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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Due to the fact the child was in nursery I was able to get a solid nine hours of Fallout 4 under my belt. A huge chunk of that time was spent fannying about rather than actually playing missions.


My best friend bought a Switch yesterday (was tied to getting one from Argos, due to some vouchers, and there was only one available in a 30 mile radius, apparently), so we had a go on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe last night. It’s my first time to use the Switch in a casual setting and it was quite fun. I mean, a lot of that is down to Mario Kart, although I found it handled a lot differently to the Wii U version, even after turning off the driving aides. That might be because I’m so used to using a particular kart and tyre set-up, which hasn’t been unlocked though.
We were using the joycons for controllers and it certainly is hugely convenient to have two controllers right out the box. That said, they are verging on uncomfortably small. Didn’t think to add the joycon grips at first, which made them really too awkward to use (almost impossible to press the shoulder buttons properly that way). I think when I get a Switch, I’d definitely try and get a Pro controller too.


So, after one epic HZD session:

Tried a couple of Hunter’s Trials - would like the option to go back and beat the keeper to within an inch of his life for those bastards always lie. Tie down a Trampler? OK, oh it’s tie down two! The little bastard also doesn’t know the difference between plural and singular. Did that, just, despite every creature deciding to join in, tried another and it was complete arse. So I’ve concluded from that I’m not going to be completing the Hunting Grounds.

Did the Maker’s End quest - damn, was that irritating in how it worked - the ‘kill the humans’ sections tend to be the worst of the game and this was no different, except this time they threw a Deathbringer, which apparently can see through cover. So strategy went out the window - again - in favour of tripwires and shooting from cover. Must have gotten lucky on the Deathbringer as one shot did about 90% damage. Cover? Pretty much feck all, as just about guide said there was cover. Still killed them all and embarked on an epic climb which was far better. Got some major plot revelations and the power cell.

On the way to Maker’s End, I did the Blood on the Rocks quest. It’s always rubbish when the game does cutscene ambush, because its combat system is so weighted towards stealth and traps. So legged it to the end of the quarry where it can’t burrow beneath me and slowly potshotted it to death. Very irritating fight all things considered.

So, did it get better? Well did just about manage to take out a Thunderwing for the Hunter’s Lodge trophy - managed to snag a disc launcher and blow the crap out of it, with melee strikes sufficing after that.

Then went after the last Tallneck which involved a crazy amount of robo-slaughter - by the time I got onto the Tallneck, 3-4 Watchers, 2-3 Redeye Watchers, 4-5 Ravagers and 2 Bellowbacks were dead. The Bellowbacks and Watchers died due to Ravager cannons, which I had two of. 2 Ravagers Aloy went and melee’d to death as well. Had killed 2-3 Ravagers with tripwires and a cannon, then made sure I had both guns in the vicinity when everything went nuts.

Did a bit more exploration, killed a few Longlegs and Scrappers, then did 2 more Ravagers on the way to a Shadow Carja town near Kestel’s Perch, where I’ll probably end up killing everyone there at some point, but not today.

Did a quest for a thief who then tried to ambush me, having killed a Sawtooth,. 4 stalkers and a Glinthawk pack - turns out they really don’t like fire! - on the way to that location, that was only going to end one way. So killed them, took the stuff, tracked down the leader and watched as he crapped himself.

Have just hit Level 40. Also have got two trophies of the ‘you have killed every machine of this group’ !


I’m on the home stretch of rise of the tomb raider.
The bit after the research centre and the second trip to the prison, where you have to take down heavily armoured guards who have heat vision by swimming around and popping out of little pools of water.
Not fun .
If the swimming mechanism was worth a damn maybe, but since it’s ass, so was this.
In the end , on the 5th attempt I took out the first two guys from the pools, then when the rat were gathered around the middle of the room I popped out of a pool at the edge and lobbed 3 grenades at them. That did the trick.
I have a couple of collectibles left to grab from the two big areas and then on to want o assume is the endgame.


Now that it has finally finished the mega-update I’m getting back into Doom.

I have just reached Hell and I am making slow progress through this.

I am throughly enjoying the return to old school style FPS, lots of circle strafing and constant movement. I find I overuse the glory kills, that flashing enemy and brutal animation is just too much to resist. I think my first kill of most new monster types has been a glory kill.

I am glad that the cycle of the enemy introduction had changed slightly since getting to hell. The formula of a new bigger, stronger enemy each big set piece was getting a bit repetitive. Now it appears that two new enemy types and a really varied mixture of the enemies is occurring.

My only issue has been with some of the more platform style sections where I have fallen between platforms and then got stuck underneath them instead of falling to my death.


I’m back at my moms house, and my old desktop PC is still set up here. Just Cause 2 and Civilization V all the way.

My god these games are great.


Today’s session was the most irritating HZD has been in a while:

The Into the Borderlands quest started off OK, but then resorted to hive-mind AI that’s always crap, with enemies far, far away having the most incredible eye-sight and accuracy. Oh and once the game decides you’ve lost cover you shall never, ever regain it. The quest compounded this with the most crappy cut-scene entry of a Boss character, where we see Aloy fleeing - who, by this time, has killed a few hundred people - then the game puts you in a combat fight against a character in full alert with a missile launcher, who doesn’t feel pain when hit, it doesn’t matter if you shot him with arrows either. It was crude, crude crap that really didn’t belong in the game. I know what Aloy should have done and it would have been better if she had - spear, into head, guy dies, stuff the ‘boss fight’, no one really cares about those anymore especially when it relies on said ‘boss’ being immune to everything. Due to all the crap that preceded it, couldn’t really enjoy the cutscenes as much as I would have liked to. It did prove, once again, the ‘kill humans’ sections tend to be the weakest and worst sections of the game.

So, headed back to Pitchcliff and got a new sidequest that started off complete arse - Glinthawk pack, but hey I got a load of guys hitting them. Great, except 9 times out of 10 they get in the way. The other irritating aspect was that the fall icon would come up, I’d go over to the fallen Glinthawk, no Critical Hit prompt comes up or, if it does, it does so randomly, so that was rubbish. As was getting to the base of the mountain where the workshop was. The climb section was very well done, as was taking out a Freeze Bellowback by it hitting 5 explosive tripwires, which in turn ignited its freeze sac which exploded, taking its belly and, had it had any, nuts off, so killing it. The quest culminated in a pain-in-the-arse Stormbird fight, but wait! If you take out the 3 lures, the bird might leave - yeah, fine, except you can’t just shoot the things, no you have to leave cover and examine them. It was transparent game bullcrap of the highest order, only exceeded when the Stormbird managed to do a physical attack through an entire stone tower! So, eventually killed its lightning gun, which took far more tear arrows than it should have done, then roped, burnt and melee’d the bastard to death. Then killed the last lure.

Headed back to town, meleeing two Ravagers to death on the way - which is both nuts and very satisfying, plus helped some guys take out a third - opportunistic? Oh yes. Earlier I’d watched a Sawtooth and Shell-Crawlers kill bandits, then a Corrupted Rock-Breaker started attacking them, so I let it weaken them, then finished them off so bagging the XP. Looted the lot and quietly legged it - I’m not taking on a pair of Corrupted Rockbreakers.



So I’m now wondering who on earth at Guerilla thought their Grave-Hoard boss battle with a Deathbringer was a good idea? Because it wasn’t. It was vile, stinking, prehistoric, anachronistic bullcrap.

It’s like two teams worked on this game - the one team prized freedom of action, options, ability to remove weaponry from big enemies and even use it on them. The other team said screw that, you hit our guys with that approach because the weapons will never be destroyed, doesn’t how many of whatever type of arrow you throw into it.

Then another moron got involved and said: Hey, wouldn’t it be great if all the cover was destructible and the Deathbringer had infinite ammo?

No, it wouldn’t you stupid, idiotic, moronic piece o’ crap.

So the game just goes and casually and arbitrarily goes and suspends every single rule that makes it combat work for a crappy, utterly pain in the arse boss battle.

In the end I just went and shot it full of as many fire arrows as often as possible. There was no other option - there was no time to scan, register info on a weapon part, target and destroy because in the time you started scanning it would have destroyed your cover. Not that even using the right arrow made any difference - the weaponry was not destroyed. Staying in the open with this thing is pretty much suicide. You have no time to do anything other than shoot it with your fastest aiming bow. It’s hard to believe this crap is in the same game where I earlier took out a Longleg, 2 Watchers, a Behemoth and 2 Snapmaws.

Before I’d started this one mission with Dervahl, which ended up being easier than expected, so that made me think maybe this would work out. Well, it has insofar as I killed the bastard, but the conditions I had to do so were utterly abysmal.

And yes, this was on Easy. Yeah, right.

I’ll keep the game for the fun of running around the world and taking out robots, because that part is superb. Re-play the main quest? No, I am never re-playing that due to the incredible amount of utter idiocy it too often resorts to. I’ll try to finish the game but I suspect I might not bothered to in the end, as it’s going for inconsistency whenever it wants to.

EDIT: So, have finished what has been an ‘oh god’ section of HZD - Dervahl’s workshop, the Gravehoard, Curse the Darkness - the last actually started off better than I expected.

Yes, there were enemies but not so many I couldn’t kill them. Though, the irritant whereby I put down tripwires, I stay in cover the whole time, but because 2 enemies have died the game just removes it anyway - so there goes strategy. Still killed them all but the game would be better without that accursed aspect. Did far better at taking out the humes too, so where did it all go crap?

After you achieve the mission, the game does a chase / escape sequence - now I’ve never done one of these that was fun - they tend to be badly chaotic, with unclear signposting for the player as to where to go. So it proves here, except they throw in climbing sections which really screw with your speed, all the while you’re being shot at. It was crud. I did it, it’s done, but I’d have liked to have been wrong about this.

Still, one cool thing, Sylens is played by who Sandie and I suspected - Lance Reddick.


Well I just went through Doom, and I mean the original one, not the new (which I call Doom 4), on ultra-violence for the first time in my life… All 4 chapters, which I’d never done. Wow, it’s crazy how well it still holds as a game… Funny thing is that maybe a decade ago I would’ve maybe complained about the REALLY old graphics, but after the whole indie pixel-art wave of games in these past years, I now see old graphics in a very different light and I like them… quite a bit.

I haven’t played Doom 4 yet, cause it’s still a bit too expensive, and I’m honestly not that interested in playing it… It looks good and all, but I’ve honestly not loved what I’ve seen on gameplays on YouTube and all that… But hey, I will eventually…

One thing tho, I know everyone raves about Doom 4’s soundtrack, but man, after playing the OG games, I gotta say, the OG soundtrack is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better it’s not even funny. There’s a couple of re-recorded OG soundtracks with proper guitars and all that, which make it even clearer how superioir the OG was, compared to the new one which sounds like a bunch of djent tracks mixed with a lot of dubstep… I’m afraid it will sound dated AF in a couple of years when the whole djent fashion is done and forgotten, whereas the OG one still sound great.

speaking of which, this is a very good OG remake… for those interested…


I finished Gabriel Knight tonight. It tells an interesting story, but as a game it’s pretty frustrating. There’s too many puzzles that rely you having basically clicked every part of a screen to have happened upon an item you need (a snakeskin scale in some long grass, for instance), too many obtuse puzzles and too many bugs (partly from emulation in DosBox) including one that breaks the game - you have to wait for a police officer to doze off to sneak past him, but he falls in and out of sleep. Running in DosBox, by default, the game runs too fast for you to get past him. I had to hunt around in GOG’s support pages to find out how to sort this).

Also, Tim Curry’s really bad as Gabriel for the most part. His New Orleans accent comes and goes, is mostly crap and he’s terrible when he has to actually do emotion. There are several points where he has to scream “Noooooo!” and he does a half-hearted bark, like he’s entirely embarrassed to even be trying. His attempts to be suave and sexy consist of him sounding like he’s having trouble breathing.

I had a quick look at the next two games in the series, in case they showed any marked improvement. They don’t and instead they actually follow all the fads of 90s adventure games. The second replaces all the pixel art with FMV characters (using much cheaper actors) and the third is a late 90s attempt at 3D. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be bothering.

EDIT: oh and there’s one part of the game where you have to navigate through small rooms past mummies that can instantly kill you and it can absolutely sod off and die. Adventure games are not built for that kind of gameplay and there’s no real skill in getting past them, just blind luck frankly.


Yeah, it’s no secret I’m a massive Doom fan and I’ve done a couple Ultra Violence run through. I found the trick was to stick with the shotgun for most of it and lots of side strafing in and out from corners.

I’ve never managed it on Doom 2 though as the final level, Icon of Sin, is just too damned hard.

Disagree with pretty much everything you’ve said about Doom 2016 though but there’s little point trying to convince you beyond saying it all comes together as a complete package when you actually play it for yourself.


Yeah pretty much… mostly because shells are by far the most common ammo as well =P

I’m pallning to start Doom2 on UV as soon as I can, but I’m already dreading that stupid level :smile: I guess I’m gonna need to use the “save & load” functions a lot.

I’m aware that might be the case, which is why I am planning to buy it, but I’m gonna wait for a big discount. I hope it’s as good as everyone says, tbh, since I’d rather enjoy it, but I’m not super optimistic about it at this point.

Oh and also, I was soooo disapointed with the 2016 Cyberdemon… it looks like shit =(



I remember watching that as a cartoon. Had no idea it was based on a game :confused: (or is it vice versa?)


That’s a really weird article - its headline claims the satirical elements of the game don’t hold up, then it spends all its time complaining about the level design (which isn’t the target of EWJ’s satire).

I replayed the first game not long ago and I think it holds up. It’s a fairly tough platformer but the level design isn’t unfair or frustrating, just punishing (in a firm but fair way). The 12-year-old me was able to complete it pretty quickly.

And all the absurd/comedic/satirical/weird aspects of the game are still funny. To me, anyway.


The TV series was based on the game. Loosely. :slight_smile:



Doug TenNappel turned out to be a crank (like, he writes for Breitbart), but I don’t recall much of his politics making it into the Earthworm Jim cartoon.


I played the hd remake when it came out. It was pretty fun til the navigate-a-fragile-fishbowl-through-an-underwater-maze-against-a-very-unforgiving-timer level. When I hit that I decided the game could go fuck itself.


I thought those were relatively easy honestly. The only stage I found particularly difficult was the final one where you needed to helicopter though an entire level made of spikes.

It’s weird, I loved EWJ but never got into the sequel for some reason.