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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I ended up digging through the Hyrule Castle rooms for fun, post-Ganon.

I liked that there were multiple ways to get to the Ganon room, but by that point in the game you’re so overpowered you can just do a few updrafts straight there.

There’s actually two Lynels to fight but both are easily skippable.


Just had a first go on the Prey demo and found it quite disappointing. It looks nice enough (although there’s something about it that makes it feel like a remastered PS3 title more than a current-gen game - a lack of detail and a flat sense of design) but it’s just very dull. There’s very little in the way of energy or atmosphere, and while the story seems like it might be going somewhere interesting, it’s just not much fun to play.

I got to a section where I had to find a keycard to get through a door to the next section, and it was nowhere to be seen (despite searching everywhere I could see) - and with no other characters to interact with and precious little in the way of enemies to fight, I just gave up and switched off.

Maybe I’ll try it again at some point to see if I get more out of it, but at this stage it’s pretty much killed my interest in the game.


Time And Relative Lego Dimensions In Space.

And I couldn’t resist this pun.


Sometimes you just can’t leave a game alone…

  • Finished the Weapon Connoiseur, Royal Guard’s Gear, Tarry Town sidequests
  • Killed Stalnox in Hyrule Castle
  • Did 4 Major combat plus a pain in the arse puzzle one
  • Killed a Black Lynel (5000HP)
  • Then decided to take out all the supporting monsters in the Coliseum and then took the heating bastard that was Silver Lynel (6000HP). Why is he a cheat? Because he still does massive damage via super-fart-lighting even if you have fireproof armour.

I maintain the Lynel fights show up everything that is wrong with the game’s combat system and camera, it just renders it all in the worst possible light. When a supposedly standard enemy is giving you more aggro than the end-of-game boss - and in the case of Silver Lynel supposedly has more HP too - the charge of overpowered has a good bit of merit to it.


Zelda’s back in the doghouse:

Hold a snowball in sunlight so its shadow hits the right spot before it melts? Fuck that.

Do a sandseal race but it turns out to be complete arse, with a load of enemies involved, orange arches on an orange background - fine, those two bitches running it are getting killed for being con-artists. Preferably, by a flameblade up their arse so they can watch their guts roast.

Knew there’d be some bollocks that’d stop me doing all the shrines, so there you go.

Don’t feel any inclination to put up with this crap, still got to 100 shrines done, screw the rest o’ them.


So returned to Dragon Age: Inquisition to finish it… Cue the Wicked Hearts quest.

It is near enough a given on any epic, big story mission Bioware will probably screw it up but this one far surpasses all their previous achievements:

  • Bad sign-posting? Check.
  • Unclear ‘rules’ arbitrarily applied? Check.
  • Having to make nice with a bunch of bastards you’d happily feed to Madame Guillotine? Check.

It then adds in an unforgiveable court approval bullshit mechanic that renders the combat sections timed! Oh and the Lv 15 enemies were far too resilient against my Lv 21 gang o’ thugs.

The entire thing, from start to finish, was at best tedium, at worst absolute crap - overall? No fun whatsoever, even the fights were rubbish, with a Fade fight that was far harder than it should be and killing Florianne took forever.

Any redeeming factors? Well, Morrigan joins the Inquisition and I judged a corpse. But these developments don’t really make up for the monumental pile of arse that that mission was.

On the plus side, it’s done and I can go and kill that asshole Corypheus and all his friends.


I agree almost wholeheartedly. That mission wasn’t very engaging. Though I didn’t find any trouble with the fights. By then I was wildly over levelled and cut through everything like butter.

I have to say Andromeda is a much better game. I saw a rumour that further mass effect work is on hold after the less than stellar reception. That would be a pity. As it a much better game than inquisition was.


Well, no one got killed instantly on the Rift fight but a bunch of Lv 15 demons should have gone down faster than they did - which was the same with Venatori and Florienne. If there was only 1-2 levels difference, well OK but 5-6 levels up really ought to be hitting that lot harder than they were.

Used a handful of potions, but that was all.


Well, yesterday I finished my first playthrough of Prey, and started a second today, so some thoughts:

  • As usual for an Arkane, the game has really interesting mechanics that allows you to experiment and try different things. Interesting powers divided in two branches, researching enemies, the Gloo gun, morphing, etc.
    -This is fully System Shock 2 derived, removing some of the most annoying mechanics from it (weapon degradation for example, but the devs have said they may include a hardcore mode patch to enable it along with permanent damage and oxygen managing).
  • And instead of vending machines like System Shock 2 and the BioShock series, you get 3D printers with licensed schematics.
  • The setting (Talos 1) is really nice and well developed (although a couple of areas are barebones than others). You can explore (under your own risk]) a lot of the station on your own, before progressing on the main quest. In my case, it turns out that due to exploring I finished two sidequests before they even started, so they never triggered (for example, find a hidden cache of neuromods, by the time I actually find the clue leading to them I had already found and used them).
  • But, also as usual for Arkane, the story is so so. It doesn’t reach the lows of Dishonored 2 in terms of storytelling and character development, as the characters are engaging, but the overall plot isn’t that good.
  • Which leads me to the ending, which I won’t go on due to spoilers, but can’t say I am a fan.

So, it is enjoyable, and if you liked SS2 and BioShock, you probably will enjoy it.

(Just to clariffy, Prey was developed by Arkane Austin, a new sub studio under Arkane)


I quite liked Bioshock, particularly Infinite, and enjoyed Dishonored 2 but didn’t get much out of Dishonored 1.

I played the demo for Prey and found it pretty lack-lustre - mostly because it just seems to offer up a lot of things that other games have done (Bioshock, Deus Ex) - that’s not a bad thing, but it’s not impressive.

Mostly I was put-off by the enemies, which seemed pretty dull.

Do you think any of those impressions would change if I played through the full game?


We only got a little way through the Doctor Who level pack on Saturday, but I’m already enjoying it.

Like the Sonic pack, there’s so much care and attention given to little details and references to the show that will make fans smile, without getting in the way for people who don’t recognise them. And Capaldi has recorded loads of lines for the game, which really helps to make it feel ‘right’.

Plus, as the level begins you get a Lego-i-fied version of the show’s current opening sequence, which is loads of fun.


Waiting for Farpoint to release, just two more days, so excited!


The Typhon are one of the weak points of the game, not really memorable. I think you may enjoy the game (I think the demo was up to the Lobby, right?) but not much else.


100%ed Bully last night. It wasn’t actually all that hard. There weren’t too many collectibles and, in the end, all I really needed to do after completing the story mode was one side mission and buying up all the clothes in the shops.

Not sure what I’ll move onto next. Maybe the Prey demo but the lukewarm reception it (the demo and full game) has gotten here and online in general means I’m not in too much of a rush for it.


The demo is only an hour or so, so not a massive investment of time. You’ll soon know if you like it or not.


My Andromeda playthrough is on hold while I wait for updates. I’ve found myself wanting to rush though things instead of enjoying them and it’s making me not have fun. There was a huge series of missions where I should have been overwhelmed with wonder and “ooooooooh” but I was just annoyed and felt stymied, especially on some of the boss and mini-boss fights.

I don’t regret getting the ultra deluxe online pack. Getting a prezzie a week in online is interesting, even though I dislike the global levelling mechanic. There are some online classes I just hate to play, especially with the changes to Tech powers.

Right now, I’m burning a lot of time in GTA Online. Normally I hate free for all PVP open worlds, but there is something different about GTA. I think the fact that I’m building attributes by running through yards and parks from people in tanks (and the occasional jet fighter) trying to mow me down is part of it. The other is just how ludicrous it is.


I’ve decided to give Assissins Creed Unity a bash since I’ve had it on my hard drive for ages. Only paid a couple of quid for it so I’m not too bothered if it’s not all that plus, since it’s set in Revolution era France, it give me an opportunity to bust out my outrageous accent.


Liberty! Fraternity! Murder Spree!

Now, back to games…

Found out why my gang had a hard time on the combat sections of Wicked Hearts - it nerfs your gear! Thing is, it gives you the appearance of having your gear but actually goes way back down, which is why it was so hard. Tonight they just took out, when properly tooled up, two Lv 19 Giants in Emerald Graves!

Also progressed a couple of sidequests, in the course of which, the game dropped a plotbomb involving Blackwall! It’s this little incidental stuff that Bioware tend to excel at. I was wandering round Emerald Graves and Varric just quips: Bet the next enemy we come across farts fire’ just out of nowhere, it’s great.

Finally, it was fun taking Varric, Cassandra and Dorian to the ball.


I have to say that there are some genuinely funny character moments in Andromeda.
Ryder is a much more likeable guy than Shepard was.

The director of the nexus (the citadel equivalent) is a salarian called Tann. Very by the book, total politician.

Each time you set up a new colony you get a call from the head of colonial affairs at the nexus, so you can make a comment about the new planet for the folks back at nexus.
There is always a little preamble chat. In the most recent one she told me that Tann was not going to like the fact I’d just tried to make peace with the krogan. My response, verbatim, was ,“I find it hard to calculate how few fucks I give about Tanns opinion”.


Someone talk me out of buying Injustice 2 after work.