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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


It’s okay so far - I’ll admit to not being totally wowed as yet, but it’s cute and the graphics have a touch of Miyazaki about them, which is nice (but I think they’re probably more designed to be played on the portable and not a 4K TV).

I’ve done a few shrines and they are quite clever. One I spent 20 minutes wasting arrows and using the stasis rune before working out that it was a cryonesis challenge. Combat doesn’t seem very deep, as of yet, but I did have fun poking one of those goblin dudes to death with a broom.


They’re not! :laughing:

Be attentive to the environment as it can give you weaponry, like a boulder to send tumbling onto enemies. Or to explode a bomb barrel.



Doing Business As


Thanks, hadn’t come across the acronym.


I’m still slowly wading through Xcom 2. It’s crazy hard. I thought I would breeze through it. After all my time playing the first game but I seem to be constantly on the verge of loosing my entire team and the game.


Zelda and Switch update.

First, the Switch. It really is quite a nifty little gadget - unlike the PS4Pro, the Switchs “Sleep mode” means it’s “always on” so you can literally touch a button and return to the exact point you left off in a game in a few seconds as opposed to booting up the playstation and clicking the game app, which probably takes a minute. It’s not a major thing, but it’s a cool feature.

It’s also quite fun to switch between the handheld and the TV, which really is seamless - the controls aren’t as intuitive or as comfortable as I’d like - and I’ve tried all different “modes” (separate joycons, handheld, controller). It never really feels as comfortable as other console controllers and it feels too light. Also, motion controls are fine but the emphasis on them seems misplaced. I’ll admit it was quite nice to lie on my bed, with one arm behind me head and one lying beside me and still be fully controlling my character, but it basically just led to shitty gameplay because I was too relaxed.

Onto the game - Zelda can look nice, and it certainly does look better either on the smaller screen or at a distance from the TV, where the lower res and jagged edges on things aren’t as obvious (surprisingly important in a cel-shaded game). I’m slowly making progress, I’ve earned two hearts, completed eight shrines, found a memory, unlocked three towers (including the first one), upgraded my sheikah signal and had a giant fairy in a spiky-pumpkin-thing demand me pay her 100 rupees. Oh and I got attacked by a Yiga assassin dude and killed him.

I’m mostly avoiding combat because I’m not real confident or comfortable with the controls yet (I find myself pressing what I intuitively think is dodge and its not) but I did end up taking on a Guardian in one of the shrines. After a few attempts, I gave up; I’m not quite up to defeating it yet, although I figured out how.

Exploration is fun for the most part, although I have found myself walking ALOT and climbing ALOT (which is a bit of a chore at this early stage) but the game does have some nice locales despite the annoying texture pop in.


What I’d like to know is does Link have a nice jacket to wear?


He has a blue tunic.

I’m not some kind of weird elf fetishist like @RobertB


Yeah - @RobertB had poor Link practically naked and all shivery and cold. All those updrafts must be extra drafty.

He should have a special paragliding jacket. Maybe you’ll find one in a treasure chest somewhere.


If it makes you think better of me I now have Link dressed as a woman most of the time.


With the Mini NES out of production, there are rumours again that a Mini SNES will be out for this Christmas. I had a a go at picking 30 games for it (following the rules of the Mini NES) on my blog. Yes, I’m plugging my own blog, but only because there are too many videos to repost everything here.


I still like the simplicity of playing Asteroids, but I want to expand… Any suggestions for a space adventure game?


Space Invaders


Major, major coup on Zelda tonight - nabbed 2 shards of Naydra’s horn, got the Champion’s tunic upgraded to Level 3.

Also, the Yiga Clan really didn’t like me killing their boss! Took out about 4-5 of the buggers - bombs are proving very effective in screwing over their teleporting.

The game also decided to deploy Bokoblins with 720HP! Turns out the buggers still drown quickly, so one bomb blast into a river and that’s that!


Ha ha…

I mean more recent space adventure games for the PC with good graphics, controls, etc.


Don’t know if it’s available for PC and it’s a few years old but the Space Invaders Infinity Gene game was great fun.



I really want to go clubbing now.


Guys - I need Zelda advice.

@BenObiwomble and @MartinSmith I’m looking at you guys.

So, with the Shrines - I currently have only 5 hearts so I’m fairly early on - but does the game assume I can complete ANY shrine at this stage? Or are there some that require certain upgrades and so forth, beyond the main runes.

I ask because I came across a shrine which I think is a Cryonesis/Stasis puzzle, but I think I need to upgrade my runes first to make it work.


Okay my serious answer. The Mass Effect series is very well regarded and you should be able to pick up the first one for a few bucks on Steam.


You can try any Shrine you find, they can vary quite a bit. The only ones I’d be wary of are the Combat shrines. You might pull off a Minor version, but don’t go for the Modest or Major ones yet.

Also ensure you have a good arrow arsenal too.

Stasis can only be upgraded to freeze enemies, Cryonsis can’t be. Which shrine is it and whereabouts?

Definitely activate every shrine you can, even if you don’t do the inside, it’ll still act as a fast travel point.