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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Started getting into the tabletop war game WARHAMMER 40k recently and downloaded the IPhone shooter FREEBLADE. It’s pretty fun.


There definitely is a good game in there. Just some very bad design decisions along with it.
The decision to actually hinder open world exploration on the first planet you reach was kind of ill conceived.
I get the point that of the game is making an uninhabitable universe habitable, but there are other ways they probably could have reflected the challenges of the environments that did not involve hindering freedom of movement in a game they deliberately made open world.
The nomad improves as you upgrade it.
One hint, if you are after N7 armour, do not bother researching it. You can buy it on the nexus at the armour store. Save your milky way research points for guns.

Bad news for you Ben is that the vaults get worse not better. The nadir being the one on the frozen planet.


I just started Arkham Knight…

I waited until now for a new 64bit PC and for most of the kinks to be worked out by now. So far so good.

The game as you know is done by Rocksteady and it ignores Origins. I had mixed feelings about that big bridge in Origins but I digress…

It has been a while since I played a Batman simulator game and I have to get used to the Xbox controls all over again.

I will be busy for a while.


Thanks for the tip-offs.

Al, enjoy your time with the most destructive Batmobile ever, complete with on-ice handling.

EDIT: So Andromeda

There are some really bad herding mechanisms in this game plus a few other things:

  • You have a jetpack so you can get up that slope right? Wrong DA:I’s jump is back, where sometimes you do a big gap, other times you hit a wall for a 2 inch jump.
  • Up there, yeah I can go there - Level 3 radiation! Argh, bastards.
  • Remnant vault Sudoku - Get. Tae, Fuck.
  • Scan for glyphs - bloody irritating
  • Map cues - no you can;t just select one, if an objective has 2 parts, they both show.
  • Sometimes you have to scan to progress but there’s no cue to do this.
  • Combat remains Total Arse.

So why play it all? Because the actual core mission, the centre of the game is very good - when you establish that first outpost on Eos there’s a real sense of achievement to it. I’m now building relations with a bunch of aliens, which is proving fun.

It just buries the good stuff in a mountain of crap.


So the “The Secret World” is being relaunched this month as “The Secret World Legends.”

I really enjoyed The Secret World, but I finished all of the single player content. Legends is on its own server with different progression styles and different missions and… I don’t know, just thinking about it frustrates me. I hope the items I spent real money on transfer.

I’m not going to rant, but I wanted to share in case there were other players here. I shall also drop a link to the FAQ.


Since we have a baby on the way, and I don’t have a disposable income anymore, I started diving back into The Witcher 3 due to the high regard it carries in this thread. I have some new appreciations for how impressive of a game it is, while still reserving some of the issues I have with it.

Many of you may not have noticed since you likely didn’t take a long break from it, but one thing I greatly appreciate is the game could tell I hadn’t touched it in ages, and as a result was giving me tutorials again, which made diving back into it so much easier. That is some brilliant game design in my opinion. I was worried I’d have to start over again, and since I really didn’t care for (but still thought it was necessary) the lengthy introduction and tutorial, I think I would have turned away for good if that was the case.

The way the game loads entire areas and loading isn’t required when walking into buildings is very impressive and makes it so much easier to become completely immersed in gameplay. Also they way the minimap generates a recommended route to your destination is greatly appreciated. On top of all of that the combat feels very intuitive and smooth.

The major issues I have is most of my sessions are either completely dominated by, or mostly dominated by running around and dialogue…The game is immense but I leave a lot of sessions feeling like I’ve made absolutely no progress. One minor issue I also have is skipping through dialogue requires a double tap of square instead of just one click.

I’m going to put in a good 5-6 hour session tonight since the wife is out of town, so while my tune has been slightly changed at this point, I may alter my tune further in favor of the game after a good long session.


I liked Arkham Origins when Batman appropriated some of the gadgets of the enemies he defeated. That was resourceful.
I didn’t like having the SAME villain at the end.

No wonder AK starts with the villain being cremated as if Rocksteady heard the fans going “Enough already…”

I am still getting used to the car. but its all fun.


So, after ending up on Mass Effect: Andromeda for 8-9 hours today, the good and the bad:

The bad:

  • Fucking with the save game function - this is beyond bad, I had it go grey due to being in ‘combat’, I’d killed everything in the Kett fortress on Eos and it still considered me as ‘in combat’, even when I was all the way back at base! The only solution seems to be legging it to the Tempest and leaving the planet, then the system, to force an auto-save. It’s shite.
  • The “compass” and “map”: Utterly useless, both of 'em and the “search” function just adds insult to injury.
  • Combat: I can’t imagine any ME player who, unlike me, was actually good at this finding this to be an improvement. Positioning, strategy, power combos - they’re gone in favour of ‘shoot shit’. Combined with the 2D compass, my squad will more quickly find and kill enemies than I will - especially on Havarl. The ‘cover system’ remains very flaky.

The good:

  • What saves this game is the story-telling and the options open in terms of what you do and when, with who. The sense of gradually building a new civilisation in a new galaxy, relations with other powers and factions, along with internal politics - makes up for the killer flaws above.

So, at the 21 hour mark, with today’s play-through:

  • Havarl was finished, complete with shit vault purification bullshit. On this one, it’s ‘wait by the door we just closed on you to open while an instant kill death cloud’ - so very intuitive, so very dumb.
  • Explored the new, now clear of radiation Eos, which is a lot better.
  • Killed an awful lot of Kett, including their boss Invictor.
  • Done a lot of subquests.
  • Took on an Architect - should have been an epic fight, instead it was an irritating due to the combined flaws of camera angle, compass and general lack of clarity as to what was happening where - not what you want in a big battle.
  • Got Eos to 100% viability
  • Have Military, Science and Commerce pods open now. The AVP feels far too restrictive, especially as the game ads suggested you could direct the rebuilding of the Nexus, feels like a lost opportunity.

Overall, the game is heavily flawed, there’s a good game trying to get out but it’s self-destructive tendencies are off the scale.

In a lot of ways, I wish this really was Dragon Age: Inquisition in space because that had a mini-map, a radar for finding loot that worked and crafting that was a damn sight easier. Taking over a Kett fortress would be cool too. DA:I just had a load of working functionality that could be ported over easily, but it really isn’t that game, save perhaps at the most general level.

For a triple A game it can be said to be a disaster. The solution? To follow No Man’s Sky and put out a lot of good DLC for free. Add in new explorable planets, new missions - hell, go for broke and replace the damn compass with a minimap so people can do actual 3D strategy. Not that that’ll happen as EA’s put it on ice instead.


Heh heh. It’s funny you posted this Ben. After the patch that went in this week enabling Jaal as a male Ryder romance option, I’m starting a whole new game. I was too far in my old one, and I wanted to try the new character creator.

Holy schmoo, does my character look better than he did before. It’s even more scary how good the game has gotten in making Alec Ryder look like the PC, if the player makes that choice. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to meet another purple-eyed black man and then there’s “dad.” (Yes, purple eyes, don’t judge.) :slight_smile:

I’m going to miss all of my biotic recharge boosts in my weapons and armor, but I think I should have fun the second time around.


Oh, and no matter how frustrated I was when I stopped playing, I still feel giddy when we first make planetfall. I really like Liam as a squad mate. If he were Biotic, he’d be perfect.


The difference between the old and new character creator in Mass Effect Andromeda is incredible. My first character looks like he had a permanent case of the mumps. My new character is awesome!


Yeah but you had fun doing so, didn’t you?


8-9 hours! Do you not have to share TV privileges? Or you have a separate room for man activities. Either way, I’m jealous of your free time!


My wife enjoys seeing the story progression of the game and the quests. Also likes watching a whole load of bad guys get slaughtered.




Honestly, I’ve only just learned to have fun with that piece of it. Now I’m enjoying the immensely immersive world, lore, and environment and understanding that it’s all part of the game and to be enjoyed.

I spent 6 freaking hours trying to find Dandelion, then told myself “screw this, I’m done”…but then just kept playing. I’m really starting to understand everyones enthusiasm with regard to the game.


So you got lost in Novigrad!

That’s OK, so does everyone else while ending up with about 10-20 new quests.


I just started playing Watchdogs as it is one of this month’s free games on x-box live.

I came across a guy on a street corner selling digital trips, one of which is called Spider Tank. When you enable the trip you start a mini game in which you are controlling a spider tank (a bit like the one from the end of GITS).

If I’m honest Watchdogs really isn’t my kind of game but I am really enjoying Spider-Tank and want to play lots more of it.


Argh. Been making a concerted effort to finish Fire Emblem Echoes today. I seem to be at the end of Celica’s path, which is a super large dungeon. Yay? The dungeon crawling elements of Fates haven’t been too bad overall, but Duma’s Tower is way too long. There’s a save point early on, but after that it’s hours worth of repetitive grinding battles on the same map against generic creature enemies, with a fixed limited party, who will get fatigued if you use them too much. The fatigue element hasn’t been a issue before now, but here it’s just a nuisance, punishing you for, well, playing. It also feels like one of those annoying end game sections where you get loads of exp and new equipment, seemingly only because you’ll never get the opportunity to fully use it.

I may be bitter because about two hours into the tower, Celica died a stupid death in a battle against a suddenly more powerful group of monsters and I lost loads of progress. The repetition had dulled my tactical thinking greatly. They really should have at least thrown in a small pool of maps to rotate between for dungeon crawling battles.


I was stuck almost all afternoon in Arkham Knight in the tank mode with these drone tanks and copter. Instead of asking for help, I switched to Easy and made it through. Yay me

Hey, it’s only a game