel like getting into.

It’s easy to just hop on and shoot things for 30 mins for a quick escape. I’ve been really enjoying myself.


Finally, in Skyrim, I own Hjerim.

Ended up being a total bastard to get due to having to do the Civil War questline, which in turn saw the Battle of Windhelm be done about 5 times:

  • First one, Legion soldier gets too close - death kill,they all turn on me. Never mind that I had had many Legion soldiers walk right through me.

  • Second try - throw fireball, catches Rikka, who takes it way too personally.

  • Third try - get to the Palace, roast Ulric, no new Jarl, so I redo the battle cue from the Palace section onwards…

  • Number four - As I shoot Galmar from the side, Rikka walks right into it, turns hostile.

  • Fifth go - Tullius goes hostile this time.

  • Sixth go - Do sweet feck all, let them kill the pair, get them spread out, kill Ulfric - still doesn’t work.

So, went trawling around online, found a highly counter-intuitive but successful solution. Was able to talk to Freewinter and unlock the ‘buy property’ options. For all they spend time on doing up the graphics on remasters, fixing the actual mechanics of quests would be good too!


The N64 is my machine; it’s the one I have the most attachment to. Mario 64 was great, and of course Goldeneye defined a generation of FPS. I just loved that I was able to squeeze so much play out of even slight efforts like International Superstar Soccer 64, and San Francisco Rush 64.

I installed the free Stranger Things game in iPad yesterday - it’s really quite well done. Proper free, none of that “free to play but we’ll try to get you to buy gems/coins/bullets” nonsense. Old-school top-down view, with all the characters we know from season 1.


Well, Star Wars: Battlefront II was the most unfriendly new player experience I’ve had in years.

I didn’t expect much as I don’t do much in the way of multiplayer, but it would have been nice to be able to at least work out the controls - a TIE should feel pretty nippy, but nope. So, press that button? No. Is there anything here that actually tells me what the controls are? No.

Ok, fine, I got the message: “New players aren’t wanted, get lost.”

Did try the first one on a demo and it was pretty but empty, this was the same. If you have time enough to work what you’re doing and like the play-die-respawn cycle then it’s probably far better but I can’t say I like that cycle of play either.


Went and did the Dreadnought level in FF12 and the party is now complete!

They also went and gave Judge Ghis a serious duffing up, including sending his own Aero spells back onto him via a Reflectga mote. So do now have an expanded array of offensive and defensive options to consider how best to combine, along with an expanded party.

One neat point is when Penelo rejoined she was at a level equal to the others that was good, not sure the old game would have done that.


I’ve had a real love hate affair with online gaming over the years. To be honest I’ve played very little. I played some Halo and Call of Duty 2 on the 360 back in the day and some Blur (which was ace) but that was about it. I never really ‘got it’. I’m someone who likes an endpoint, some finality and completion so always gravitated more towards solo play with the aim of ‘beating’ games. Then my friend tried and tried to get me on Star Wars Battlefront. He bought a PS4 when the original game launched and has bought no other game since.

I started out gingerly last year and was immediately thrust back to my very brief experience of some other FPS game, which I forget right now, I tried online a few years ago. I instantly felt outclassed and was dying left right and center. I like to consider myself a good gamer so the feelings of inadequacy felt unnatural and wrong.

I persevereved and after a few sessions I realised two things. When you have enough credits you can start getting access to the better power ups etc and alongside this you realise that you can’t go off lone wolfing it all the time (although sometimes that is a tactic I use. Sneaking in solo behind enemy lines undetected is immensely satisfying). With these two things in mind my enjoyment skyrocketed. Then something weird happened. After about 100 hours play, of being consistently competitive, I started to regress. I was dying a lot more and getting less kills. My buddy told me it;s not about the K:D ratio but I felt I needed that to be a positive number otherwise I didn’t feel competitive and I get my enjoyment from being competitive. Long story short I quit the game.

Fast forward to last Friday and my buddy tells me the Beta of SWBFII is free to play at the weekend. He convinced me to have a go and here’s what happened in the two games I played.

I got absolutely crushed. Fortunately they seem to have removed the death stats otherwise that would be uncomfortable reading. I had no clue what was going on felt really out of my depth. It has firmly put me in the ‘not buying’ camp. Here’s the kicker. Even though I’d say less than 5% of my gaming in the last 35 years has been online, I can honestly say that some of the most satisfying moments in my gaming career have actually been whilst playing online. Hooking up your headset and getting a couple of buddies in a private chat whilst working as a well oiled machine is immensely enjoyable.

I know it’s not for everyone and right now I’m down on it but if you haven’t tried it and think, ‘it’s not for me’, you really could be missing out. I love Star Wars so part of me wants to shake it off and give it another go but the stubbornness in me is holding firm right now. We’ll see what happens.


Well FF12 tonight was both a nostalgia fest and new experience:

Nostalgia - I spent a lot of time in the Sandsea platforms, slaughtering Urutan-Yensa enemies, while avoiding elementals that go nuclear if you use magic in their vicinity.

The new - I’m playing this version far more tactically than I did way back when. I’ll take on 4 enemies, have Basch attack one, meanwhile Ashe targets another and friends with Aero. As soon as that charges up, it one-shot kills every enemy in range! How can I put this? It’s, er, oh yeah:

So now part of me is thinking, can I craft a gambit for this, to allow this double attack come mass murder mechanism? The answer may well be: Probably.

Went into a section that had an elemental, legged it out to the previous one, turned off any magic gambits and went weapons only, which the elemental was fine with.

I think over the course of a couple of hours, as I mapped the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea I must have killed at least 200 of the same enemies!


So, having crafted a set of quite intricate gambits - for me anyway - I tried them out tonight.

Had to do some quick re-tuning but when it ran, damn. I’ve Basch, with Protect on, as decoy for a bunch of Urutan-Yensa, who go after him, while Ashe charges up Aero to nuke the area and all of this happens without me doing a damn thing. Then Basch gets hit by a Tri-Attack that inflicts Slow, so he whips out a Chronos Tear. Later, after another Tri-Attack, Vaan then hits Cura on the party.

To think they had this system all set in a game that came out originally in 2006 is very impressive. FF12 was ahead of its time.


I’m onto my sixth restart of X-Com 2, the second at the easiest difficulty setting. My difficulty with the game is two-fold.

  1. The pace: in the original you could take your time and build up your agents quite steadily and, if careful, you could have a rolling stock of recruits joining missions with experienced agents to level them up and build their abilities.
    X-Com 2 takes this away by very quickly adding in a timer and while this can be slowed down through successfully completing story missions I have felt, so far at least, that I never have appropriate forces to take these missions on.
    Thematically it works perfectly as you are supposed to always feel under-threat, you are a guerrilla force operating on an occupied earth, but everything just happens so quickly it is incredibly difficult to get the balance of task just right.
  2. The difficulty curve: X-com did a fantastic job of amping up the difficulty as you progress. Just as you got comfortable with an enemy type and a new, stronger, tougher and tactically different enemy type was added. It was tough, if you weren’t careful an encounter with a new alien type was very costly. In 2 the new alien types and variations on the familiar seem to come even more quickly than before and they also throw in “boss” variants of some of the alien types. These are tougher than the standard, have special abilities and also get to act outside the usual turn order (usually after each friendly character moves instead of once per turn). There appears to be no warning as to when these bosses appear and, in my experience so far, their appearance always results in friendly fatalities.

Hopefully now that I am more familiar with these aspects I can better manage resource collection, character advancement, base improvements, expansion across the world map and uptake of story missions


The N64 was pivotal for me as well.

I liked Rush 2 the best out of the Rush series. My friend and I would play stunt mode for hours! I just replayed Paper Mario as well. I don’t remember International Superstar Soccer 64. I’ll keep my eye out for it. Lately I’ve been playing through some of the “Trials Mode” of Turok Rage Wars. I absolutely love the idea of Rage Wars. All it is, is a multiplayer FPS game. No story. Just load up and play together.

Not to sound like an old guy, because I get the point of modern FPS games. I LOVED Battlefield Bad Company 2, but I do miss the couch style FPS games. Invite 3 friends over and shoot the hell out of each other. No online, just you, your buddies and a console. I think Halo/Halo 2 was the last game to do that well. Anyway, Rage Wars reminds me of Unreal Tournament. Just a big ol’ all out spree.

I think if I had to choose one game on the N64 I would have to choose Banjo Kazooie. I could play that game over and over and not get tired of it.


I just finished Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. I was spurred to replay it by the release of the remake, but figured I’d stick with my original GBA copy that I only got halfway into way back when.

Overall, it’s a fun game, but I can see why I lost interest the first time, as it loses story momentum about half way in. It’s occasionally very funny, but in other places a tad pedestrian. There’s an annoying reliance on mini games to pad things out and the final area has you fight all the Koopalings, which is fun from a “hey, it’s the Koopalings” perspective, but a bit of a drag gameplay-wise. I’d have considered ditching the somewhat tedious castle section, which feel like a needless retread of puzzles from earlier in the game, and just done a mini-boss rush of them.

I played on my modded GBA, which still works great, except it really doesn’t like rechargable batteries. It seems unable to recognise their charge, flashing the battery light colours and just turning off randomly. Works fine with regular AA batteries, but I’d forgotten how fraught it can be, playing a long section of a game, not having saved for a while, with the batteries looking like they’re about the fail. Years of using systems that you can just plug in a charger to has coddled me.



I started playing Persona 5. This is unlike any other game I’ve ever played, and I thought I wasn’t crazy about the Final Fantasy-esque combat system, but I’m really enjoying what they’ve done with it in this game. This game is really deep though, I’m about 10 hours in and still going through tutorials. The tutorials are really well integrated though so that a game this immense doesn’t intimidate new players in the series, like myself.

I’m really enjoying this game so far, but we’ll see once I get deep into it…if I can get any more into it with a kid due any day now…