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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


You can do any of them in any order you find them, (although as Ben says, you might want to steer clear of the combat trial ones until you get stronger) so there’s not an upgrade you need to do it. Just need to think about it more, Timothy!

Meanwhile, I’ve got to the point where I can quite confidently kill a Guardian now (turns out the Master Sword doubles in power against them, which saves on ancient arrows) and can survive Lynel fights too. Not that I’m bragging or anything, Tim.


There’s one with three metal balls on water that you have to get into a bowl that’s sectioned off.

I think the solution is to cryonisis ice blocks under them and then stasis them and hit them with a weapon so they bounce in but it requires some accuracy (and luck). I wondered if there was an upgrade to cryonisis to make taller ice-blocks or something.


I haven’t met one of these, but the Guardians hit me with one blow (sword or beam) so no matter how deftly I maneuveur if I get hit once it’s all over, and I figure I may as well just wait a bit til I’m better equipped.


Yeah, learning when to run away is key in Breath of the Wild.

The shrine you’re describing sounds familiar, but I can’t remember it specifically. But no, no taller ice-blocks and I don’t think the stasis upgrade changes how it acts on inanimate objects.


Ah okay

  • Well, do you guys want to give me a run-down on how you found the first couple of days with the game?

I’m mostly just hitting up towers and shrines at this point, as I don’t think pursuing the main quest of taking on the Divine Beasts is something i’m ready for.


Yeah, I mostly just bummed around exploring, doing towers and shrines. I don’t think I did my first Divine Beast until about a week in. The quests Impa give you are a nice prompt for wider exploration and getting the upgrade materials for the Great Fairies also.


Played more Bioshock last night. I’m not sure why I didn’t enjoy this game the first time as I’m finding it quite fun this time around, and just hard enough to properly challenge me. Even the hacking mini-games are enjoyable!

It’s aesthetically really nice too. Some of the sections give me a real Arkham Asylum vibe (the creepier bits of AA, anyway). It’s the general ambience of the game - the flickering neon, the clicking and whirring and chattering background noises, the decrepit feel of the location. Looking it up, the Batman game came a couple of years after Bioshock (2009 compared to 2007). I presume it was influenced by it.


Yeah, I’m making my way to Akkala to find Robbie the Inventor. I’ve got the fairies and the memories quests but I’m not really too sure what I’m looking for so I figure if I stumble across something, that’s cool.

To be honest, it’s a little too open world for me at the moment. I like a little more direction in my RPgs.


That sounds like one I ended up going: Fuck it! Bastard puzzle meet Internet! Internet - beat the shit outta this guy!


I think the solution might be to stasis the balls and then bump them with cryonisis, but not sure. Currently doing another weird stasis one.


I can totally understand that.

There’s a travelling character that can help with hints on locations for the memories.


Yeah Ive met him - the guy in Kokarikakakarinikokakokakakarinokakakinoko village (not sure on spelling)?

He’s only given me one tip so far, which I already had.


More so than any other game series, Zelda’s gone from one pole to the other! :laughing:


Towers were one priority, along with survival - the amount of deaths this game doles out at the start is pretty vicious. I took ages to get to the first Divine Beast up in Zora’s Domain, well first for me, there’s no set order.


Yeah cool - because that’s mostly what I’m doing. I’ve got the quest to go to Zora’s domain but I’m not read y for it yet. It’s not super clear what you can get away with doing though - for example. I’m at Akkala citadel and it’s surrounded by Ganon stuff, so I’m not sure if I can get up there.


You can, but it’s dead unclear and a bastard to even get to the top of due to the aerial guardians.

You’re best to consult a guide, as this tower involves you both shooting the eyes of the Ganon goop and magnetising a metal beam to cross gaps, but it can be hard to spot if you don’t know exactly where to look.



Okay, so its not a climby/glidey thing then. I’m at the tower itself, just trying to work out how to climb it.

EDIT: Got it - didn’t have to use a beam, but it was a bloody pain, that’s for sure.


There’ll be an eye on the Ganon goop blocking your ascent, you have to take that out to remove the goop, you’ll need the beam to get there, once the goop is gone your ascent will be clear.


Hmm… didn’t know that about the eye. But did it without that. Good to know for future reference.


Oho? How? I’m intrigued.