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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Update: Ebay decided to intercede early on this one and I’ve a refund on its way to my PayPal account!


Continue to progress in Bloodborne. Two more bosses down: Hemwick Witch and Vicar Amelia - neither were too tough, although I’ll admit I got caught by the Witches weird creature things, and the Amelia was only “easy” because I had read to use the Numbing mist when she heals, and I brought some support.

Also did the first Chalice Dungeon, which I didn’t really enjoy. It’s a good distraction from the main game but there isn’t much to them. It’s nice that the bosses are unique though. I only barely made it through the last one (“Watchdog of the Old Ones”).

I have absolutely no idea about the story. I am seriously lost.

From what I can gather:

  • You’re a “Hunter” which is sort of like some kind of demon-hunter.
  • You go to this place Yarnham during the “Hunt”.
  • The Hunt is some kind of local religious festival.
  • Basically everyone starts turning into monsters.
  • There are other Hunters here; some are nice and others attack you.
  • There’s some kind of connection between reality and dreams/nightmares.

I’m sort of waiting for the info-dump which explains exactly what’s going on.

EDIT: I’m planning on taking on the Hypogean Gaol next though, but it seems like quite a tough area.


There is no info dump just like other souls games. Your character is in Yahrnam pursuing their “blood healing” and gets caught up in the hunt. Things are very cryptic but can be followed via the detailed item descriptions, dialogue, cut scenes, and the little notes throughout. Story in these games requires digging.

LobosJR, popular Twitch Soulsbourne streamer, said he only enjoyed Chalice Dungeons after he investigated speedrun strats. I agree completely with your assessment on them though.


Father Gasgoigne ended BloodBourne for me.

I like the game a lot, but I think I love the idea and atmosphere of it more than I actually do playing it.

Every time I got close to beating Gasgoigne I got stuck in a bit of scenery or some glitch. I just couldn’t handle that any more so gave up.

Because of the kids I’m getting pretty much zero time to play games these days, but I would like to come back to it some day.

(You boys chatting about it does make me want to go back and get to it again sooner rather than later right enough - but I have Last of Us to go back to which I was progressing thru at Xmas there but had to go back to work).


I loved the Buffy game, it was so atmospheric and very much like the show.

I still have my 360 which I am keeping until I finding playing thru all that generation of games that I wanted to get round to.

I might go back and get this if I can find it cheap.


You’ve mostly figured out the plot!

I did one or two Chalice dungeons but ditched them. They’re absolutely not essential and I don’t think what you get is worth the extra or effort.

His crazy is the guy with the bag?! Man, I love BB, what a crazy bastard of a game.


This was the whole idea about getting a switch for me.

I could play it on the way to work, or on the couch of the kids/wife are watching tv etc

But the line up of games is something I am far from interested in. Other than zelda I have zero interest in playing anything else that is out for it.

I’d love it if they pillaged ps1, 2, 3 back catalogues as well as their own and give me a way to catch up on older games I never got round to, while on the move.

It seems this is never going to happen, despite how obvious an idea it seems to me.



Yeah - I have to say, it’s super-addictive, and I like it more than Demon’s Souls mostly because of the atmosphere and combat is a little more hack-and-slash.

I’ve been grinding a lot, but I’ve done a fair bit since I started about a week ago - I beat Darkbeast Paarl, and I have to say that that was pretty bloody hard, but I did request help. I think, with a lot of bosses, you’ll end up getting lucky and scoring a few more hits than you would have otherwise (like I managed to roll in under him where he couldn’t hit me, until he farted lightning).

I’m now going through the Forbidden Forest and have opened up all the shortcuts up to the boss - so I know where the door to him/her/them is, but I’m going to have a breather before I have a shot.

… So many crazy-hard bosses is just too much for the ticker sometimes !


Aside from the atmosphere (which @ChrisS mentioned), my favourite thing about the game is the level design, finding the shortcuts and back ways and how to some extent they all link up. It’s genius.


Yeah - it’s really hard to deny how impressively designed it is.

Even if you’re not a fan of unforgiving games like this, it’s a pretty incredible piece of design - the level design especially in the individual areas and the level design of Yarnham as a whole.

It gets easy to get lost though - I know that’s what the gold coins are for but I spent a good hour trying to work out how to get past the invisible giant guarding the door to something to the right of the Grand Cathedral as I was sure that was what I was meant to do. Then I gave up and went and fought Darkbeast Paarl, figuring that would open up the next part, (it doesn’t, as you know, it links you up to Old Yarnham). It was only when I randomly stumbled onto the password door that I ended up in the Forbidden Woods.

EDIT: So, I had a crack at Shadows of Yarnham, but think I’ll save them for a bit later - thinking on taking Cairnhurst.


Gascoigne is one of the harder enemies you face, mostly because of the Graveyard environment which makes dodging and moving around difficult. Also because it’s only until after him does the game open up in terms of upgrading your weaponry and stuff.


Steam have a pretty amazing Star Wars bundle deal on at the moment. £13.20 for this lot:

[quote]Items included in this bundle

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STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Special Edition

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STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

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STAR WARS™ X-Wing vs TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns™

STAR WARS™ Rebellion

STAR WARS™: Rogue Squadron 3D[/quote]
Some crackers in there.


I don’t know what Star Wars is.

Sounds lame.


Coincidentally (though I suspect not) they’re also on sale on GOG at the moment as well, I noticed this morning.

Works out more expensive (especially if you’re getting everything) but no DRM on them.


I just played through the indie PC game Lisa: The Painful, and holy crap it was gut-wrenching.


Is that in a good or bad way?


Absolutely good. It’s a bizarre little retro RPG that seems pretty heavily influenced by Earthbound, but way more mature, dealing with themes of drug abuse, rape, and so on, in a very surreal and bizarre way. It forces you to make some of the hardest choices I’ve ever seen in a game, and pretty quickly you know there won’t be any happy ending. I think this one’ll be sticking with me for years to come.


Shadows, Amygdala and Martyr Logarius down.

I have to say when I first tried the Shadows they were too tough, but I tried it solo. Summoning a hunter and wearing the Ashen Hunter gear made it a ton easier.

Martyr Logarius though … easily the hardest boss so far by a long way. I don’t know how many tries it took, ten plus at least, and almost every time I had him down to about a sixth of his health before he killed me. Bizarrely, when I finally got him it was all too easy.

I swear the AI in this game is so good, but it’s still random patterns essentially, so sometimes you just get lucky.

EDIT: My plan right now is to go ahead and do the University bit and then any optional areas before the last little bit of the game. I want to do the DLC right before I jump into the end-game.


God, Martyr Logarius is a bastard. Probably the least fun I had in the whole game!

I never summoned any help (unlike Dark Souls 3), but I did watch the odd YouTube video of a boss fight. They helped a lot when I was starting to despair.

I must say, I didn’t play any of the DLCs. Much as I love Bloodborne, I’m not sure I want more of it, especially as the DLCs are apparently noticeably tougher than the main game.


Logarius was like a classic Souls boss.

Unapologetically hard-hitting and aggressive.

One thing I noticed was that, no matter what level you were, every attack took 40% off your Vitality if it lands.