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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Oh ok then. Yes, she’s in the new game, - Codemasters want to use all the retro characters in it and then realised she was a real person and they had to get her approval. She made them guarantee her character won’t be the slowest when played by the CPU.


Still rocking strong on Hearthstone. And the new promo material is actually quite fun too.


Finally, it only took 2 posts, albeit 1 of inadvertent innuendo, to get that image deployed.


I don’t get it.


He’s already whacked it off. You have to wait a while for him to get it back on before you can get it.


What you mean what links the Archer image to the posts? Well, it’s one of those jokes that to explain kind of kills it.

Although, I was talking of a rock monster boss and this lot’s minds were in the gutter so…


Still not getting it. :smirk:



Sorry Ben. I was only playing. That bit I got. :laughing:


Yeah, knew there was something off about that post…



Well, 2 years or thereabouts later, I reached the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition with completing the last DLC Trespasser.

I didn’t get the codex pieces to tell Solas he was Fen’Haral, but I think it works better with that revelation coming from him. The idea of going to Tevinter sounds quite cool too. I rendered the Inquisition as a peacekeeping force, felt like the best move - seemed to shut up the nobles too. Well, temporarily.

Didn’t find the last boss as hard as I expected, given the rep it has, but I also had done a lot of preparation for the Descent DLC that came in handy here too. Combat sections tended to rely a bit too much on teleporting enemies in, or having ones quickly go fro one side of the map to the other. Targeting system in busy battles often collapsed too - I’d have an enemy in front of me but can I target it? Nope.

The one thing that didn’t work for me at all was the new Anchor abilities. Even at the end, when it’s in overload mode, you can send a blast at an enemy that should render it geography and it does far less damage than you’d expect, with said enemy still being able to walk, run and attack. Don’t think they really thought that through in game terms; in story terms it worked well, but should have been kept there.

What was very smart was seeing the various character resolutions, which in turn reflect how you handled their quests - or not. I found the set of outcomes very satisfying and the section with Cassandra reading Varric’s re-telling of the game was both inspired and funny. I hope Dragon Age 4 picks up the thread this finale set in play.

EDIT: Started on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Despite having low expectations, it managed to still be severely irritating:

  • Only 2D indication of where enemies are? Great.
  • Cover system seems flaky.
  • When you find 'Dad', what you get is a macho fool forever haring off and leaving the team behind - wasn't at all sympathetic when he got himself killed.
  • Don't recall the angle of shot being as irritating as it is here.
  • Map is not all that.

It’s strange, this has been described as ‘Inquisition in Space’, but if it was that there’s all manner of tried-and-tested stuff they could transfer and haven’t. The story-telling is good enough, the expanded conversations options are good and now I’m at the Nexus, Krogans and Turians have turned up. (Salarians too, but you can’t have everything.)

Right now it’s looking like it’ll be fun save for the combat, so I’m likely to dial the difficulty right back.


The combat can be wildly unforgiving sometimes. If you find yourself out in the open against multiple foes, you will certainly die before you get to cover.
The cover system works, but unlike most over based games you cannot hunker down and stay still. You need to keep moving between cover. Stay in any one spot for too long and in most fights you will end up toast.

It’s a learning curve for sure.
In terms of camera, you can switch between left and right shoulder during combat, and need to sometimes. It was push L3 on PS4.

It is slow to start, and the first planet you get to after habitat 7 is pretty uninspiring.


The biggest problem I have is translating the 2D enemy display onto a 3D map, just feels old - especially as DA:I had that overhead minimap and so did Witcher. ME1 had it but it was a big drain but that shouldn’t be so on new tech. Couple that with the game being unforgiving, even on easy and it’s not a good mix.

Still, plenty of scope for it to get better - certainly the design of the planet was excellent. It felt suitably alien.


Tekkem 7 is out! :smiley:
Hopefully I’ll be playing it soon.

How long do new game installs on the PS4 take these days? :sweat_smile:


I have a code available to me through Twitch Prime for Gone Home for Windows. I already own the game and have played it. If anyone would like to play it, let me know and I’ll give you the code.


How good or bad is yer internet?


Ok, so Andromeda just went and pulled a Houdini-style escape after near immolating itself.

The combination? It started with a really, woefully bad sidequest - Station Sabotage. Then it recovered by giving me the Tempest - getting a starship is always cool, but it then went and did:

  • A crappy irradiated desert
  • A useless map
  • Pain-in-the-arse combat
  • Irritating glyph scanning
  • Even more irritating entry puzzles - yeah @RossS you weren’t kidding, were you?
  • Stupidly dumb platforming sections where you hit a console and it’s not clear it has 2 bridge effects because one is shown just out of view

It stunk to high heaven. At this point, it had doused itself in petrol and broken out the matches, all that remained was to light one…

So what happened?

Despite a crappy chase sequence, I managed to do that frigging vault and once I was out?

I got to do the murder quest I was on. True, the Nomad handles better than the Mako, but it ain’t that great and it should have been. Nonetheless, got back on board the Tempest and I’m getting squad conversations, sidequests, resource grabbing, other sidequests that actually sound like fun. And I finish the murder quest.

And At this point, I’m feeling far happier. I can’t help but expect that anything vault-related will be an utter irritation from start to finish, but outside of that? Might be a good game here after all.


It is criminally slow as far as my PS4 is concerned. I’m having to wait for a system update to install and then I have to download an update for the game. Why does a game need an update when it’s only been out for two days?


One of the local tech guys set up my PS4 with a home-plug internetconnection and it’s been far better, no idea how it works but might be something to consider.


I’ll have to look into it. Thanks Ben.

Meanwhile, Tekken 7 looks absolutely gorgeous now that I can play it.