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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I think there are some guides online of how to fix it yourself, but it means opening up the controller, which means invalidating the warranty. Probably best to send it in for repair. I think it’s just a simple case of the bluetooth antenna being repositioned.


Why do bad things happen to good people? :cry:


You got unlucky. Some of the first batch of joycons were more susceptible to wireless interference. There’s an easy fix. You could probably do it yourself. All they do is stick a piece of conductive foam inside.



I don’t know. So bad people can feel good about themselves? :cry:

Ask me a difficult question why don’t you?


I am playing through Doom again and trying to find as many of the secrets as I can this time around. I also took the opportunity to dick around with the gameplay recording feature when this happened!


Unexpected win tonight on Zelda.

To my surprise I managed to get 2 Shards of Farosh’s Horn! Now, given my difficulty in aiming the arrows and all, yeah this is a big deal.

Also did 2 shrines and both were logical!

Only irritant was a Stone Talus whacking me off a cliff as he was one hit away from death. So went back up, broke a weapon out with 4x the strength and shattered the bastard in 3 hits!


So, Andromeda.
I have to say there were some really poor choices of environment for the initial planets here.
Desert planet with extensive radioactivity that prevents initial exploration to a large extent. I could.kind of live with. It gives an artificially smaller sandbox (see what i did there) to learn the ropes in, and the radioactivity does clear and open everything up eventually. Still a massive expanse of desert though. Not that inspiring.

Next up - Ice planet with shitty visibility due to snow storms and freezing temperatures that prevent you leaving your car for more than 5 minutes. Really. I’m not kidding.

I’m still enjoying it despite these faults but it is easy to see how this would just kill the game for some folks.


This arrived in the post.

I may end up pulling double duty if I send in the Joy cons for this:


Was it supposed to?


You’re going to die… A lot. It gets better and it’s worth the ride. It’s a beautiful game. Enjoy yourself!



I have a video game fairy that sends me things sometimes.

Although, weirdly, his name is ozgameshop and he only sends me things when I give him my credit card details, but, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.


I wish people would stop saying that to me.


Okay. I just wanted to make sure no one was scamming you for your credit card information.


I don’t think so.

Should I give you it so you can check for me?


Yeah, that would be a good idea.


No, no, Major Tunde from Nigeria offers a superior service.


Zelda won’t let me name my horse “Giant Horsey Pup” because it will only let me use 9 letters.

This is the worst game ever. 0/10.



You’ll have to go for Giant Pup then.

More seriously, how you finding it? It won’t possibly be able to compete with a PS4 Pro, but it’s still a very pretty game.


That’s a DBA of mine.