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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Have kicked off the refund process - next stage is 5 May, which’ll come around quick. I don’t expect to hear anything from the seller, he has negative numbers feedback and about 10 pieces of negative feedback that it’s a scam, so ought to be open-and-shut.



PS4 and XB1 owners in the UK - you can get a free playable demo of the first hour of upcoming Bethesda game Prey here:

I’ve been looking forward to this one, so I’m definitely going to give the demo a try.


So, I finished Zelda.

I have to say I’m sort of mystified by the near-unanimous 10/10 scores. It just goes to show the lack of objectivity from reviewers when it comes to these system launching AAA titles.

It’s very charming, but it’s far from flawless, with some camera problems, frame-rate issues, and some other game-play problems. It’s a great open-world game; but it’s when you compare it to some of the other AAA open-world games out there, the only other one to get similar praise is GTA-V.

Like, it’s a fun game - with lots of good design elements and detail; but it’s not exactly unlimited in scope, like something like GTA V. Nor does it have a compelling story like something like Red Dead Redemption.

It’s very fun; but there are lots of fun games.


I’ve dropped a good number of hours (about 40 I think) into Andromeda at this point so I thought I’d give some more detailed thoughts at this point.

Positive points

  • Most of the characters are pretty engaging, and if you get the right pairing, the banter in the Nomad as you drive around is actually pretty funny, at times I think I actually laughed out loud.
  • Ryder is no Shepard, but s/he is infinitely more engaging than the personality vacuum that was the inquisitor.
  • The graphics - despite all the criticism - are really pretty good. Some of the planetary environments are really impressive.
  • The story - despite its scifi tropes and cliches - is enjoyable and engaging, I want to find out what happens next - and the setting was a smart way to reset the series after the end of the Shep trilogy.


  • It can get a bit grindy. Each planet has a Kett facility, a remnant vault and a remnant architect. The same big three quests on every planet. The maps are different but the play is ultimately the same. Maybe that will change up on the next few planets, but I’m 100% on 3 planets now and they are all much of a muchness quest wise.
  • Party control. The removal of the power wheel has two effects. Firstly you have no control over your party beyond trivial go here commands. Since the AI for the party members is actually pretty damn good the result is that you leave them to their own devices.
  • Powers. A second impact of the power wheel loss is that you are now limited to 3 accessible powers active at a time. You can switch between 4 presets (profiles) of three powers, but every time you do the cooldown resets - basically to prevent people spamming 12 powers in a row by profile switching, however the up shot of the cooldown reset is that there is no motivation to use more than 3 powers.
  • Combat - largely as a result of the two points above, the tactical combat is no longer tactical. It is basically a straight up third person shooter.
  • Bugs - there are a few quest breaking bugs left, which are irking for those of us who aim for 100% completion.

Overall it is a good game, and I am enjoying it very much, but it is really the final evolution of the series away from tactical RPG towards a shooter with significant weapon customisation and narrative elements. I find that a pity, but such is life.


Yeah, I don’t think you have finished though. I mean, you can go and “finish it” and beat Ganon pretty much straight away if you want to, but I’m nearly two months deep in it and still not close to feeling I’ve finished it.



I mean - Ive still got 60 odd shrines to go and armor to upgrade. Side quests to do etc.

But I’ve finished it. When you beat a game; you beat a game :slight_smile:


Finishing a game isn’t beating it. Get back to it!!!


Look… Guys… I think I’m equipped to know when a game has been played to the end. It’s not like I didn’t put the hours in…


What emotion best sums up how you feel about the Switch now?



It’s a nifty device and I like bring able to play portable on my bed with ease.

Spec-wise it stumbles in comparison to the pro. It’s an expensive investment too - seeing the only must have for it is zelda.

That said, Martin is half-right that there’s plenty to still muck about with in Zelda so it’s kinda cool to be able to do that on a portable.


So, I started playing Bloodborne.

I’m not sure what I was expecting as I remember being stuck on the opening of Demon’s Souls for hours, but my god is the learning curve steep.

It’s very unforgiving, if you catch a hit you’re basically screwed as your character is stunned momentarily which allows the enemy to pummel you to death. I haven’t mastered the dodge mechanic, which is clearly key, but I did manage to get to the Central Yharnam boss the “Cleric Beast” (albeit, mostly through legging it). I have absolutely no idea how to beat it though. Seems a bit to early to start farming…

Any advice @sammm and @craguecook ?

EDIT: Wait! Is this because I chose to be an “Academic” with a “Great Axe”? I knew it! I knew I should have picked weapons of academia instead of tools of war! Damn you Studio Japan!


You’ve done well to get to the Cleric Beast so soon – that first level took me a week or even two to do.

I farmed really early, and farmed a lot. There’s a little circuit I did with the blokies near the start, but the most effective one (and one that I went back to over and over and over and over again, even later into the game) is I think on the bridge heading to Cleric Beast? It’s two wolves and you can run down some steps and into a room – they’re too big to get through the doorway, but they try so they’re heads are exposed by they can’t reach you. You can make your axe long and swipe away till they die. Rinse and repeat.

(I hope that makes sense.)


Ah okay.

So farm away then?

I know which enemies and place you’re talking about, so that’s good.


Yeah I think it’s very much designed for farming. And I do think it’s gets…well, not easier (no sir!) but there’s nothing quite like the shock of how hard the first part of the game is.


Yeah, I remember that with Demon’s Souls.

How do you take on the Cleric Beast though - just the usual watch it’s attacks and go in when you can?


Yes exactly. I don’t remember too much about him to be honest, other than the fact that he wasn’t one the bosses that almost drove me mad with frustration and despair.


You were warned.

You did not listen.

Now you will suffer.


Well - I kind of thought the mechanic would be similar to Demon’s Souls / dark souls.

In that you have attack, block and dodge (and spells) and, although patience is required, you can still go toe to toe with bad-guys because you can still block if you get good at timing.

In Bloodborne there’s no block (although, as I understand it, you can find a shield later, but the game isn’t built around that mechanic) and there’s roughly four different types of close-combat attacks - so, while, patience and timing and observation is key, it’s a much more complicated mechanic to master.


You know I’m just playing around here, right?