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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Seems like you are turning your view around on HZD?


Well, you never know - just wait until I run into a new mecho super-bastard.

But yeah, now I understand how to use the tools better, it’s gotten very good indeed. Still loads to work out - I haven’t even touched traps, slings or the rope weaponry yet.

It’s definitely one of those games with no middle ground - when it’s going good, it’s great and when it’s bad, it’s horrid. (Very true of the Killzone games too, hey, wait a second…)


Whoever came up with the Revenge of the Nora quest is an idiot, why? Well, let’s see:

  • First, the enemies run around too damn much to make headshots viable, by the time you’ve lined it up, started to aim, the bastard will have moved again. So I stuck to shooting the blaze canisters but even that was still a long, boring process because you’ve so few offensive options. (Yes, I got some headshots, but I don’t consider the method to be anywhere near reliable.) As for ‘destroy the alarm’, that just takes the mick - you shoot it with a fire arrow, it’ll burn right? No, it won’t. What’s it weak to? Focus doesn’t tell you.
  • Still, you get through the three camps, each tedious in its design, what happens? You get lumbered with Varl, who, like every companion you get in the game - first Nil now Varl, yeah, everyone’s an immortal macho moron in this game. So, rather than let me take them out silently he drops down, goes full melee.
  • Then, the final indignity, a crappy sneak section, where you have to get to the blaze, while the game screws with your crouch being on or off, casually removes any invisibility you might have and also adds in a couple of invisible walls if you try to escape. It’s the last one that really infuriated as that practically killed me by blocking off a retreat. There should not be any invisible walls in a game like this, it’s disappointing that there are.
  • Finally get an angle on the blaze and what happens? You have to shoot the exact right spot. After that? It immediately places you, post cut-scene, out in the open! So I get back in and decide a bunch of immortal tribes lot can do all the fighting, it’s utterly crap, you can’t see enemies easily so stuff it.
  • Oh and the Corrupted Fire Bellowback? I tried slinging about 4 precision arrows, the exact type it’s supposed to be weak to and? No effect. Like the rest of the damn section, the game suspended all its own rules. Screw it, the Nora can kill it.
  • By the time I got to the end I was so irritated I couldn’t enjoy the cut-scene, just grabbed all the resources and called it a day.

An utterly, utterly vile in mission just about every respect.

Might just about be worth it to see Resh no longer strutting about like he’s War-Chief but I’m sceptical as the whole ‘sneak to the blaze’ section was just unpleasant.

Oh and this definitely proves the Lv recommendations are a pi;e of crap - this one said Lv12, while throwing in a Lv 23 boss enemy at the end. Yeah, that’s fair, course it is.


Has anyone played For Honor on PS4? If so, any opinions?


I haven’t played it, but I saw a lot of hype for it by professional streamers that quickly dropped off so hard I forgot that game existed.

I would guess that it’s a lot of fun initially, until you play it enough to recognize the deep, unignorable flaws in the gameplay and balance.


It has quickly become a legendary game… For all the wrong reasons!

Pretty Good Gaming has covered the how and why of it all a couple of times:


I bought about 20 games for about $100 USD on the current Steam sale, and want to spend about another $100 :confused: so far I’m primarily playing Shadow of Mordor, which is a dumbed down version of the Arkham games but still pretty fun, and FTL, which is great fun.


That guy on the left is really, really pale.


You don’t really know Wales, do you? :wink: (Pretty certain they’re based there.)


I use to play a lot of Trials Evolution on the 360. In 30+years of gaming I’d say that some of my most satisfying ever gaming moments were on the rare occasion I managed to complete an extreme course. The sense of over whelming achievement was truly memorable.

Tonight I decided to download the demo of Trials Fusion. Unfortunately it just couldn’t live up to expectations. The initial tracks were too futuristic and it just lacked something. It did however maintain one thing from the previous game. The ability to make me want to punch someone in the face and smash my controller in anger.


So HZD, yesterday’s epic sesh included:

  • Getting hugely hacked off over a mission to kill 2 Sawtooths - only later do I find out that they really don’t like blast tripwire - would have made that earlier undertaking so much easier.

  • Got to Daytower.

  • One really smart sequence as I was taking on a Bellowback saw the thing walk into a tree. Now what makes this significant is it visually impacted the tree, tore it to pieces, bits went everywhere, leaving a shattered stump - that was a very smart bit of graphics work.


I got Prey yesterday, not thinking much about the decision, and played it for a few hours last night. This is not a good game. Needlessly complex, unintuitive menus, generic enemies.

I’m going to try returning it today.


Well, HZD just went up a level or two, for the better I might add.

Decided to engage on a massive trek from Daytower to the outskirts of Meridian - simple, right?

Er, nope, because the game brought out the big guns. I waltz down into this valley and end up engaging one of the apex machines - Stormbird! The thing was fucking massive and, had I not had that armour for melee attacks, would likely have been able to pull off a one-hit KO. Managed to take out it’s lightning gun, even roped it a couple of times, while mostly melee striking it to death! You’d think that couldn’t possibly work, but it’s so much larger and has nothing to really fend off a frontal assault to the legs. Even so, one massive fight. Also very much a graphical triumph, the PS3 would have keeled over trying to animate this monster.

It also unfurls some really impressive vistas, with draw distance that’s quite stunning. The road to Meridian is pretty much desert which makes it very distinct from the earlier game environments. Oh and Thunderwings turned up, which I decided to evade - no way am I up to taking on a robot T-Rex, never mind one packing lasers and missiles! Kind of cool that you hear them long before you see them.

Finally, did the blastwire experiment on two Sawtooths and lo and behold, laying three inter-crossed explosive wires absolutely does a number on a Sawtooth!

So, I’ve now got a warp point outside of Meridian and an absolute crapload of territory to carefully explore. It may not be as large as it feels due to the density Guerilla have achieved, but like Zelda BotW, the world now feels suitably massive.


Sounds like it really turned around Ben. From your last few posts I’m quite looking forward to it now. Once I am do e with tomb raider it is either HZD or Witcher 3. I was thinking Witcher first.


I think you’d probably enjoy it more than me far more quickly, it’s quite demanding for me in terms of the dexterity and 3D thinking required (Yeah, I am sort of Kahn!) Also, I think I’ll still end up ranting where human enemy sections are concerned - they really should have foregone those and focused on the robots.

Graphically, it has the edge on Witcher, but that shouldn’t surprise as it’s by Guerilla and its a newer game, but I would say Witcher has the edge in terms of world, story-telling, quest structure and combat. In comparison HZD still relies a bit too much on cover mechanics for the fights and the lack of a minimap does hurt it, as you don’t have that much opportunity to survey your likely combat zone. HZD’s story-telling is good and it’s quests are OK, but up against Witcher, that ain’t going to cut it, as it’s arguably still the leader for these games.

They are very different too. So it’s not as if you buy each and they’re a carbon copy of the other. HZD uses more familiar mechanisms like the Tallneck-as-tower for filling in the map, but I’d argue that experience of climbing a Tallneck is sufficiently different to make it new, in part that’s testimony to the animation when you’re doing so.

EDIT: Back to HZD, this is what I took out earlier!

And yes, it is that massive.


This jibes with my general sense of it from the demo. Glad I didn’t bother.


I set the difficulty level to easy and am giving it another go, and I’m enjoying it a bit more now, although it’s not the most original thing in the world.

Part of the issue with the game to me, and many games, is that you can either be devilishly hard, or you can have long load times, but you can’t have both. Prey (on the normal setting) has both.


I’m playing Metroid Prime 3 currently. It’s very enjoyable, but as the first (and only) one in the series designed specifically for the Wii there’s a certain amount of unnecessary motion control stuff. The general motion controls (aim using the wii remote as though it’s a second stick in normal FPS control schemes) is fine and I liked it for the Wii port of Metroid Prime 2. The additions here are lots of terminals that make you do arbitrary motion control actions to mimic what Samus is doing - pull remote towards you, twist anti-clockwise, push remote away from you etc. And it’s fine, honestly, but… it’s a bit gimmicky and I’d argue it ruins the immersion more than it adds to it. You also have to use motion controls to use the grapple beam and it’s inconsistent and unresponsive in a frustrating way, especially when you’re having to do it against enemies.

Motion controls went out of favour with the Wii, but there still doesn’t seem to have been much of a re-evaluation of how they were used here and in Mario Galaxy (which has an awful “shake the remote to do spin attacks” function that rarely works properly) and I worry that’s going to lead bad places as motion controls come back (albeit more efficiently) with the Switch.


If you get past the bit with the 3 levers you’ll be doing better than I did.


Um… the three levers around the jamming device on Bryya, where you’re getting shot at by endless waves of Space Pirates?