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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


These are hilarious:

So pay just under a fiver for ALL Metal Slug games or half that for just Metal Slug 3.

Phantom Pain + Ground Heroes = 11.68, Def Exp version £9.49 that has both!

Oh, Wonderboy: Dragon’s Trap is under a tenner - might have to go for that blast from the past.


The backwards compatibility is one of the things that made me stick with the Xbox rather than jumping to PS4.

EDIT: I don’t know how big of a draw it’ll be but apparently original Xbox games will soon be backwards comparable on Xbox One.


The latest Halo game was weird. It was fun and all that but it felt more like a Call of Duty game than a Halo one. I played through the entire Master Chief collection before jumping into Halo 5 and the change in the franchise really stood out to me.


I didn’t play it, but would like to since I have very fond memories of the Halo series. Mostly because of the original Halo.


It’s good… but different! The control scheme is completely changed. Also, the Master Chief can now sprint and is a right chattybox as he now works as part of a squad.


As a PS4 owner I’m a little jealous that I can’t play Quantum Break. It sounds kinda nuts (it’s a game but also a show, I think).
Besides that, Microsoft cancelled their most interesting looking exclusive (Scalebound by Platinum, from the director of the original Bayonetta and Viewtiful Joe, it was supposed to be about dragons and stuff), so I’ll probably never buy one.


These are all actually pretty good choices.

My suggested additions would be the Pac-Man power pellet or the Bomberman bomb.


I did end up buying an Xbox One. It was the new version, and the bundle was $240 for the console, two controllers, a charger, Forza 6, Halo 5, and ReCore. And I had $50 in credit.

It was a great deal but lest anyone think I’m a savvy shopper, I recently bought Prey for the PS4 for $50, and two weeks later it price-dropped to $30.


Yeah that’s not bad. I think you’d also need to add the triforce and the buster sword from FF7, too!


Prey has dropped in price pretty fast here too. I don’t know if it’s a quality thing or just that people get through these types of games pretty quick and the second-hand market drives the price down - I remember something similar happening with Doom and that was great.


$30 was only a one-day sale so I guess I’m not that dumb.

Still, unless it’s Nintendo or a few franchises, if you don’t buy a game on release week you are better off waiting two months, sadly for the industry.



Well, tonight’s mini-run started with aim of getting the fatty meat for the Golden Travel Pack and ended up as far more robo-slaughter with Broadheads, Grazers, Lancehorns, Watchers, Sawtooths, Scrappers and Redeye Watchers all on the menu.

On one I decided to melee a trio of perpetually suspicious Scrappers, which then widened to involve 4-5 watchers, 3-4 more scrappers and 3-4 Lancehorns - with Aloy kitted out for melee armour! So, yes, they all went down and she got to loot about 10 robots, that was followed by doing 6 more scrappers on the other side, by power cell overload.

Yep, my Aloy is definitely very scrappy.

Do have the fatty meat, so that just leaves Fox Skin to get, but that’ll be for another time.


Cuphead featured on Clueless Gamer!


I knew I just bought an Xbox for a reason.


Funcom relaunched “The Secret World” as a the free to play “The Secret World: Legends.” If you’ve played the “Secret World” before then you can link that account with your SWL account and get your stuff transferred over, especially stuff you paid for.

If you haven’t played or heard of The Secret World it’s a modern, horror fantasy game where the player plays a member of one of three factions: The Templars; The Dragon, and The Illuminati, and you move through a world of ancient history and horror trying to knee cap a tentacular conspiracy that wants to destroy the world as you know it.

It’s the first game since “City of Heroes” where I’ve felt super, yet also oddly grounded. Certain gamist things are built into your character lore. The PC’s are Avatars of Gaia, think of them like white blood cells created in response to a grievous injury to time and space that occurs in the game’s prologue. Your physical body can die, and your anima form can be resurrected. Indeed some missions require you to shed your mortal flesh and walk around dead for a little while.

The game is story heavy, and the revamp has simplified an effectively open ended character progression system with something intended to be a little more accessible. It definitely plays differently and compared to my usual play in the old game, I actually feel more powerful, but that could just be the choices I’ve made.

Secret societiesl; lovecraftian horror, evil ubertech, cults, haunted scarecrows, evil jackolanterns, ancient Native American legends and monsters from the sea, The Secret World Legends is a ridiculously rich story experience. And even though I played it safe, effectively re-creating the character in The Secret World (which is still running by the way) the missions still have me muttering “WTF.”

I’m in an old soviet experimental facility in and every time I turn a corner, I’m muttering, “what have they done now? What have they done now?”

It’s a great game to just kick back and… do. There are dungeons and instanced PVP if that’s your thing, but I’m all about the storyline and so far. I’m still enthralled.


So, was having an excellent session - I meant to get the Golden Travel pack, as a fire explosion took out a fox with Fox Skin, but it instead ended as robo-slaughter.

This included taking out 2 Sawtooths very quickly. I had a line on a Grazer, so set up 8 blast tripwires - set the Grazer alight, the blast killed it and two others, plus a Watcher. The two now pissed Sawtooths headed my way, right into the wires, one, two dead Sawtooths. Then, a short time later, I’m trying to rope a Glinthawk from a cliff top, get it, jump down to kill it - instant death kill out of nowhere! Then to add insult to injury there had been no autosave since my last manual save! So all gone - bastards.

So, went back to a killspree - took out numerous Watchers, Scrappers, Sawtooths, even a Glinthawk pack.

Did one kill shot and it was over very fast, the list of XP points just kept on going - burning, stealth, canister, silent etc.

Got some new outfits too, plus reached the Banuk camp.

Will get the Golden Travel pack on the next playthrough, really.


I loaded the Free Starter Game and you describe it quite well. It is fun. Lately, I’ve downloaded free versions of a variety of classic and new games: Starcraft 2, Dropzone, DOTA 2, Paladins, Paragon and Diablo 3, so I’m going through a lot of the training modes lately. Starcraft and Paragon are probably the most difficult I’ve played while Diablo 3 is the easiest (still not entirely a walk in the park).

I’m fascinated by the various attractions different kinds of games offer to the player. Also, by how sore my right hand is getting.


Cue the Archer ‘Phrasing’ gif!


I haven’t played anything in ages but have quite a few PS+ games sitting in the library. I stick on Until Dawn last night. At first I was worried the heavily story driven premise would mean a lack of actual ‘game play’ and it does but after about 30 mins I was sucked into the story and am looking forward to playing more tonight. There are quite a few character relationships to keep track of it really does feel like a creepy who dunnit stalker/horror film. The visuals are excellent.