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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I’ve just had the gloriously retro experience of the newly redone Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap (with Wondergirl player character option too)

Haven’t yet tried the 8-bit option, but the new graphics / sound are very smart - they’ve retained all the personality of the original designs and rendered the soundtrack as this quite cool jazz track, which occasionally veers into out-right sleaze.

The shop dialogue is hilarious - I bought Goblin Mail, the description read “cross dress like a Goblin” - but the best quip was in the Church when you select ‘Retro Password’ - “I’ve been giving these out for a few decades now”.

It’s still got the wonky geography, doors that go where they shouldn’t, treasure chests here and there - smart level design. It’s every bit the game you remember but designed to take advantage of the HD era and more control options.


What is the secret of your power?



Meanwhile, over in HZD:

So did a sidequest where I properly screwed over a Ravager, it lost its cannon, its power cells and then gut lured into death-by-tripwire. Then a bunch of Glinthawks turned up. Say, you know that Ravager cannon that was lying around? Made taking out the birds a hell of a lot easier.

Also managed to take out 3 Stalkers with a tripwire set, one by one.

So, an excellent little mini-session.



Thanks, never heard of it.


Jack Black and Kyle Gass form Tenacious D. Kyle Gass is an incredibly guitarist and Jack Black is an excellent vocalist which is no surprise to anyone who’s seen his movies. Their music is a riot, and a lot of it features Dave Grohl (Frontman of Foo Fighters, and drummer of Nirvana) on drums.


The hidden track on the Dave Grohl Probot album which has Jack Black on vocals is particularly good.


Anyone else play the mobile MOBA VainGlory? It takes the format of LOL and DOTA 2 and scales it down pretty effectively. While the mechanics are pretty simple to learn and understand, employing them effectively, utilizing teamwork and strategy is pretty demanding for a mobile game. Especially if you are playing on a small screen.


I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how terrifying it is to have a Metroid latch onto your face from a first person view in Metroid Prime.


Pretty certain I don’t remember the lair of Mummy Dragon being an irradiated, nuclear waste dumping ground in Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap.

It works fine and even explains why it’s a damn zombie quite effectively, but it’s a real ‘don’t remember it looking like this’ moment.

It’s also funny playing now, what back then, was considered a ‘big’ game.


I finished Metroid Prime 3 today. Despite the arbitrary “immersive” motion control stuff, I’d say it’s my favourite of the trilogy. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best mind, but it felt less backtracky than the second (it probably isn’t in reality) and the first will always be somewhat tainted by my initial abortive playthrough and picking it up again donkeys years later.

3 has a nice variety of environments, the ship elements are a fun addition and then the decision to add actual speaking parts and tell a rounder story (trialled slightly in the second game) pays off. It even has the balls to throw in an escort mission, which is enjoyable even.


I was expecting Metroid to last me longer today, so ended up starting a new (old) game: Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. It’s apparently a long running, popular adventure game series, but it’s completely passed me by before now. Can’t say I’m really getting on with it so far. It’s got a clunky interface and is rather obtuse about letting you know what you’re suppose to be doing beyond “try everything with everything else!”. The manual actually gives that as a tip. It also says you should read the graphic novel that came with the game before getting beyond day 3 in-game, as it contains important information. Except, there’s no trace of a GN in the game files from GOG (and they’re usually really good about including that kind of stuff). So… shrug

Oh and it’s got an interesting voice cast: Leah Remini and Jim Cummings that I’ve spotted so far. Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Mark Hamill to come along later, apparently. And the main character is voiced by Tim Curry, which I really didn’t recognise at all. There’s an odd thing with that though. Most adventure games are essentially first person stories. You make an action - look at something for instance - and your main character will comply by making an observation or refusing whatever. Gabriel Knight has a narrator that does most of the environment descriptions when you look at things. It’s a weird choice to make, not least because Gabriel is meant to be an author and yet is being robbed of narrative power within his own story.


I’m about to start Fallout 4. Quick couple of questions to those that have played it before: is the DLC/season pass worth getting and when would you recommend installing it if it is?


Depends, are you XB or PS4?

As PSN has the Season Pass 50% off, so £19.99. XB looks to be full price of £39.99 - which, no, it isn’t worth that.

Of the content add-ons:

  • Automatron is fun, but not essential unless you really like the idea of a hulking Sentry Bot companion. (I do.)
  • Far Harbour is very good indeed, not perfect, nowhere near W3: Blood & Wine but is quite smart.
  • Nuka-World is a pile of crap.

The rest are building add-ons, which you might be interested in, but that depends on how you find that aspect of the game.

Get either Automatron (RRP £7.99) + Far Harbour (RRP £19.99) when they’re on offer and you’ll get your money’s worth.


School holidays have begun and I was looking forward to some longer sessions with Doom. Then, as is always the case, it required a 50gig update.

I found the release notes for the update and it seems all the DLC is now free and part of the update (contributing to the size).


No wonder the Doom update wouldn’t install on my PS4 the other day. 50GB! That’s bigger than a lot of full game installs.


Is the update/dlc all online stuff or are there any campaign goodies in there?


There is a DLC package with a new demon and levels (i think) I’ve not really looked as I’m so early into the original stuff.


50 gigs? Are they takin’ the piss? Control of game data size has really gone out the window with the current generation of consoles.


Yesterday on HZD:

I ran out of explosive tripwires - damn, I knew I’d been using them a lot but even so, thought my Blaze supplies were up to it. Will just have to go a mass Grazer killing spree.

Outside of that surprise, I found the answer to the Q of: Do tripwires work on humans? Yes, yes they do. So set up a chokepoint, lured a load to it by shooting them and the heavy went right into a pair of 'em. Boom and bye. The others followed quickly. This was despite my sniping a guard and the game then deciding to remove the stealth - I was crouched in bushes - and sic 13 enemies on me. So, a few minutes, a couple of health potions, a good amount of dodging and a whole lot killing, they were done too. This was for the Robbing the Rich quest.

Saw my first pair of Behemoths, decided against engaging. Got far better at dealing with Glinthawks - the Shadow Ropecaster makes a difference in the respect. Also, finally completed the Shadow weaponry set bar the sling and rattler.

Found Kendart and that was a pain, the guy is up a mountain and it’s hard to tell he’s there. Still did that quest, with the most timid Trampler herd ever - I wanted them to charge to their deaths by tripwire, would they hell! I kept shooting, I kept pissing them off, all to no avail - only got a couple of the six to hit the wires. Still, did avoid getting the attention of the Thunderwing duo in the area!

Progressed the Hunting Lodge quest too - really want to hand Ahsis his arse. Also did the quest with Erend, took out load of human enemies and then two Ravagers.

One thing I’ve noticed on the sidequests is they are trying to make them more than go here, kill this - they’re not the equal of Witcher 3, whose influence can definitely be seen, but they’re way ahead of Dragon Age / Mass Effect.


I did Olin’s Quest, so having said he’d follow me, what happened? As soon as a guard got suspicious he immediately runs in! If the idiot wasn’t immortal… I take out the heavy, get his gun which then ends up being the most inaccurate piece of crap you ever saw. Still, despite that, they all die. Olin gets his family back which was quite satisfying.

What was funnier was on the way to that location a load of Elite Bandits take on Glinthawks, Scrappers and then a herd Tramplers! It can only end one way - they kill some machines, the remaining machines kill them - I wait until those are gone, waltz in and get a load of stuff free of charge.


Now I’ve gotten a good way into the game, with the expanded arsenal giving Aloy quite the set of offensive options, it really makes the full stealth section it threw in early on look quite misplaced. There hasn’t really been anything since that, I know there is another one or two to come but neither sounds quite as tricky - and Aloy’s far more kitted out too.


So, got Tallneck 4 - but it 'twas a bastard due to a Snapmaw pack, where one blew the plan to hell by walking onto Aly, another refused to die with a sliver of health and I’m convinced a 4th turned up. After they were finally dead - went and got it.

Had another bastard fight - this time with a Stormbird. Though, first time ever, I tied that bastard down. Used it to do the Shadow Ropecaster Tutorial too. Add in a good few melee strikes, fire and Tearblast arrows and the bugger went down - cue Stormbird trophy for me.

Oh yeah, a Longleg decided to join in, it didn’t last long.

I really shouldn’t play games when tired, it’s not a good idea. Still, coming up on 50 hours on this now.