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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


There’s a little overhang at the top of the citadel near one of the Bokoblins. You can climb up it and glide to one of the ledges on the tower above the goop.


There’s a huge amount of latitude in this game, more so than most it feels.


Yeah - I just worked out that shrine I was talking about before. Was a bloody magnesis puzzle with a bowl.


I adore BioShock. Not just the gameplay but what a great, fully realised world. And the music! It’s right up there with the best of the PS3 for me. Glad you’ve connected with it.


Pikango is great. Try and get a look at what his paintings when you can - they’re brilliantly crap.


Another Bioshock fan here. We’re taking about the original yeah? I thought Bioshock Infinite was turd though.


Yes, I’m playing the original at the moment.

The remastered collection has all three though, so I’ll probably work my way through all of them.


So Zelda… Another ‘board the beast’ mission.

This wasn’t as bad as its predecessors but that’s not saying much. No, the great sin of Vah Neboris is that the game cheats. Before I tried this, I equipped electric armour, went out in a thunderstorm, thunder came down and, due to the set bonus, did no harm. So, Vah Neboris uses lightning? Should be the same result, right? Wrong! Because Vah Neboris’ lightning is “special” and gets to ignore that set bonus! Only got one hit, was in Riju’s shield circle for the other times, still felt like total bullshit.

Still, got on board, so it’ll get better right? Got the map and groan, yeah, it’s the usual crap. Map that bears no resemblance to reality? Check. Far worse was this: It has these instructions saying ‘rotate the beast 90 degrees’. Ok, 90 degrees yeah? Ok, let’s go. It rotates all right, but 180 degrees! Vah Neboris fails basic maths.

So, deciding I can’t be arsed with this tonight, I save and call it a day. The solution will be the same as for others, grab walkthrough and do five probably crap puzzles, get to the Ganon infestation and find his attacks magically bypass any thunder protection because his is “special” but that won’t stop his arse from being kicked. Tick off another pain in the arse divine beast.

It’s so very strange - these sections are just the polar opposite of the rest of the game which says: “Go here, or there! Try this and that! Experiment!” Nah, these sections are all:

  • No, you can’t climb. Yes, we know we let you climb everywhere fucking else but not here.
  • Yes, outside there were multiple solutions, you’re not fucking outside, you’re in here and the only way accepted is what we fucking tell you.

I’m past getting pissed off over these now, instead being at weary, worn down into acceptance stage.


Sooo. Andromeda hit it’s first major annoyance today. Random spawning quest items. There are a series of quests on one of the planets, each of which involves finding a series of artefacts, bodies or enemy scanners. About 4 quests in total, each requiring around 4 objects.
Turns out the objects aren’t fixed, they spawn randomly at a series of locations, of which there are many. Ergo you end up driving around endlessly, fighting the same simplistic skirmish in the hope one spawns.
Not fun.




It’s nice of Ben to give you a thumbs-up after you insulted him like that.


@Todd claims to have had hallucinations that were better at Andromeda than you!


I though he was saying I’m #1.


Well, if that’s what you were thinking then yeah… Number One Arsehole.



I’m at this one right now. I’m finding each station piecemeal by puzzling them out mentally and including a little trial and error, but I’d be lying if I said this was anything resembling fun. It is really tedious and unintuitive.


Thanks, kind of nice to know it ain’t just me getting irritated by these sections.

@Todd - No longer funny buddy, give it a rest.


I managed to beat the puzzle part of it without using a walkthrough. Did I feel a great sense of accomplishment? No, I was just glad to get on with the game. That’s never a great sign I think—I have always felt a sense of accomplishment finishing a great Zelda dungeon.

Now it’s on to the boss. That I did use a walkthrough on…although I need to go weapon up a little bit and come back. He’s way too hard for my current inventory.

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I hate boss fights. They feel like a tired relic of gaming yesteryear. I wish every game gave you the option to press a button and just skip them.


Couldn’t agree more! They’re actually the part I hate most about the From Software games, too.

But I do think they’re quite popular – an ‘ultimate test’ of some sort. i think if they’re done really well, like when it’s about you figuring out that actually there’s an easy kink in their defense even though they initially seem terrifying, it can be fun. But they mostly rely on some mix of button mashing, really quick reflexes and luck.

Then again, it could be because we’re old and don’t like the stress of them.