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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I know.
I just wasn’t sure how to respond.

I figured I’d write out my thoughts (as much for me, as for you).


Oh,I’ve wanted you to try your hand at Bloodbourne for a while given what the others have been saying.

It does sound like a masterpiece of a game, but a bastard hard one.


It certainly very firmly establishes itself as on-par with the difficulty of the Souls games, that’s for sure.

After an hour or so I got on a bit of a run and was thinking “oh, this isn’t that bad” and as soon as that happened I basically started sucking. I don’t remember much about Demon’s Souls but I do remember there’s a point where it just sort of “clicks” and you understand what the developers expect of you.

It’s not exactly a relaxing game though, which is sort of out of the norm for me these days.


Yup, no blocking, more about the dodge. If you can try to stagger them with a gunshot and do a visceral attack. So satisfying and makes short work of opponents.

(fwiw I found DS3 harder than BB. I never needed online help with the latter but I think the former is impossible without it.)


Okay, so I beat the Cleric Beast :smiley:.

Still haven’t got the dodge down pat. The trick with the wolves was helpful!


God damn, Xcom2 is so hard! Even on easy I’m struggling. I’m still loosing at least one teammate a mission and everyone else comes back heavily wounded.


Nice work with the Cleric Beast! I will say farming isn’t necessary, but since blood vials are finite, and the more you get the better, it’s double beneficial to farm for blood echoes and get vials along the way.

Visceral attacks are huge for heavy hitters and something that will make your play through easier and more satisfying if you figure it out. Viscerals are the new parry, if you shoot your gun at an enemy in the middle of their attack they will drop and you’ll hear a sort of chime that indicates you can go in for a visceral. If your too far away try to quickstep in and R1 for a visceral.

Also backstabs are very useful. If an enemy has their back to you walk toward them instead of running. Do a charged R2 at their back and they will go down and you can visceral from behind.

Cleric Beast was hella tough for such an early boss, but I was gonna mention he is optional :wink:

Keep at it, if you beat the Cleric Beast I think you’ll do just fine.

EDIT: Another note, some bosses really punish you for keeping your distance. If you stay close and dodge with most bosses you’ll have the most control. It’s best to dodge towards the hand they are attacking with since some attacks have big follow ups. i.e. if they are right handed and swinging with their weapon, dodge to their right/your left.

Lastly don’t get greedy. The dodge, one hit in the butt, dodge strategy is really powerful. It takes some patience, but in the end you’ll spend less time on a boss cause you’ll be more cautious, dying less, and not having to run to the boss room over and over.


Yeah - I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

That your physical defense goes up every level no matter what attribute you increase is clever, and it keeps the game from being too punishing. I’m now sort of running into mobs of villagers with ease, while as this afternoon I was completely perplexed as to how to take them on.

Made it to Father Gascoigne and, believe it or not, managed to whittle him down to maybe a quarter of his health on the second try (using visceral attack, which I just learned about from @sammm ). After that he went nutso and wasted me pretty quick, so not quite sure hot to deal with him at that stage…

Cleric Beast wasn’t too tough. I didn’t realise blood vials were banked, so I thought they were capped at 20. That’s obviously not the case and me being so cautious with their usage is clearly not what the developers meant. You’re meant to smash those guys like pudding, right? Once I realised I could get under him and attack him from there, and then retreat and pump a blood vial without really harming my supply, he wasn’t that hard.

There’s lots in the game to learn evidently - and it’s the sort of thing you can only learn by doing. That’s the same with all their other games too, but it’s interesting to see how it differs from game to game.

EDIT: By the way, IS there any point to defeating the Cleric Beast? The only real benefit seems to have been that it adds a waypoint on the bridge and there are some new items in the shop. I had thought the gate behind him would open.


Pumping Vitality is really helpful. I just love the environment of the game. Take some time to read some item descriptions and enjoy the lore and the scenery a bit.

I think there was supposed to be a connection to a different part of the game behind Cleric Beast, but they didn’t end up making it available in the final game. So yes, all you get is the lamp on the bridge and the badge for store items.


I’ve just completed Doom so I’ve just added this to my download queue. I’m wondering though, what’s the connection between this and the shooter Prey on the previous gen (the one were you play as a Native American abductee).


I found FG to be one of the hardest bosses in the game. I think what helped was running around, up the stairs and (if I recall correctly) on to the roof of the building. He doesn’t immediately follow you, so it gives you a bit of distance and time to catch you breath.

I beat Cleric Beast in large part because I was determined to beat all the game’s bosses. But (again, if my memory is correct) doesn’t it also mean you’re closer to the grinding spot with the wolves?


It’s the same IP, but it’s a reboot / reimagining. So no cherokee stuff - just the aliens.


So I beat Father Gascoigne.

It took a few tries - once I had him down to a sliver of health before he jumped on me, and another time my controller ran out of juice mid go.

I remember these games now. The only way to play them is if you’re hyper-focussed and moving/rolling all the time.

I wear a little Samsung Gear that randomly measures my heart-beat. It’s usually about 70 which is fine, but it measured it during this boss-fight and it was almost double! Super intense.

EDIT: I also just got the Kirkhammer, and I’m gettting my head around using the resources and items and stuff, but I’m at the Cathedral Ward and am totally lost. There’s like three branches that come off it but they all seem to lead in dead ends.


Flail your arms and legs around a bit more next time you play and you’ll have a pretty intense workout.


Another tip, transform combos can be powerful. Each weapon has transform combos where you can hit R1, then L1 and you will get a special transform attack. If you hit L1 in the combo you will get another transform attack transforming the weapon again. There are also special roll/transform and sprint attacks that work in a similar fashion. A lot of those combos will stagger enemies and let you punish them.

So every time you get a new weapon play around with those combos and you’ll really build out your arsenal of fighting tools.


I had a go of the Prey demo.

I didn’t think much of it, to be honest. I’m still waiting for a FPS game that doesn’t look and feel like a last-gen game. FPS games used to be the standard bearer for development and they’re now lagging behind.

It’s the type of game I might pick up for a twenty if I was feeling bored. It’s pretty much Deus Ex by way of, say something like Half-life, and it all revolves around this one gimmick where there are these creatures that can transform into any object, so you can be walking along and be attacked by a health kit you try to pick up. It gets pretty old pretty quickly.

The story is something to do with rewired memories and simulated environments to do with experiments on these creatures.

I’m sure there’s more of an experience in the full game but the demo was pretty fucking dull, to be frank.


So, this is the latest on Bloodborne:

I got to Old Yarnham and was more or less having fun slicing up the new monsters until I ran into the dude on the clocktower with the gatling gun (seriously?). Anyway, after a few attempts, I finally made it up to him only to find he is a crazy souped up hunter guy like Father Gascoigne AND not even a proper boss.

So, after a few attempts I gave up and legged it past him and kept exploring. Eventually I got to a point where It lead BACK to Captain Gatling-gun and I figured he was someone I needed to clear. After a few more attempts, idiot bloke fell off the tower following one of his expert dodges. Pretty funny, but I have no idea if I would have beaten him otherwise.

Anyway, back to exploring and it turns out I didn’t need to beat him at all (he just makes exploring less of a pain) and end up fighting the “Blood-Starved Beast” boss. After an a few attempts, and one where I got it down to a sliver of health, I realised I was just plowing through all my cool items so ended up summoning the Alfred dude to help me. So beat that boss (that’s 3 down).

Explored a bit of the healing workshop and got another Shop item badge thingy and then opened up a path to the cathedral. BUT some crazy-ass dude with a sack ended up killing me… and there I was thinking “Jerk can’t really kill me, I’m fricking mario with the respawning,” and SURPRISE TWIST: Jerk DIDNT Kill me but kidnapped me and put me in some creepy jail with super tough other jerks. So, that was deeply unpleasant.

Anyway, after a respawn I’m now in a place called Charnel Lane and that’s where I’m gonna call it quits for now. I feel like I’ve had a monster of a session but when I think about exactly how much I’ve explored it really isn’t that much; it’s more just that the game rewards progress in such tiny increments.

EDIT: Also seem to be able to do a Chalice ritual? Not sure what that’s about either. It may be time to turn to the internet.


Chalice Dungeons are an optional part of the game. They are kind of like end game content. You can access them through the grave stones in the Hunter’s Dream. They are part of the lore, and there are trophies you get going through them, but they get difficult, and can feel tedious. Their difficulty remains the same regardless of what NG+ you are in, and moving to NG doesn’t wipe your gravestones.

They have unique bosses and enemies, and can be very helpful for souls and power weapon gems if you are having issues with main game content. I believe they are meant to be played while playing through the normal game, but I didn’t touch them till I was completely done. So they were very easy initially, but the difficulty ramped up really fast.

BSB is a boss that I continue to have issues with. With the poison it’s almost like having a timer for defeating the boss, which is interesting.


I am playing Bully currently since it was recently made backwards comparable on the Xbox One. I love this game. Sure, it looks a bit rough by modern standards and the controls are a bit wobbly at times but man, the music and humour makes any lack of polish and then some.


So Zelda…

Decided it was, having got the Master Sword, to try a Major Test of Strength combat shrine. Only one problem, the Maser Sword boost doesn’t apply inside shrines! Bastards. Still killed it, but had to go through a few weapons to do so.

The Master Sword managed to redeem itself on an infiltration of Hyrule Castle, where I was able to take out some fixed Guardians and Turrets, still kind of irritating that I’m whacking a Guardian turret with it, supposedly doing damage but it’s allowed to just keep charging and shooting regardless. Managed to find Zelda’s study and get the Hyrule Castle memory.

Also did Vah Medoh. To my surprise the ‘board the beast’ sequence was actually fun! I enjoyed that flying and shooting quite a bit. On-board it was the same old bullshit and the boss? Well, to be frank, the boss was a flying, teleporting wussy cunt. It was a pretty pathetic boss fight really, I had the Master Sword but rarely could whack him with it.

Progressed a few more subquests, got a few more armour upgrades, Tarrey Town is coming together nicely - oh yeah, did a one-hit kill on a Hinox.