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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


So, returned to Steep as I thought my brother-in-law might enjoy it.

To my surprise, I find, free of charge, they have:

  • Upped to Levels to 30
  • Added sleighing to the sports
  • Added an Alaska area - an entire new mountain, with its own challenges!

So, had a look around and damn, it’s amazing.

The other thing about this, is by adding Alaska, they open the doors to any other mountains - whch means they could keep bolting these on, a mountain at a time!


Yeah I got him to phase 2 - it’s just bonkers.

I’m going to try with Hunters Bone.


Unbelievably, I just beat him.

This is probably going to be a bit of a personal insight but I was so determined to beat him I spent most of last night googling stategies and watching videos. Then, basically first thing this morning, I had breakfast and a coffee, turned the playstation on and set at it.

My strategy was to use the Hp+10%, Stamina+15% and Blood Vial+4 runes, with the Hunter runes for increased stamina regen. I spent a ton of insight on lead elixir and fire paper (I had planned to use lead elixir, beast pellets and hunters bone all at once before discovering you can only use one at a time). I had read that he deals physical, blunt, blood and bolt damage so I spent 20 minutes tailoring my attire to counter just that (ended up with a combination of the Executioner gear and Henryk’s gear).

Hunters bone, thankfully, gives you just enough of an edge on speed that you can dodge him a bit more effectively and I was able to backstab him once or twice in the first phase. The second phase I unlocked targeting and pumped hunters bone and dodged relentlesssly and went in when I could, making sure to keep my health up.

I finally killed him with three blood vials to spare - that was with the +4 communion rune.

It took me 5 tries this morning; versus about the 20 or so shots I had at him yesterday.

Easily the most satisfying defeat of a boss I’ve ever played. When he was down to about an eighth of his health I had this little voice in my head saying “please don’t fuck this up, please don’t fuck this up, please don’t fuck this up.”.

Just G and Moon Princess to go now. I’ve heard they can be quite tough, but I doubt they’ll compare to the Orphan.


Hell’ve a job. He’s the real final boss I feel. G and moon really won’t compare now, but G is still an awesome fight and I love the music.


Yeah, I am looking forward to the end game but I’m going to give it a rest for now until later on. I was so determined to beat the Orphan I had to give it a shot this morning, but I’m not going to spend a beautiful sunday in front of the tv now that’s done :smiley:

You weren’t wrong; it feels odd to say, but it feels like a truly legitimate accomplishment.



The last two bosses were quite fun - the penultimate boss, especially, who is tough, but wasn’t anywhere near the mind-numbing impossibility of the Orphan of Kos. He basically acts as a way to test all your skills you’ve learned, as you fight him in a big field of flowers. The final boss was a bit of a disappointment it’s a"secret" boss you encounter if you find three particular types of items, but it’s hardly one of the more challenging fights.

I would say that, out of the whole experience (which is incredible - I completely understand why IGN ranked this the second best game on the PS4 second to Witcher 3), the toughest fight was Orphan of Kos by a looong looong way, then Logarius - the DLC bosses weren’t as tough (for me) as I’d read, and this is probably mostly because I find taking on the big creatures a bit easier then the smaller faster guys, but I know that’s not the same for everyone.

Overall, this is an incredible game. It’s a horror game, but it’s not really a scary game like RE7 - it draws quite heavily from Lovecrafts stories, which isn’t really apparent until later, but it’s very faithful in bringing some of the Lovecraft creations to life. I had no idea that this was Lovecraft-inspired so it was a pleasant surprise when all that stuff started to make it’s appearance, and it gets as deep into the Lovecraft lore as you possibly could, without directly ripping off the stories.

Anyway, very cool - was an intense experience. Never frustrating; often disillusioning; but very satisfying.


Glad you liked it.

It’s a real skill, to set the difficulty at such a level that it’s incredibly hard, but not so hard that it can’t be done or feels unfair. And the satisfaction one gets from overcoming those difficulties is something I haven’t found in any other games.

I will say, though, that I think Dark Souls 3 got the difficulty/dickishness balance wrong; at times it’s really just not fun at all. Overall I think Bloodborne is the best game From Software have produced. A large part of that is the Lovecraftian elements you mention – it’s such a great environment to spend time in.


Well, the endgame looms for Zelda:

  • To my surprise, I actually have the Champions Tunic fully upgraded. Turns out there’s a good shoot spot for Dinraal, like the other two, but it’s not where you’d think being Tabantha Bridge. Managed to get the two horns and a shard for the Shrine Quest too.

  • Explored Tabantha Ravine very thoroughly, finding two shrines, one of which was protected by 9 fixed Guardians! Fortunately the environment could be used to block their beams and then sneak up on and whack to death with the Master Sword.

  • I now have all 13 lost memories.

  • So, yeah, just one thing left to do now…


I’m finding myself near the end of Zelda now. I think I’ve done all the shrines (well, I’ve got two full rows of health and full second wheel of stamina, so that’s as much as I can be arsed to do). Just a couple of side quests I want to clear up and then it’s time to grab my best equipment and enter the castle.

My SNES came back from the mod shop today. Turn-around was less than a week, which is quicker than I’d thought. The Super CIC mod means the SNES will run Japanese games without an adapter (technically US ones as well, but I didn’t go for the cartridge slot widening) and can displays PAL games in 60hz.

The latter might not sound like a big deal, but the difference is stark. Even on something like Super Mario World, which I wouldn’t have said looks bad in PAL standard, the improvement is significant. NBA Jam benefits from it a lot also, as the text on the team select screens is now actually readable.


Well, just over 2 months and 132 hours or so later, I just did the endgame of Zelda. And when I say ‘just’ I do mean just! [spoiler]Although, if you have the Perfect Guard (parry) technique mastered, it’ll be a cakewalk. I, however, do not have that but did pull off one. The rest of the time? Daruk’s Protection was very handy!

It was very satisfying watching the four Guardians blast the unholy hell out of Calamity Ganon! And the creature itself? Well, Predator is the perfect source for this: He’s one ugly motherfucker.

For the first part of the fight I thought the game had finally given me a boss with some balls. Hits hard, but can be blocked and evaded, plus a 3-bomb arrow shot once he was on the walls brought him back to earth. So whacked him a bit, ate some food - I had plenty and then Phase 2 starts.

This is where he conjures an invincible shield, yeah, really - this is where the fight went into the realm of Total Arse. (Besides, if he had that ability, why not use it from the start?) Turns out you can only hurt him by deflecting his attacks or getting a perfect dodge. Well,I pulled off one Perfect Guard and one Perfect Dodge, the rest of the time? The game decided it didn’t qualify. It also threw a fireball at me, now I knew the solution to that was ice arrow, but the game decided it was too high an angle to be shot! You what? Fucker. Fortunately Daruk had recharged by this point and 3 uses of that was enough to give me just enough of a window to take him out. Had it not been for that I might have opted for the ‘fuck this for a lark’ option and switched off.

Cue massively gory destruction sequence which was sort of satisfying, except I really wanted to crucify the fucker immersed in a bacta vat hooked up to the mains![/spoiler]

So, all done, right? Ah, not exactly…

[spoiler]Turns out there’s a second boss but which rather than being a cheating ponce is just crap. It starts off promisingly, big bastard super-pig Ganon and you get the Bow of Light. Which is where it starts to go off the rails, instead of just giving it to you Zelda drops it so you have to pick it up first.

You then end up riding around this screen filling boss waiting for the game to prompt you. When it does, it’s hit these large golden circles - that’s easy. What isn’t is the way your horse controls relative to Ganon, doesn’t work anywhere near what you might expect. Still, you hit 6-7 circles and you’re told to go round to the front of Ganon. It isn’t very clear that you have to jump off your horse, into the updraft, until you have the last weak spot in sight, cue aerial shot. It was a crappy end to a game.

The ending sequences? They were well done, quite satisfying, the image of the spirit of the King and the Guardians looking down on Zelda and Link was very neat. As was the use of the main theme.[/spoiler]

So, overall?

It’s a strange game, it’s near enough two games put together because the main quest plays so differently to the rest of the game. The rest of the game is far more open and free-form, the main quest, especially the Divine Beasts, both the boarding and take back control missions, feel very prescriptive. Corridor gameplay in an open-world as it were. I can’t say I enjoyed the main quests, as evidenced by the sheer number of rants from me on that very topic!

Outside of that, however, it is superb. After watching the endgame sequences I reloaded, found myself back outside the boss chamber, so decided to climb to the very top of Hyrule Castle. It was an epic ascent. Found a Korok at the top. I then jumped off the top and did an epic glide out of the entire area! The paragilder never gets old. I love rolling bombs to kill enemies at range too. Works well on wolves too. Taking out enemy hideouts remains great, just the holocaust you set off inside one with either bomb or arrow is superb.

I still think they should not have nerfed the Master Sword in the way they did, especially given what’s involved in getting it. I took on a full-power Lynel in Hyrule Castle and the game still decided to drain it of energy, which didn’t feel at all right. Outside, in the wide world, Ok, but this is the core of Ganon’s powerbase.

I don’t mind the weapon durability, except for how it works with stasis, as there you’ll have to lose a weapon or two.

The environmental interaction tends to be very good, though there are times when the signposting as to what you can and cannot do is lacking. There’s places where you have to do X but you have no reason to consider that you can actually do that.

A relief indicator combined with a customisable map sounds small but has significant impact. If you want loads of icons a la your usual open-world game, you can do it or just have a few key ones.

I really liked the armour upgrades and even came to enjoy working out how to get the dragon pieces for the Champion’s Tunic upgrades. The Level 4 sequence with the fairies remains incredibly dubious.

The gameworld is huge and exceptionally well-designed - after a while you pick up on the regional differences. The one big flaw is the frequency of rain - it rained 3 times in my endgame infiltration of Hyrule Castle, which in turn screws over your ability to climb. In contrast, wearing lightning-proof armour, renders thunderstorms very fun and I did a fight with a Super-Moblin (1080HP) in one, where I whacked him with two lightning strikes!

Of the various sub-bosses, I’ve still to find Stalnox. Hinox is pretty easy, especially if you do a stealthstrike + Urbosa’s fury. Talus can be trickier, especially the molten variety. Molduga is just a pain in the arse. None of them though get anywhere near Lynels for being complete arseholes. (Though, I haven’t yet taken on one using the Fireproof armour, that might be fun.)

Cooking I enjoy quite a bit, though I tend to stick to a set of proven recipes.

Are there things still to do? Yep, all the more fun stuff:

  • Gerudo sidequests including the Thunder Helm
  • Getting the Guardian Armour
  • Finishing off the other armour upgrades
  • Doing the remaining shrines

Which I’ll get to, on and off.

So, do I recommend it? Overall, yes. Even the powers from the main quest sections do come in very useful later on, so those do sort of make doing that worthwhile, though I still consider the end bosses irredeemable.




The mod shop is offering their services on eBay. Definitely worth going for.


I thought about warning you about the second phase of the ganon fight as that seemed like something that might piss you off; but it seems like it didn’t put up too much of a hassle… you can also use Urbosa’s Fury to stun him when you’re having trouble parrying him (which, admittedly, I did).

I ended up just walking on the final fight (as I did the whole-game; the horse controls seemed kind-of more trouble then they were worth). - that updraft, too, took me a while to work out.

That’s probably one of my chief complaints - the game never holds your hand, which is nice, but there are sometimes things which needed to be better telegraphed to save from frustration.

Edited to add: I won’t tell you where Stalnox is if you don’t know but it’s a fun fight with a worthwhile reward.


I started a new campaign in Xcom2, this time set to rookie. The difficulty curve between Rookie and intermediate is huge. In intermediate I was lucky to finish a mission with only one soldier dead and the rest heavily wounded. On rookie I’m finishing missions without a single soldier wounded.


Might !? Er… Hahahahaha…Yeah, it really did.

In a way that boss was akin to a Lynel fight at times too, with all the weaknesses of the camera and manually maintained lock-on brought to the fore.


Re: Fallout 4.

Finding out about Shaun devastated me. I was heavily invested in finding him, despite being irked in the beginning that I just had to have had a wife and kid. (Nexus mods fixed that). I took over the Institute, reasoning that I could do better and I hated the Brotherhood anyway. It felt good to kill the hell out of them. I felt sorry about the Railroad, but, well, a psychotic parent who just killed his way across the wasteland to find his baby, isn’t going to become nice now that his baby is an old man who has mastered the power of guilt. The Minutemen lived though. So that’s a victory.


I did the opposite - I basically just destroyed the Institute and left everything else standing, as the Institute seemed to be the only place truly out of touch with the real.

Interestingly, in my ending it was alluded to that Shaun as Father is a ruse, and you find the “real” Shaun (as a kid), who may or may not just be a Synth. It’s left up to the player to decide .



They were pretty blunt with kid shaun being a synth. Father used the control code to reset him shortly before he revealed his secret. Plus, at least withmy character, Shaun looked like me. There aren’t any other white haired, silver eyed black men in the Common wealth. :slight_smile:


I did like that about the facial features - and I’m not saying he WASN’T but Bethesda definitely made it vague enough that its open to interpretation.

That was kind of my problem with the game, to be honest.


I too defeated Ganon today, bringing my time with Breath of thr Wild to an end (til the DLC).

I was a bit underwhelmed by the endgame. I was all tooled up, but getting to Ganon mosty involved killing Guardians and one Lynel and that was it. Really didn’t most of the gear I’d been hording, expecting more of a dungeon element to Hyrule Castle.
Ganon himself was disappointing. Not particularly hard and blandly designed, like all the other bosses. I did it all comfortably first time. It wasn’t a patch on the inventiveness of Ocarina of Time’s Ganon or the difficulty of Twilight Princess’ or the fun of Wind Waker’s.
In all, it felt like an anti-climatic end to a great game.