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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Not your vitality!


Vitality is extremely important, Rory.

Some would say, vital, even.


Your face is vital.

No really, it is. Without it you can’t talk, eat or see. Pretty vital, right ?


That spoiler blew my mind.


You’re seriously missing out. The DLC is incredible and by far the best soulsborne DLC ever released. Some of the best boss fights in the game are DLC, and in my opinion it’s got some of the best atmosphere in the whole game as well.


I’ve only done the opening bit with the steps of the DLC (mostly just to have a look and farm echoes).

So it’s worth it? Should I try it now or later?


It’s considerably difficult, but can be accessed after Amelia. In all honesty, to beat some of the bosses you’re just going to need to get good at them because you can’t just chunk some of them down and luck out. That being said, having between 30 and 50 vit will help (30 is a soft cap for vitality, with 50 being the hard cap).

So it’s totally up to you. Regardless of when you do it, you’re going to feel like your damage is weak to the bosses unless you work through chalice dungeons completely.


Ah okay.
Do stats cap at 50?


You left out the most vital part.

Tim’s face is vital to me because it’s Tim.


I think for all of them it’s 30 soft, 50 hard.

I do believe resistances do continue to increase though, but once everything is at 50 it doesn’t matter where points go. I don’t know that for a fact though.


So had a surprisingly good go on Zelda tonight in that:

Had a bastard of a fight with a stronger Lynel, a 4000HP one. Not content with flaming halitosis breath, running around and hving a huge sword, this evil git added lighting his own farts to his repertoire. The amount of gas he must have expelled before ignition defied belief. Still, a lot of meals and a couple of Royal Claymores later he was dead and I nabbed 2 Lynel guts!

Did the last Labyrinth, not only did I just about make the flight, but took out a stalker Guardian and made it to the shrine. The only negative was, as I was whacking the hell out of the Guardian, with a powered up Master Sword no less, the game decided the sword was running low on energy! Huh? It was fully active! Can’t help but feel the game just decides to switch it off despite its own rules. Also, nerfing the Master Sword? A really bad move.

Still, I now have complete Zora and Barbarian armour sets, working on getting the latter up to Level 2 upgrade as well.

Managed to get the other Hyrule Castle memory at the sacred grounds, had to avoid a good few stalkers but got it.

Changing tack, having watched the trailer for Wipeout Omega (and @TMasters, if ever a game looked to benefit from 4K Pro setting, it’d be this one! Especially on a Zone race.) I booted up Wipeout HD on the PS3.

If anything it really showed the level of the accomplishment 7 years back because, I could spot little details absent from the PS3 track, but overall? Looked remarkably similar, but I suspect the PS4 effect would be way, way up on a 4K TV. Zone remained as hypnotically trippy as ever, made it 14 before inevitably dying.


Been playing a little of Dawn of War III during the week, had some fun but it isn’t grabbing me like past installments.

And today I began with Prey, and it has been fun for now.


While I know nobody cares (:sob:) Jeopardy! Online has been beating my butt. Got 2/5 Finals (disaster!) and due to a horrid 3/6 day (the first six clues count, both being right and fast on the mouse button for score) got knocked off my 90% perch to 89%.

So there.



Go hang your head in shame


So, it happened.

I didn’t think it would , but it did.

After killing Martyr Logarius I thought i’d faced the toughest challenge Bloodborne could offer. I became determined to not back down from any fight, any area, and so I went on a roll: area after area cleared and boss after boss killed. All of them: Rom, One Reborn, the Celestial Emissary, Ebreitas (who should have just been named Cthulhu), stupid-faced Microlash, even the super hard Hunter at the top of the church that kills Eileen… and it didnt stop there, I took on the DLC to, the Old Hunters.

The Old Hunters was a bit of an uptick in difficulty but it wasn’t going to hold me back; Ludwig, Living Failures, Lady Maria, even the secret boss Lawrence and idiot stalker jerk Brador, all dead. I even took on the two super-crazy Giant seamonster guys to get the Rakuyo katana.

And then, it happened - Orphan of Kos. - easily the hardest boss in the game: quick, strong, huge area of effect, - I can’t even get him to his second phase! I can’t even get him past a third of his health!

The game is all but finished - i’ve beaten Mergo’s wet nurse and the Hunter’s Dream is on fire while everyone waits for me to go face the final two bosses. BUT I can’t go ahead and start the end-game because I have to beat the stupid Orphan of Kos first!

Damn you From Software!


I told you to stay away from that DLC!


Well, it is pretty cool - the game is obviously drawing from a lot of Lovecraft stories and there’s a section of the DLC which is a direct homage to “Shadow over Innsmouth” with weird fish-people and so on.

But the final boss is insanely hard. I’m even quite well levelled and have a +10 Ludwig sword, but I have no idea if I can beat this dude. He’s just too brutal.


The word on Prey is a bit disappointing. I was going to pick it up today but I think I’ll wait for the price drop.


That’s disappointing to hear. I still haven’t checked out the demo and haven’t read any reviews yet. But either way I was always going to wait for an price drop on it, as I’ve just got too many unfinished games on my plate at the moment.


Orphan of Kos made me stop playing the game for almost an entire year. Then I came back and did my no summon playthrough. To be honest, I gave up, and summoned someone on him. They died in 30 seconds… Two more solo tries and I took him down with 0 blood vials at the end.

It was easily the most rewarding boss battle for me of any of the games. Key is to stay close to him, dodge towards the direction he is swinging from, if he raises his weapon on his right side, dodge towards it and you’ll avoid follow through. Some attacks you can just simply pivot around without the dodge. Just circle around and take one hit at a time, don’t get greedy.

I hate to say it but phase 2 is the real challenge. I wish you luck and Its gonna feel so good once you take him down.