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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


So tonight’s Yakuza session - a real mixed bag:

Storming the Triad HQ was superb, save for the game’s tendency to keep interrupting my righteous kicking of Triad arse with goon intro sequences, which extended to the boss fight.

The escape sequence with what is a Virtua Cop segment was utter crap. It was crap in Yakuza Zero and it was crap here and it would have been crap in the original a decade ago too. Not to mention it added insult to injury by blocking any use of healing items. Utterly irredeemable.

The sequence that followed, where you have to save Shinji was a quite, quite epic long battle sequence aka Kazzy Decks Everyone. Only a crappy boss fight took the shine off of it - guy with guns who gets to move super-fast.


Today I bought a Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and I preordered Mario Odyssey.


It’s a Christmas gift for my kid so I can’t play any of this for almost four months.



Just keep the plastic on the screen, and the plastic wrap for the game and play it before bed :wink:

A hairdryer on the plastic wrap will make the game look like new again.


Then what am I going to play on Christmas? Mario and Christmas go together perfectly.


Look, your job as Dad involves making absolutely certain the tech works, OK?

It’s your kid’s job to wipe the floor with you at Mario Kart 8.


Ben’s got a point, Robert. You need to make sure it works. Mario Kart especially, you don’t know that one random track won’t crash the system.


Sadly my kid is nowhere near my league in Mario Kart.


As loot boxes seem to be taking over the big games - Star Wars: Battlefront II, Shadow of War, Destiny 2 - I’ve realised how much my interest in gaming has altered over the last year or so:

I’m only buying those games I’m really interested by and have kept the “remasters” to a minimum - only FFXII and Skyrim, ones that have had a good amount of work done.

The ones I have bought? Are becoming more niche - Yakuza games, Redout, Abzu, probably get Sonic Mania at some point, Wonderboy: Dragon’s Trap.

The ones I’ve ceased to care about? Pretty much all the upcoming “big” games - Assassins Creed Origins? Nah. Battlefield? Nah. Call of Duty? Nah. It’s not that I haven’t bought some major games, but more that they all came out in March this year - Zelda, HZD, ME:A and of those ME:A got the crap kicked out of it by Zelda and HZD.

Hadn’t noticed it until I started considering what I’ve bought and when.


Perhaps not a standard “video game”, I still play Jeopardy! every day, live, at Six questions “count” towards overall score. I’ve been in a long, long slump at 89%. Then, today:


So Redout

Got to the Class II events and the AI quickly demonstrated its bastard hard tendencies, so now living its reputation. That, in itself, wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t also resort to being a cheating arse by smashing me out of the way, without any apparent damage! Then, just to add insult to injury, if you get below 3rd, the game twists the knife by saying ‘you came x, try again’ - I don’t need a video game flipping me the goddamn bird for being below a certain position. That’s a deliberate piece of arse coding.

Outside of this? The other flaw is that some events are indeed utter arse and the only reason I’d ever play them is to unlock the track for Quick Race use. One, Speed, I don’t get at all, but hey, got a track or two unlock out of it.

On the plus side? The track designs remain utterly mad. I’ve no idea what crazed mind came up with the Vertex tracks. Some of the new Cairo, Alaska and Abruzzo tracks looks utterly incredible - one of the last includes underwater sections. Oh yeah, insane jumps too.

So, I’m never going to love the Career Mode, but I’ll put up with it to get the XP and cash to unlock the tracks because that’s all I really want from the game

EDIT: Realised I forgot something - whatever your position in an event, you still get cash / XP - I just really dislike the’try again’ text that comes up.


As part of the current Sonic craze (in our house, anyway) I bought the Christian Whitehead Sonic CD remaster on the PS3 this morning. It’s the only one of the ‘classic’ games that I never played through to completion, although I’ve played it a few times in the past.

It’s pretty good but very much its own thing - the time-travel mechanism is an interesting one and is cleverly deployed (with all the variations on individual zones - which must have required quite a bit of work), but it does break up the gameplay a bit too much for me, even if it does encourage exploration and a different approach to playing the game.

It still holds up, anyway. And I love those old animated cutscenes, which I remember being a big deal at the time.


Yeah, Sonic CD’s definitely feels like more of an exploration game than a “gotta go fast” game and is probably the one I’ve played the least of as a result.


I have returned to The Witcher 3, instead of doing random quests as I found them I am going through playing the story quests and side quests these produce in order.

I’m still dying a lot, but at least him making progress


Read the bestiary, use oils, potions, and bombs. It seems tedious at first, but once you get more familiar with it it makes combat much more enjoyable because encounters tend to be much more unique.

Also, I found vanilla to be a rather weak story line, but the expansions (Heart of Stone and Blood & WIne) are exceptional.


So Redout presents as this speed racer but the amount of goddamn weaponry that turned up in races was a bad joke.

Doesn’t matter what I do, the AI always has better acceleration at the start and then keeps the lead no matter what, no errors ever. But even if I keep up, cue loads of bullshit weapons, the display goes to shit, in that 1-2 seconds everyone got to overtake you.

Add in it fucking with perspective so you think you’re about to pull off a jump, oh no you’re not, you’re just off - craft explodes.

The sad thing is it didn’t really need to resort to this kind of shit but has. The way it works is you play the Class I events and it seems fine, aggressive yes but beatable, you start on the Class II and every AI suddenly pulls super-nitro boost out of its arse. As to Class III and IV, probably be even worse. It’s not that I can’t still unlock stuff, I can, but the inclination is to say ‘fuck you’ to the game and play the fun events, only doing those I have to unlock a new track - as that’s really the aim.


Thanks to a local guy who makes some flawless reproduction carts, I’ve been playing some Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel and Super Turrican 2 on SNES. Only way I can play 'em because who can afford what they’re going for?


I was just getting into the oils & bombs element when I stopped playing before and once I get my bearings again i’m sure I’ll get back on that horse.

I have the GOTY edition with both the expansions pre-installed. Which makes it hard to determine just how much extra they actually added.


Basically any post level 30 content.


I was thinking map extensions rather than missions.


Toussaint is huge, easily equal to Skellige or Velen or Novigrad - it’s seriously hefty.