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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


That is quite tough - probably the part that took me the longest to crack (no pun intended).


I liked the sequel and the fact that it pushed both the variety of gameplay and the wacky humour much, much further than the first game. But it ended up feeling a bit less focused and a bit more rough around the edges as a result.

All worth it for that ending though.


I recently recommended Factorio to a friend as a game her son might be interested in despite having not played it myself.

She let me know he loved it and I decided I should probably give it a go.

The game is a an isometric style engine building game. You are an astronaut stranded on a planet after a crash. You have a basic axe to begin with and the knowledge of how to create a few simple tools using the natural resources you can extract your overall aim is to harness these resources to build a rocket and leave the planet.

Pretty soon you have an engine in place in which mining machines are feeding furnaces which are smelting metals which are feeding into production machines which are creating parts necessary for larger, more efficient and more complex machines.

My first world is an absolute mess, I started excavating raw materials in four separate locations and didn’t build a great infrastructure, I am now trying to get it all to fit together while successfully moving resources around the map via a tangled system of conveyors.

I will need to restart to create something more efficient but I’m not yet ready to give up o this first attempt.


And true to form, he’s responded to this by calling the woman who wrote the article a man.

I loved the EWJ cartoon as a kid, but never got a chance to play any of the games til EWJ 3D on the N64, which… was not good.


Well, Level 50 looms after a hefty session that saw Aloy go from 46 to 49.

As part of that, did the Sunstone Rock quest. The first was a surprise, as it involved killing two Behemoths, which went better than expected. The later section where you track 3 prisoners down was complete crap. On one I’m going through this canyon and if you go from one angle Aloy jumps, if you go from another - she dives! It should make no difference. On another one it had an instruction of ‘search the Inn’, when the clue was outside and in front of the Inn! The third was the craziest - I’d lured her out, killed her with tripwires, then it says go talk to her, did that and it warped me right into the bandit camp when I came out of the cut-scene! So, everyone got killed. A really crappy quest.

The Brin one was better - to my surprise I went and tore the crap out of a Thunderjaw - blasted its guns off, the disc launchers, a load of armour and finished it off with those launchers. Even better was duffing up a Stormbird, the second one of the game - my strategy now goes, take out the lightning gun, shoot / burn it to death.

So, today’s list of dead robots is:

  • Stormbird

  • Thunderjaw

  • Ravager

  • Glintwing

  • Stalker

  • Sawtooth

  • Broadhead

  • Charger

  • Strider

  • Behemoth

  • Lancehorn

  • Grazer

  • Scrapper

  • Snapmaw

Probably in multiple quantities save for the Thunderjaw. Oh and many, many Bandits.

EDIT: Things I forgot:

Killed Rockbreakers - 4 of them, in pairs, on two fights, then separately a 5th turned up, right in the open - screw that, I warped out.

Also had some fun with Corruption arrows and a couple of Snapmaw packs. Very fun watching them go at each other.


I’ve been playing Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis recently. I got a copy ages ago, when my sister offloaded all her DS collection onto me (it and possibly Tetris DS were the only good games out of a dozen or so).

It’s quite a fun game. Best comparison is Lemmings, really, as you guide 2-5 clockwork Marios around a map of puzzling obstacles. It’s got lots of traditional Mario elements, from (clockwork) Shy-Guys to Thwomps and fun musical homages, but it owes as much to Donkey Kong as well. Just the original arcade one, rather than the modern DK games (beyond DK’s general character design).


I’m still on Doom at the moment. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am finding that the level structure really suits short burst playing.
I have just returned from Hell and I’m steadily making my way back through the Argent facility.
Did anyone else aim to glory kill the first instance of any new monster? I think I’ve successfully done this with everything but the Summoner.


Yep, one of the reasons I like it. I can jump on for an hour or so and not worry about having to devote a whole evening to it.


I finished out rise of the tomb raider on Friday. Solid game, I think it struck the balance between completist collectibles and game content well.
Even on hard though, it was incredibly easy.

Next up Witcher 3, let’s see if it deserves all the rave reviews here :blush:


So, today’s HZD play:

Did 2 sidequests, both were quite good without any dumb stuff cropping up.

Also killed Redmaw, despite him being a cheap bastard at the end and resorting to running Aloy over again and again.

Have gotten better at open combat this weekend, having taken out Stormbirds yesterday and Redmaw today.

Also got the last upgrades I needed, so all that’s left is to go to Sunfall and really progress the main quest. Have now hit Level 50 and have stocked up on Blaze, I’m probably going to need it… next weekend.


I just beat FFIII (SNES) a week or so ago and played through (mostly through) a bunch of N64 games throughout the summer as well. I just started Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced today, although I dunno how long I’ll be able to take the tiny GBA screen. I’m not as young as I used to be…I can’t believe I could sit for hours staring at the thing. End goal: Get a Gamecube with a Gameboy player for a decent price to alleviate this problem.


Witcher 3, I was sick of looking like a hobo with the armor sets I was getting so I did some hunting for the Ursine Witcher gear. I spent way too long doing this, but it was fun nonetheless…except for the one time when the game autosaved right before I fell off a cliff and died, so when it loaded I kept falling and dying…also that other time I fell into a waist deep puddle and couldn’t jump out…

Beyond those issues, it was still good fun and I actually look like a warrior now and not some old dude who refuses to buy a new sweatshirt.


I’ve started (re)playing Chrono Trigger this week. I played it originally on the SNES (well, an emulator) about ten years ago and I’ve got the DS version this time. It suffers a little bit from being squashed onto the DS’s small screen, though that’s ameliorated a bit by the new DS control scheme option that moves the combat menus down onto the touchscreen. When you’re in classic mode, they’re quite small and cluttered on the main screen.

The other addition is a sub-Pokemon monster pit fighting thing, which is a bit odd. I’m not quite sure what the point of it is. You can win items, I guess, but so far I’ve won a bit of equipment I’d just got in the main game anyway and I don’t really feel the need to get ahead on the main game with over-powered items.

It’s still a great game though. Especially the music. Square were the masters of soundtracks in the mid-90s.


I’ve been pottering around the Witcher 3 the last two days. Got through the Griffin quest and just exploring the surrounding area a bit before moving on with the story.
Still trying to get a handle on the combat system .


Give yourself plenty of slack on it, there’s a lot of options to get your head around.




We’re not supposed to notice that and you just decide to declare it?


No offense but I’m prettttttty sure if all of us were at a pub and there was a Galaga game, I would beat everyone here.

In fact I insist, the pub near my house.


I haven’t played Galaga in many years, so I’ve no doubt you’d wipe the floor with me. But man, I loved that game as a kid.